LA LEELA Smooth Rayon Short Sleeve Button up Down Cruise Tropical Carribean Embroidered Palm Tree cocnut Tree Brown XL

LA LEELA Smooth Rayon Short Sleeve Button up Down Cruise Tropical Carribean Embroidered Palm Tree cocnut Tree Brown XL

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Clothing features : Casual Hawaiian Shirt -|SHORT SLEEVES|SIDE VENTS|Straight Hem|REGULAR RELAXED FIT|Point

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The idea of a Yacht Charter anywhere is great, but the idea of renting a yacht in the Caribbean is a whole new level. The Caribbean is a paradise, coveted by many and diverse culture, people and places to see and experience while surfing the beautiful ocean is a great way to relax and unwind, while evasion of the real world for a while. Another great attraction of a Luxury Yacht Charter in the Caribbean is that the seasons are incredibly tropical with the time between November and July is warm and sunny, a stark contrast to the cold and gloomy in Europe and North America.
The Caribbean is a collection of small islands in a large saucepan melt mixing of cultures and nationalities. The diversity of the area allows people to cruise the calm waters and visit many different places in one trip. Experiences are so varied that there are an overall range of different kinds of Caribbean Mega Yachts Charter, can be chosen so they are unable to fit what best fits their interest. Many companies offer charter flights to certain locations in the area and the different routes are planned for different trips. The area has lots to see and do that you can find more time and multiple trips are necessary to see everything.

The beauty of a Luxury Yacht Caribbean is the fact that you can visit many different places without having to repack your bags, checking into different hotels and worry about travel arrangements. The yacht is essentially a floating luxury villa and has all the facilities and comfort you need for your journey. The ship is fully manned with a crew who are there to take care of your wishes.

Despite a yacht in the Caribbean is a very expensive and decadent for a holiday. Not everyone can afford a luxury holiday style, but certainly is well worth it if you want to relax and feel like absolute royalty for a while. People around the world looking for a romantic and relaxing getaway to choose the Caribbean islands. Moreover, the place is also popular for adventure travel swimming, diving and exploring. Travelers from around the world has an unforgettable cruise through turquoise waters, historical sites and deserted white sand beaches. Apart from the Caribbean Islands, Bahamas Islands are also a favorite destination for people.

When booking a Luxury Yachts Charters through some companies can arrange a personal path, which lets you hand pick the islands you want to visit and how long you want to stay in each. That individual can choose what activities you most like to do and arrange with the captain as to the exact path and timing of your trip.

A Caribbean Yacht Charter is a brilliant way to spend holidays with family, friends and family in which everyone can relax in the certainty that everything is being taken care of and everything you need to worry about seeing the beautiful scenery and views are on and to decide what to eat for dinner. The lap of luxury awaits you in a boat in the Caribbean.

This makes the Caribbean islands a truly spectacular and surprising destination for all. However, there is a growing concern among stakeholders and people who sincerely care about this tourist paradise. The bodies of water surrounding the Caribbean islands are not as strong as we wanted to be. In fact, these natural treasures are fragile and finite, they can get.

An encouraging sign amid the imminent threat of this popular destination is the awareness and commitment of a growing number of people taking their defense at a higher level green. Once you visit the Caribbean on a Super Yachts in the Caribbean have all the opportunities and mitigate the impact of your presence in the exotic places you visit. Depending on how you behave during your tropical sailing adventure that can still make a Caribbean vacation with the environment.

If you are looking for the ultimate green experience, then sailing in a Yacht should be high on your list. The activity of the candle is fed by the wind so it is emissions-free travel. Green go sailing in the Caribbean is a stimulating impulse to the senses in a totally natural and refreshing to enjoy the charms of the Caribbean sun, sand and sea.

The marinas in the Caribbean and the bases have been doing their part to preserve and protect the natural wealth and beauty of the islands in the Caribbean.

Windward islands specializes in the Luxury Yacht Charter and Crewed Luxury Super Sailing Mega Motor Yachts Charters worldwide crewed luxury sailing yachts. We offer our services of monohull, Super Yachts, Catamaran Charters and motoryacht over 450 luxury yachts in 40 destinations out of our destinations at Mediterranean, French Riviera, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Caribbean, Virgin Islands Bahamas, Florida and many more worldwide destinations.

