This documentary focuses on the 2005 St. Patrick’s Day festivities of the Caribbean island of Montserrat. The project was conceived and executed by Director David William Seitz, with the help…
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20 Responses to Montserrat: Emerald of the Caribbean (Part 1 of 9)

  • SuɱtɧɩɳMstBAʋaɩℓaƄℓε says:

    Ah this is making me miss Montserrat. My grand parents live there but I
    haven’t been oner in a few years now.

  • Urban Fox says:

    Great documentary …Seems like a really nice place.

  • Vhintaqe says:

    the horse at 0:35 .. sure youd swear it was smithfield

  • COD as GAEILGE says:

    Tá fáilte romhat! Sheol mé teachtaireacht chughat! (private message)

  • pryncessable says:


  • Tony Flinn says:

    Fair play to u, its really interesting stuff, its the only documentary i
    have found on the subject so its a good thing its so enjoyable & engaging

  • Doolstar1 says:

    How do you know! Please enlighten me?

  • qwer8907 says:

    read about this place on the Mail about the irish here very interesting

  • COD as GAEILGE says:

    Ar fheabhas

  • Ginette Cournoyer says:

    nice to see you – bless

  • Eddie Brennan says:

    Awesome indeed. An outstanding piece of documentary film-making. It almost
    transports you to the Island. Beautiful.

  • Richard Humbles says:

    most people dont realise the fact that the accent/dialect (not meaning
    african rooted vocabulary, thats different) with which english is spoken in
    the Caribbean is almost directly rooted to the massive wave 1000,000 of
    irish prisoners, women and children whom were brought and put to work along
    with african imported slaves.

  • davidwseitz says:

    @BrennanEd Thank you for watching my film. Your praise means a lot to me!
    Please feel free to share the clips with anyone else who might be
    interested. Best wishes, David

  • davidwseitz says:

    Go raibh maith agat 🙂

  • Clauressa Weekes says:

    ahhh my home!!

  • NipperM846 says:

    Is this been taught in schools in Montserrat? Why wasn’t this taught in
    Irish and Brirish schools. It should be taught in every school. I doubt
    very much if many people (not even the Irish themselfs) knows or heard
    about this.I find it so very interesting and very moving. Thank you for
    putting this on YouTube.

  • John doe says:

    Ahh daym I ah love tah live ere

  • Doolstar1 says:

    I loved this documentary but the facts are not entirely correct. Over
    500,000 Irish people were Brutally kidnapped and forced/sold into Slavery
    and sent to Montserrat, Antigua, St Kitts and North and South America. The
    Irish were slaves or Priests on the Island and encouraged and helped the
    African Slaves revolt in 1768. It was the British who were the land owners.
    Irish people were not allowed to own land. Irish people did not flea to
    here for religious belief they were held captives.

  • Carib Productions says:

    this is a great project i hope you get it on tv and get some better
    promotion for it

  • Mel Jam says:

    Great doc! A def must see on TV!


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