Thousands of tourists from London, Manchester and rest of UK have traveled to Ibiza for decades , the most beautiful islands in Europe for gay tourist, between July and August. Here offers many fantastic local gay clubs, boasts the White Isle- the most scenic beaches, fabulous hotels and destination restaurants in the Med. You can’t find anywhere in Europe having such serene energy inside a holidaymaker, raving and behaving like Ibiza. And especially, 2011 promises to be great year to soak it up for all gay travellers.


Here is my guide of the best gay places to stay when you are down there-


Pacha Hotel- here is a fair warning- if you are escaping to Ibiza to catch up some kip, the hotel brought to you by the folks behind biggest gay club brand in the world may not be the choice for you. If, like me, you are here to party- this is the place to go. It is minimalist in décor and rather swish. Plus there is a great restaurant and wellness spa there worn out clubbers can get the effects of last night rubbed away. Book one of the penthouse suites if you would like to have a room with a Jacuzzi and bubbles.


Aparthotel Navila- For those your you who are credit crunched out, yet still looking for a piece of Balearic action next summer this place is a safe bet. Nestled in a quiet street in the beautiful Ibiza Town, the location could not be more perfect than this- a wonderful combination of island life and urban settings. The rooms are bit basic though, but lets face it you won’t be spending much time in bed anyways. There is also a pool on the roof with views across the med and further two terraces where nude sunbathing is actually permitted.


Quilibra Augas De Ibiza- Brand new this year, located in Santa Eulalia del Riu, 15 minutes from the airport. The place has 36 rooms and 76 suites (!), and they come with the sea views! Wow! Now that is a place for a gay traveler. The hotel has even three indoor swimming pools with sub aquatic sound systems (whatever those are) and a beauty spa.


There are tons of other places you should research as well- Ibiza offers you pretty much everything from gay hostels to classy 5 star accommodation. Whatever you choose. Make sure you will take your sun block with you though – there is one thing no gay guy will forgive you – a bad tan.


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Though many in Austin consider themselves to be health conscious, there are still moments in each of their lives when a good hamburger sounds delicious. Austin is home to many burger joints, and some have been around for over half a century.

Hut’s Hamburgers has been around since 1939. Homer “Hut” Hutson opened his establishment originally on S. Congress Avenue. That same year, Sammie’s Drive-In opened on W. 6th Street. In 1959, Hut moved his burger joint to the current location of GSD&M’s Idea City on 6th, and a decade later bought the Sammie’s Drive-In lease. Though the Drive-In was no longer there, the dining rooms they added on were, and it’s from this location that Hut’s still stands, selling 20 different burger combinations, named after 50s legends such as the Buddy Holly burger, or the Wolfman Jack. In 1981, Hut’s survived the massive flood which devastated the surrounding Shoal Creek area, and their slogan, “God Bless Hut’s” was born.

The Frisco Shop, on Burnet Road in north Austin, was established in 1953 as part of the Night Hawk restaurant chain. Harry Akin, who served as mayor of Austin through the late 60s, ran the chain of restaurants, and was the first in Austin to integrate public dining facilities, and make them available to black and white patrons. Though the Night Hawk chain has gone away, the Frisco Shop still stands, serving up the “Frisco Burger”, with cheese, relish and Russian-style dressing. R. Harry Akin, nephew of Frisco’s original owner, bought the Frisco Shop in 1994, and currently co-owns the restaurant with two other partners.

Sandy’s Frozen Custard, located at 603 Barton Springs Rd., set up shop in 1947. Though obviously Sandy’s sells a variety of frozen treats, their hamburgers are not only delicious, but on Thursdays the lines form around the building to get their “Thursday Special”: a 1/4 lb. burger, fries and a drink come to a total of $ 3.19.

Dirty Martin’s Place (commonly referred to as just “Dirty’s”) is located just west of UT’s campus at 2808 Guadalupe St., and has been in business longer than many establishments in town. They opened their doors in 1926, and have been making the “Kum-Bak” burger longer than many of the surrounding university buildings have been standing. The price of the burger, hovering just over 2 dollars, brings in a large college crowd, as it has for over 80 years.