Florida Keys is a chain of various little islands that is 120 miles long, that is linked to the mainland of Florida.  It is a very popular place especially with Americans.  It is seen as a place that is seen as an American Caribbean region of the country and many feel that they can take a tropical vacation without travelling that far or even need to change money.  Florida Keys was the home of legendary author Ernest Hemingway during 1930’s and 40’s before he moved to Cuba.  There are a few islands that are the main islands that go along the highway and are considered the key islands of the Florida Keys.

The first island of The Upper Keys region is Key Largo.  This is a place for those who want to see some of the best landscape.  As this place has a national park, two state parks and a national marine sanctuary and there are no beaches here but there are living reefs (this applies to most islands in Florida keys.)  Which is why this place attracts divers from all over the world.

Islamorada is one of the islands that fishing enthusiasts should go to.  This island is one of the main reasons why it is called the ‘Sport Fishing Capital of the World’.  The name of the island means purple isles this is reflected by the resorts and shops on the island which makes you understand why it is called that.  The popular type of fishing on the island is bone-fishing and sail-fishing which is why they have lots of tournaments that are based around these two species.  The tournaments are mainly catch and release so don’t worry if you feel that it’s barbaric and only done to get more food stock.  Although with that said the island is well known for some of the freshest seafood you can find.

Marathon is the island that is located in the middle of the Florida Keys, this consist of various little islands.  Marathon is linked to the lower Florida Keys on the south end of the seven mile bridge.  This is a bridge many have seen even if they haven’t been to the keys, as this bridge has starred in many movies, it is also the bridge.  Marathon is more a place to relax, it has some of the same immunities as the other islands but isn’t as fussy as the main islands on the Upper Keys.

Now Big Pine Key may not have any shopping malls, fast food places, has not many buildings or anywhere to stay such as Florida vacation rentals or hotels but it does have one thing that will make other envies, a beach.  Located in the Bahia Honda State Park this is a beach that many publications have dubbed the most beautiful beach in the world.  Glorious sand, a marina and facilities for those want to camp there.  Also the state park is a nature preserve which has beautiful set of plants and flowers that you might not see anywhere else.  This is also the place where you may get a glimpse of the endangered Key Deer.

Key West is the island that is linked by the Overseas Highway.  This is an island that has many types of people have been resided on even the United States Navy.  This has become of touristy part of the Florida Keys.  This island has roughly 27,000 residents located there and is also home to resorts hotels and other places that focus on accommodations.  On this island there are many events such as festivals, fishing tournaments and others that will draw crowds of people.  Scuba diving here is a must as the waters are an azure blue and contain many different types of species all in one place and some you won’t find anywhere else.  Also add to the fact that there are ship wrecks there that are great to explore.  If there is one thing you should try is snorkelling at night you will be blown away at the amazing sea life from this island.  Most of these islands offer the same things to do like water sports, kayaking, jet skiing, para-sailing, boating and sunset cruises.

Getting to this chain of islands isn’t exactly straight forward it really depends on what part of the Florida Keys you want to visit you would have to use one of the various ways of getting there from Mainland Florida.  If visiting the Upper part of Keys you can fly to Miami International airport of Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and then take a shuttle bus or drive yourself with a car rental.  It will take about an hour from Miami and 45 minutes from Ft. Lauderdale.  At the midway point of the Florida Keys is the small city called Marathon visitors can fly there thanks to it accepting small charter flights.  If anything the Key West International Airport is the main airport of the keys area and the best option as it is the largest island and you won’t have to drive much.

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Tropical resorts can be one of the perfect holiday destinations for everyone including couples. With the exotic location and beaches, they have become one of the most popular destinations for those who are looking for romance. For the couples who are planning to have vacation to tropical island for invigorating break, the following are some recommended romantic resorts you can visit for your perfect holiday.

The Fiji Islands

Fiji islands provide you a perfect gateway and beautiful landscape.  They are group of islands which are situated in South Pacific Ocean.  They have some luxuries for you such as white sand, clear water, and hot sun.  There are some Fiji Islands which are still unspoiled such as Turtle Island. This island is known as the top ecotourism resort throughout the world.  This privately owned island is known as the haven for the wildlife. It also boasts thousands of trees. In this island, you can also book one of the holiday cottages which are available for you.


