There are an endless amount of US Virgin Islands vacations that can be planned so it helps to narrow down the possibilities to a few things that you can really enjoy. First choose from one or more of the three islands that comprise the territory. These are St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St John. All US Virgin Islands will allow for a wide array of popular activities such as hiking, diving, fishing, kayaking, golfing, and snorkeling. Still, you can make things easier on yourself by choosing which island to visit first and what spots to come back for on your next vacations.

To narrow down your choices of Islands, consider that St Croix is the biggest of the U.S. Virgin Islands. It is located about 40 miles south of the other islands and is a great spot for people interested in the diversity of Mother Nature. On the south side is a fertile plain where sugar was the main agricultural product and this has become the signature spot on St. Croix, giving it the nickname “Garden of the Antilles”. Some amazing Danish colonial architecture and a wide array of activities makes St. Croix an island that is big enough to satisfy any number of vacations.
The two smaller islands to visit on your vacation are St. John and St. Thomas. St. John is also known as the “Wild Virgin” and is the smallest of the U.S. Virgin Islands. It has a National Park that encompasses two-thirds of the entire island.

The steep slopes of Bordeaux Mountain and all of the beautiful flora and fauna are a big attraction on St. John. Throw in the 40 world renowned beaches and you may end up visiting here for every one of your US Virgin Islands vacations. Of course, St. Thomas often attracts visitors as well because of its mountainous terrain and the historic port town of Charlotte Amalie. Enjoy lots of hiking, snorkeling, diving, and fishing on any of the three main islands and you will know you have planned one of the best vacations possible.

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Why should you visit St. John Virgin Island? For one thing, it lies in the Caribbean — an area seasoned with a dash of history, a pinch of luxury and sufficient charisma for you to relish for a lifetime. The natural beauty of the island and the prosperity of the local populace earned it the designation “Beverly Hills of the Caribbean.” It’s the place where night swoops in on the back of emblazoned sunsets, and clouds roll and billow in the tropical breeze.

Arawak Indians who came from the areas of Venezuela and Columbia first settled the St. Johns Virgin Islands. Danish Europeans later moved to the island, and sugar plantations began to spring up. The United States purchased St. John Virgin Island and two other islands from the Danes in 1917. Together, the three islands are known as the United States Virgin Islands. The islands were of strategic importance to the United States due to their proximity to the entry of the Panama Canal. The United States also feared that if it did not control the islands, the Germans might conquer them to set up U-boat bases that would threaten World War I shipping.

St Johns USVI is an experience you don’t want to rush. If you plan to visit St. John, allot sufficient time to comprehend its charm. Whichever adjectives you seek during the vacation of a lifetime, you can find at St. John Virgin Island — adjectives from ablaze to zany, and all the dashing, fantastic, panoramic and yummy ones in between.

Love to camp? Camping is an excellent way to save money and be close to nature. Whether you like to rough it or camp in sumptuousness, there are two campgrounds at the US Virgin Islands National Park. St. John’s campgrounds meet the strict Virgin Islands National Park standards for maintenance and cleanliness. You can choose from the Cinnamon Bay Campground, or the Maho Bay Campground. Cinnamon Bay offers a place for you to pitch your own tent, use one of the campgrounds’ own eco-tent platforms, or rent a cottage. Maho Bay provides nice-sized tent cottages for your camping pleasure.

St. John Virgin Island water activities give you a lot of room to wiggle. Whether your passion is kayaking, snorkeling, windsurfing, scuba diving, boating, fishing, turtle watching, boat touring, or just lounging on one of its posh beaches, there are pristine marvels on every side awaiting your discovery.

Of course, you can stay indoors all day if you like, but what’s the use of making the trek to St. Johns USVI if you don’t get out and about? In addition to the numerous beaches and bays, there are plenty of island activities on land too. The Pastory Gardens is a popular botanical garden located on a hill with a nice view of St. Thomas. It also has an open-air restaurant and an 18-hole miniature golf course. For the history buff, there are interesting sites such as the Annaberg Sugar Plantation Ruins, the Elaine Lone Sprauve Library and Museum, the Peace Hill Ruins, and The Reef Bay Trail too see and explore.

There are many available historical and island tours available. You can even take tours by aircraft or by horseback. So make plans now to visit St. John Virgin Island. It’s one amazing adventure you will never forget.

Ken Stiles writes about the Caribbean and runs the website where you can watch other people’s Caribbean videos to help you decide which Caribbean island destination you would like to visit.

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The British Virgin Islands are a group of idyllic islands located in the Caribbean Sea. In total there are around 60 islands in the group, some of which are uninhabited. The four main islands are Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke. Totola being the largest island in the group and most populated, British Virgin Islands beach villas are very popular in this destination. Most time of the year, tourists will enjoy a tropical climate on the islands, in the summer the temperature averages around 90 degrees Fahrenheit, whilst winter temperatures average at about 82 degrees Fahrenheit. The British Virgin Islands have a relatively high standard of living compared with other Caribbean countries; this is because many businesses and financial institutions are registering their companies on the island to avoid heavy taxes.

Tourism is also very important to the island, with hotels and British Virgin Islands holiday villa rentals offering tourists luxurious and comfortable accommodation. The largest island of Tortola draws many tourists every year thanks to their golden sandy beaches and crystal clear waters such as Cane Garden Bay. There are many surfing hotspots around the island to for water sports activities and some of the scuba diving areas are breathtaking due to the many shipwrecks and underwater wildlife in close vicinity to the island. Tourists can find many Tortola vacation home rental options throughout the island to give them the ultimate freedom and flexibility on the holiday of their dreams; the Tortola beach villas are very popular in particular. Tortola is home to Road Town which is the capital of the British Virgin Islands.

Another Island which is well worth a visit is Virgin Gorda which is the third largest in size which measures at around 8 square miles but has the second largest population in the British Virgin Islands. The island is lucky to possess an unusual geologic formation known as ‘The Baths’ which has been essential in attracting a huge number of tourists over the years. Virgin Gorda vacation home rentals have also been developed over the past years and beautiful Virgin Gorda villas are some of the best ways to enjoy your time on the islands.

Whether you are visiting one or many of the islands, you will never have a day of boredom, there is so much to do and so much to see. One day you could be hiking through the stunning scenery, the next you could be relaxing on the beach catching a tan, or even scuba diving your way through a century old shipwreck.

There are so many places around the world, worth to be visited, and we never got enough time to enjoy the beauty of them. I was always eager to discover more travel destinations, more people, cultures, nature. Check out my brief notes on my own and my mate’a travel experience – some destinations reviews, accommodation tips on renting decent vacation rentals by owner, most important cities and their sights. Take care and have a happy travel!

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