Though Casino El Camino has not been in business since the middle of the century, their burgers have been voted “Best in the City” in the Austin Chronicle more than once. Casino’s is located on 6th street, and has remained longer than most other neighboring establishments, and for good reason. Their burgers are topped with anything from bacon to avocado to blue cheese, and are 3/4 lb. and 1 inch thick. Though the atmosphere is very dark, literally and figuratively, it fits the rock and roll feel of the place, and the award-winning juke box is the perfect touch.

It seems that regardless of what part of town the hungry burger-lover is in, a good burger place will probably been a stone’s throw away.

Ki lives and works in Austin Texas. His company helps clients interested in Austin real estate. Potential buyers can start searching online using the Austin MLS. Ki also provides information about Austin on his Austin real estate blog.

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Perfect Island Getaways from 1,000 Places to See Before You Die: The Caribbean, Bahamas & Bermuda

Perfect Island Getaways from 1,000 Places to See Before You Die: The Caribbean, Bahamas & Bermuda

Stop dreaming and get going! Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, the ultimate honeymoon, a family vacation, or a last-minute escape from the woes of a too-long winter, the Caribbean offers the right destination for every taste and budget—and Patricia Schultz knows just where and how to find that life-changing spot.

From the international bestseller, 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, with more than 3 million copies in print, Patricia Schultz singles out the 53 places in


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Dubai is ranked as the best business hub of the middle east, and is a city which continually stretches the boundaries in lifestyle and entertainment. Dubai seeks for newer innovative procedures and amenities in ensuring a developed civilization, consisting world class hotels, shopping malls and sports facilities.

Dubai International Airport welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors who appear to appreciate holiday rentals in Dubai, or vacationers who make connecting flights to Europe, Asia and alternative parts of the world, for trade and recreation.

Retail Therapy

Dubai Mall: is the largest shopping mall in the world. The mall presents some of the most well known brands in the world now, as well as several hugely well-liked landmarks including a gigantic indoor aquarium and outdoor water fountain.

Wafi Shopping Centre: also caters for prestigious brands, containing jewelry and boutiques prominent among the locals, and the exclusive visitors. Wafi is based mostly around Egyptian design and contains Wafi Pyramids, which serves various excellent restaurants, spas and bars. Additionally at Wafi, you will probably find the Dubai Raffles Hotel, yet another one of Dubai’s five star hotels.


Bride Show: More than 300 corporations from 16 international locations worldwide come back to Dubai to take part in the Bride event, and display everything from wedding wear to honeymoon locations. The event is every year, and is simply dedicated to the bride.


A variety of Dubai travel agencies and tour operators offer you discounts if individuals books through them first, otherwise you can make your own research on the net.

Atlantis Dubai Aquarium

The recent Aquarium at the Atlantis Dubai showcases many of the most superb fish in the world. The aquarium can be spotted from within and outside of the hotel, and is a must to visit.


The very old Bastakiya town of Dubai is a walk down memory lane, for locals anyway. This indicates what it was like in Dubai before electricity and air-conditioning became conventional. Before modern times, courtyard homes used to be cooled by wind towers, which remains a common attribute in Arabian design, whether it’s a hotel or villas in Dubai.

Paul enjoys stays in self catering holiday villas and holiday apartments during his travels for both business and pleasure throughout Europe and Middle East and manages a number of holiday rentals worldwide at

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London offers plenty of attractions to visitors, so a short trip will not be long enough to experience everything the city has to offer. This short guide can serve you if you intend to see the best sites available in London. Take advantage of the many transportation options, such as the eccentric double decker bus or the tube. The most important stations are situated next to all the attractions you may want to see.

One of the first sites you might want to see is the changing of the guards. This happens at the Buckingham Palace at 11:30 AM every day during the summer. If you happen to be in London during August or September, you will also be able to visit the State rooms.

Not far away from the Buckingham Palace, you will discover other places of interest, such as the House of Parliament and Big Ben. Sightseeing options in London are very eclectic. Other sites include the Westminster Abbey, Piccadilly Circus, and Hyde Park, where people who wish to express themselves can use the Speakers Corner to do so. The prime minister’s offices are located nearby at 10 Downing Street. If you are there at the right time of day, you just might catch a glimpse.