Tahiti is situated in South Pacific Ocean. It has some Islands offered with the lush tropical and secluded landscapes which will be good choice for couples. Tahiti has 118 islands with 40 of which are uninhibited. The island will be the favorable for loving and romancing. It also offers you picturesque volcanic mountains along with the boasting turquoise lagoons, this will be the romantic backdrop for some outdoor activities such as snorkeling, hiking, scuba diving, and also sailing.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known as one of the most favorable wedding destination for couples in the world. This is situated in Central America. With a good protected country, it boasts a wide range of bio diversity. 30 percent land of this country is protected by national park and biological reserves that have more than 5 percent of animal and plant species in the world. It also offers tropical rainforest, cloud forest, pacific coast line, and also numerous waterfalls which will impress you with the picturesque landscape.


Hawaii is situated in Central Pacific Ocean. It has a group of eight volcanic islands. With the great landscape, it will be the right destination for the couples who look for romance. Instead of volcanic mountains, it also offers you some other fascinating activities, such as cruises, scuba diving, general beach relaxation, and spa treatments. With the sun shining, you will love playing or bathing at the beach.

Going on vacation is really a rejuvenating activity. However, before you are away, you have to make sure that your house is safe from any crime such as burglar. For this reason, you are recommended to install push button door locks. For more information, you can read combination door lock.

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Winter’s dreariness often inspires many people to seek out tropical vacations. For those of us that live in cooler climates, visiting an exotic island gives us something to look forward to. For those who are living in warmer climates, heading to the beach means opportunities for surfing, swimming, and exploring. For a great majority of vacationers, Hawaii ranks among their top vacation destinations, with Oahu being one of the most popular islands to visit.

The island of Oahu is the third largest Hawaiian island, and also the most densely populated. The island is famous for Waikiki Beach at the USS Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor, but there are of course many other activities to experience on the island. There is no doubt that there are more activities available than any one individual could possibly experience in one brief vacation. With something, for everyone Oahu offers everything from whale watching to golf, and from helicopter tours to dinner cruises. For those who are more adventurous, Oahu seems to offer just about any water sport imaginable, including snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, scuba diving, and parasailing. Once you’ve had a chance to rest after your day of hiking, swimming, horseback riding or lounging on the beach you can check out Broadway musicals or traditional performances, or eat at one of Oahu’s many gourmet restaurants featuring fresh seafood.

The wide range of accommodations on Oahu includes luxury hotels, condo rentals and camping, just to name a few. Oahu is also a popular port for cruise ships, which dock there every day of the year. Thousands of tourists visit the island each year as part of a multi-island cruise. If exploring the history and culture of your destination is one of your vacation goals, you’re in luck. Besides the USS Arizona Memorial – one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country – there are plenty of opportunities to experience the native culture of Oahu.

A great place to start is by attending a luau. Versions of this traditional feast, known for a roast pig, hula dancers, and fragrant leis, can be found all over the island. In fact, many of the larger hotels even host their own weekly luaus, an event that should not be missed. There are also a variety of tours that will take you into the more traditional areas of Oahu, away from the tourist areas. On these tours you’ll view a sample of the traditional way of life, experience traditional foods, watch traditional artists, and even learn about tiki Gods and other unique aspects of ancient Hawaiian culture. In fact, if you’re a fan of the recent tiki revival this is the place to start. You’ll be going straight to the source, in a manner of speaking.

The beautiful paradise of Oahu seems like a natural choice for vacationers, whether you’re looking for family-friendly activities or a romantic getaway. With so much to do, Oahu can accommodate every traveler’s interests, whatever they may be. The options seem nearly limitless.

Royal Tiki has a wide range of Tiki, hand-carved on Hawaii. Also check for current specials on our Tiki hut decor

As Tomas moves towards Jamaica and Haiti, and threatens other islands in the Carribean, cruise ships are changing their itineraries in order to avoid threats to passenger safety. Jamaica is still under hurricane watch, and watches and warnings have now been issued in Haiti, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas.

The National Hurricane Center is reporting that T.S. Tomas is now located 125 miles south-southeast of Kingston Jamaica, and 295 miles west- southwest of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Winds are now at 45 miles per hour moving north at eight miles per hour, with a north-northeast turn expected over the next 48 hours. The storm could eventually regain strength and become a hurricane once again. The National Hurricane center has also reported that water levels will raise and the storm will cause large and destructive winds. Furthermore, 5 to 10 inches of rain are expected along with possible flash floods and mudslides.

The storm has already caused injuries, fatalities, downed power lines, and damages in Barbados, St. Vincent, and St. Lucia. In St. Lucia, there have been 14 fatalities, seven people are missing and there is an estimated $ 37 million in damage on the island.

The U.S. Department of State issued a travel alert for Haiti, which houses Royal Caribbean’s private island of Labadee, since storms have caused widespread damages and loss in the past.

Rough seas can result in cruise ship passenger injuries. Several cruise lines have altered their ship itineraries:

Princess Cruises’ Caribbean Princess, which was scheduled to visit St. Lucia on Thursday, will no longer be able to call there.

Grand Princess’ scheduled calls to the Dominican Republic on Friday, November 5 and to Grand Turk on Saturday, November 6 have both been cancelled. A visit to San Juan on Friday has been added to the ships itinerary.

Ruby Princess will no longer call in Grand Turk on Friday, November 5. Th ship will take a longer southerly route in order to avoid Tomas, but is expected to arrive in Fort Lauderdale on time.

Silversea Cruises’ Silver Spirit, which was scheduled to visit St. Lucia on Friday, will call in Roseau, Dominica.

Carnival Miracle, which was scheduled to dock in St. Lucia on Saturday and St. Kitts on Sunday, instead spent the weekend at sea. To compensate, it stopped in Grand Turk on Monday and Nassau on Tuesday.

Carnival Victory, which was scheduled to stop in St. Lucia on Thursday, November 4, will now spend the day at sea.

Carnival Freedom’s scheduled call to Ocho Rios on Thursday, November 4, is being replaced with a visit to Cozumel.

Freedom of the Seas replaced yesterday’s sea day with a visit to CocoCay, and instead of calling in Labadee today the ship will remain at sea.

Serenade of the Seas departed from San Juan for a Southern Caribbean cruise on Sunday, and rather than calling on Curacao, Aruba and Dominica, the ship will now visit Barbados, Antigua, St. Maarten and St. Thomas.

P&O’s Ventura will skip its scheduled call in St. Lucia tomorrow, and will instead call in Dominica.

Celebrity Millenium will no longer call on St. Lucia on Friday, November 5, but will instead visit Martinique.


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Thailand has some truly beautiful islands that are perfect for a relaxing chilled out holiday of a lifetime. The largest island is Phuket, known as the emerald in the isle it can cater to all types of tourists with secluded long stretches of beach and busy tourist areas. Koh Chang is the second largest, a favourite with Thai people and still relatively undeveloped.

The third largest island is Koh Samui, the place of pristine white sand beaches, coconut trees, bikini-clad tourists, and jet skis. There are still spots where peace and quiet can be found and, while most of the accommodation is in the mid to high range, there are also still some cheap wooden bungalows in the quieter areas. With its own international airport specially designed to fit in with the natural surroundings you can reach Samui in under an hour if you fly from Bangkok, there’s also other routes available including Singapore and Phuket.

There are no complaints from the visitors of Samui as it has plenty to offer including beach activities and water sports to a fun time after dark and trendy bars and clubs. The most visited areas are Chaweng, Lamai, Bophut and Maenam with a great range of facilities and accommodation so you’re guaranteed to find something whatever the state of your finances.

Due to a big expat community and thousands of tourists arriving here every week from all corners of the world the options in types of cuisine are extensive and your palate will be tempted by Italian, Swedish and Vietnames to French and English.

If you’re up for a bit of pampering then Samui is a destination where you can treat yourself every day to a haircut or manicure, a spa or massage. The treatments are reasonably priced and plentiful, try a traditional Thai massage and energy treatment or oil and warm stone massage, detox treatments and colonic irrigation are available for those wanting a deep cleanse whilst meditation and relaxing techniques, Yoga, Reiki, and Tai Chi are great when experienced outside in the warm tropical sunshine.

Family activities can be enjoyed in the form of elephant trekking up the mountain, the weather is excellent for sailing or book a scuba diving trip with PADI Diver Courses from complete beginner up to instructor level. Play on an international golf course or kayak in Ang Thong National Marine Park and discover the magical caves and bizarre rock formations amongst the dozens of deserted beaches whilst watching out for whales, dolphins and monkeys that live here.

Check out Chaweng as it’s the most popular area with 6km of sandy beach and sparkling blue waters. The area is packed with Koh Samui hotels and resorts, restaurants, spas, discotheques, bars and shopping opportunities. Lamai is also a popular beach and swimming and water sports can be enjoyed here. At the southern end look out for the famous Grandfather and Grandmother rock formations called Hin Ta – Hin Yai, you have to see them to realize why they catch the attention of so many people.