Whether you are a professional or amateur historian, the Tower of London is a must-see. This 900 year old tower was used as a prison and several members of the royal family were unfortunate enough to have spent their last days here. One of the knowledgable tour guides will be happy to take you through the tower and relate the interesting stories. The Crown Jewels exhibit is on display at London’s infamous tower as well.

Once you have had your fill of history, take a ride on the Millenium Celebration, London’s famous gigantic ferris wheel. The half hour ride will give you plenty of time to take in the expanse of the city.

Other attractions include a wide variety of historical, art, and cultural museums. For a change of pace, vist Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. Here, the realistic wax figures of celebrities, both living and dead, seem to move and watch you as you pass by.

Take a ride in the country and visit Windsor Castle, which is still inhabited from time to time by the royal family. Does the story of Henry VIII tantalize you? Take a walk back in time when you visit the Tudor Dynasty’s Hampton Court Palace. Here is where the famous “marrying king” lived along with each of six different wives; two of which were put to death on his command. Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard were kept in the Tower of London until they were put to death for reasons that many believe to be suspiciously contrived. Of course, there is much more history to the palace than Henry the 8th’s story and you may find yourself wandering through for hours, enjoying all the palace has to offer in both views and historical edification.

Whether you are interested in history or simply want to explore castles, museums, beautiful countrysides and other attractions, London is the perfect place to spend a great vacation.

Best Places to Visit in London is a travel guide from Tripopedia, a travel encyclopedia. Learn about things to do, places to see in London and places to eat.

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101 Top Honeymoon Destinations: The Guide to Perfect Places for Passion (Little Black Books) (Little Black Books (Peter Pauper Paperback))

101 Top Honeymoon Destinations: The Guide to Perfect Places for Passion (Little Black Books) (Little Black Books (Peter Pauper Paperback))

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Themed chapters include Cosmopolitan, Adventure, Luxurious, Exotic, Cruise, Celebrity, Classic (where you’ll find Niagara Falls!), and Island & Beachfront.Each destination details: The Big Picture; Special Places to Stay; and Top Romantic Pastimes.192 pages.Portable size: 4-1/4 inches

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Envision a set of false logs that you can put in anything, a bowl, a vase, a plate, a fire place hearth, perhaps? Now, as these logs are set in place, you take a lighter with some special gel fluid and after throwing it onto the logs, flames erupt like some kind of sorcery. This is no longer the stuff of myth, as you can do this yourself with new gel fire places. When you purchase a gel fire place, you not only have a huge array of options to choose from, but you can actually purchase the fireplace and fire and be free from so many old hassles of traditional wood burning fires.

Gone are the days when you have to haul in the wood from the outdoors and light it with a match and get the soot and ashes on your hands when you are cleaning up. With gel fireplaces, the wood logs are false wood and will not even splinter your hands. Also, you can reuse them over and over again since they are not real. You can apply the gel fluid quite easily to it, and the best part is, the versatility of the gel fire places. These are no ordinary fire places that are confined to being stuck in the wall in your living room. You can move the logs to so many different places. Large bowls that you can fill with the logs can be placed out in your backyard, or you can put them on tiny plates and keep them beside the table on the foyer, or you can use them as centerpieces.

Enjoy immense flexibility with a fire that is not actually a genuine fireplace. You can use it in so many places in your house and enjoy having a little bit of fire lighting up all the dark places in your home and out in your backyard.

Barry Bowen
Site Representative
The Soothing Company is all about relaxation, and few things lend a feeling of respite such as that of a warm fireplace. Electric Fireplaces are mesmerizing and make any room warm and inviting.

Asia has been recognized all throughout the world as the continent that houses heaps of marvelous beaches and rich cultural heritage. In fact, many Western travelers find several countries in Asia as their haven and perfect places to relax their body from a whole year round of tiring activities. What we have here are top Asian destinations that you and your family will definitely love.
The country of Thailand receives millions of tourist visits every year. Despite some troubles affecting its current government, visitors and travelers are not affected with it since all they want is to have a place to relax and enjoy a perfect holiday. Spots like Phuket and Bangkok are two of the most visited regions in Thailand that boast their rich and crystal clear beaches.
People most associate Indonesia with the devastating tsunami that hit the country and few of its neighbors in 2004. But honestly, Indonesia is more than what we think it is. The country prides hundreds of world renowned tourist destinations such as beaches, live museums, and magnificent scenic beauty.
The towering temples and grand pagodas in the country are among the most popular destinations in Indonesia that continue to receive millions of visitor each year. Travelers, historians, and other visitors never miss to take photographs of these places during their visit.
Adding to that heritage are the enticing beaches populating the country. Bali in particular is a world class destination where pristine beaches are abundant. Hollywood movie stars often spend their vacation here and many newly webs are also taking pleasure in the island.
Dubbed as the Pearl of the Orient, Philippines dearly proved that glory by showcasing tons of tourist attractions present in the archipelago. The country is not just home to luxurious beach clubs such as those built in Boracay, but also to compassionate and loving citizens. The country is also a sanctuary of several endangered species as the spotted dear.
For tourists who love to go by the beach, the country can provide many places to spend a fabulous vacation. Aside from Aklan where the famous Boracay can be found, places like Negros, Panay, Apo, and Palawan are also good places to spend a beach holiday.

If you are really looking for Wonderful Places to travel, then I strongly suggest you to visit our wide collection of World Class travel destinations. You can also pick up few tips regarding the islands you want to visit.

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These days, the economy is so volatile that it behooves us to be as smart as possible with your money. It is recommended that you make your money work for you in good investments. The best Caribbean places for financial investment offer a number of good reasons why to invest in the Caribbean. Please reference the following information to learn more.

The economy is wreaking havoc on the country and the world. Many people are realizing that not only is it a good idea to be money smart, that it is a necessity. Instead of letting your money sit in savings accounts or under mattresses, experts recommend that money be invested in order to make money. They also recommend that you do ample homework while making your choice as to what to invest in.

The Caribbean is becoming a very hot spot for investors. Businessmen and the like are finding that making money there is not so difficult, especially if you pick the right countries to invest in there. Through Caribbean mortgage and finance and other financial tools and transactions, they are actually recouping investments and turning profits.

Remember that there are some places in the Caribbean that are experiencing strife and others that offer no real protection for your investment. Putting your money in these countries is tantamount to throwing your money out to sea. Find some articles that are informative on the crime and social unrest of particular countries.

One of the best countries in the Caribbean to invest in is Trinidad and Tobago. This island country near Venezuela is different than most of the other Caribbean islands in that it is not in the hurricane belt. This makes it more attractive than its sister islands that lie in the belt. Investors in Trinidad have less worries about this devastating natural disaster than other countries there.

Also, Trinidad and Tobago have the highest gdp amongst these countries. This translates into a healthier economy, which is what any investor is looking for. The gdp growth rate is impressive as well. The only thing to keep in mind about this country is its rising crime rate.

Another country is the Dominican republic. Unfortunately, it lies in the hurricane belt and is subject to mother nature. However, it is an immense country and has lots of potential for the future. One reason for this is the regional trade agreement down in Central America. This should free up trade and allow for more money to be made quicker.

Also, there is Aruba. This well known island enjoys financial stability from a steady stream of tourist, most of whom are American. Its gdp is one of the highest in the Caribbean and criminal activities and social strife are less here than in other countries. Also, Aruba is located outside of the hurricane belt.

The best Caribbean places for financial investment are gong to be those that have the most stability and potential for growth. Trinidad and Tobago, Aruba and the Dominican Republic are three of the top choices. For the first two, being located outside the hurricane belt is a huge plus as well as strong and growing gdps. For the Dominican Republic, its size and membership in free trade pacts make it a great choice as well.

Global Financial institution offering commercial and personal Trinidad and Tobago Finance Investment banking services including online Bahamas Money Management banking, credit card, Small Business Finance in Barbados loans and more.


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