In the north is Maenam with soft sand and calm waters, perfect for families with small children as the water is shallow and it’s much quieter, particularly at night, than the busier areas. Catch a speedboat from the pier here to Koh Tao. Also in this area is Bophut which is a small fisherman village but still has an ample amount of restaurants and shops, as well as cafes and beachfront bars for enjoying the beautiful sunset and distant view of Koh Phangan on the horizon.

Big Buddha is another good place for swimming as its safe for children and you get unbelievable views of the 12 meter high golden Big Buddha and Koh Phangan. Restaurants, bars and shopping are all available here and the accommodation ranges from basic beach huts to tropical resorts. Catch a boat to Koh Phangan and the monthly Full Moon Party from the pier and party till the morning.

Simon Coleman writes for Koh Samui Travel, the definitive guide to koh samui hotels. Koh Samui Travel is written by people who live there, covering lots of detailed information about koh samui, but also tips and what to avoid. Everything on samui is covered.

Bounty islands with snow-white beaches framed by palm trees and azure water is one of many good reasons to travel to Thailand. Some of the world’s best and most beautiful beaches can be found in Thailand where you can fling yourself with an icy Mai Thai or go diving or snorkeling in the colorful coral reefs. It is easy to take care in thinking that you have found paradise on earth!

Those who take on Thailand travel and is looking for the best beaches and beautiful islands should read on. Thailand has a myriad of islands spread between the Andaman Sea to the west (among others Phuket and Krabi) and the Thai golf to the East (among others Ko Samui and Ko Chang). Below you will find the three most popular islands for tourists and other travelers.


Phuket is the favorite tourist destination in Thailand. Phuket is a modern holiday paradise with everything that belongs to the experiences, activities, watersports and excellent restaurants and of course some of the world’s best beaches. The largest beach town on Phuket is Patong which is where most go. There is very idyllic and peaceful find here tilgeng?ld there is plenty of nightlife, adventure and good food. A little further down the coast you will find Karon and Kata beach in particular is more quiet and popular for those who want a little peace and quiet. Phuket is best to visit in winter when the weather is best and should avoid going there during the rainy season.

Ko Samui

Ko Samui is located approx. one hour by boat from the port town of Surat Thani and is a very popular resort for newlyweds, backpackers and tourists who want the perfect blend of beautiful and unspoiled beaches, activities, experiences and good food. Ko Samui is far less crowded than Phuket, although the main Chaweng beach is quite developed. Still, it’s possible to find an idyllic vacation at the seashore, especially if you go to Lamai or Bo Phut. Near Ko Samui are also islands of Ko Tao, which is very popular for divers and of course Ko Phangan where the popular Full Moon Party takes place.

Ko Chang

Ko Chang is located near the border with Cambodia, ca. 6 hours by bus from Bangkok and is part of a larger park. The island has a lot of hotels, bars and shops, especially around the White Sands beach north of the island, but beyond that there are many beautiful and unspoiled beaches further south.

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J & M Home Fashions Fiber Reactive Beach Towel, 40 by 70″, Tropical Palm Trees

J & M Home Fashions Fiber Reactive Beach Towel, 40 by 70

  • Dimensions: 40″x 70″
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Fiber reactive dye printing for lasting color
  • Soft feel printed velour face combined with terry loops on the back for high absorbency
  • Easy care, machine washable

The J & M Home Fashions fiber reactive beach towels are a great combination of quality, absorbency, fashion, and fuction! These towels are perfect for the pool, beach, lake, boat, and more. After a swim in the ocean, lake or pool, wrap yourself up in one of these beautiful beach towels. With 4 unique designs, you are sure to impress your friends and family with the bright and vibrant colors that are included. These beach towels are soft and absorb moisture quickly and efficiently, making dryi

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3 Pieces Modern Canvas Painting Wall Art The Picture For Home Decoration Beach Chairs Straw Umbrella Golden Sand Black Sea Beach Seascape Print On Canvas Giclee Artwork For Wall Decor

3 Pieces Modern Canvas Painting Wall Art The Picture For Home Decoration Beach Chairs Straw Umbrella Golden Sand Black Sea Beach Seascape Print On Canvas Giclee Artwork For Wall Decor

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