The thing about last minute weight loss, is the more last minute it is the least healthy it is.  Usually, you end up thinking you shouldn’t eat at all.  Food is not your enemy.  What seems pretty simple now, may end up with side effects. Starvation diets can leave you weak and with sleeping disorders.  You may have stomach problems as well. But these are just the physical problems. There are also psychological problems that ensue such as depression and anxiety.  The weight loss you experienced will turn into rapid weight gain once you start eating again. And even worse, you may end up with an eating disorder. There’s nothing that is worth all these problems.

There are people that even consider becoming bulimic as a solution to the weight loss problem. Throwing up or taking laxatives is an unhealthy solution.  I know how it feels to want to lose the fat around your belly and thighs.  I am overweight and am fighting the battle just as you want to do.  There’s no point in creating problems for your body in the future. There is another solution.

You can eat healthy and have fairly rapid weight loss as well. It all starts with your decision to lose weight. With that done you need to find a diet that is fairly easy to do because you will never keep up something that is difficult. For example, many pre-packaged diets cost up to $ 500 a month. I’m sorry, but how many people can afford to keep that up? Or being on a low-carb diet.  How practical is it to eat vegetables and meat? It is a short-term solution that doesn’t take into account the real world.  We eat bread, rice and potatoes in the real world.

You have to find something that would trigger you to eat less.  You should eat 5-6 small meals a day that include lean meats, vegetables, fruit and whole grains. Also, you have to eat foods you like, otherwise, it’s just a plan on a piece of paper.

You need to incorporate your exercise into your current schedule. To radically change your schedule to make room for exercise seems impractical. Why not do some lunges and squats while watching TV?  Why not take the stairs when you can or walk a little more on your lunch schedule?

And surprisingly you can lose up to 10 lbs in 14 days. Don’t get caught up in “last minute weight loss“. It’s all possible. Find Out How!

I am a new author that would like to help others lose weight

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Most people tend to lose hope of getting any affordable flights after they have run out of time to book. However, the good news is that it is possible to get cheap flights even during the last minute rush. In most cases, airlines tend to lower their rates when the departure time nears as a way of avoiding empty seats when that particular flight departs to its destination. While booking late should not be a choice especially during peak seasons, it can do you good in other cases.

When looking to book late and still get cheap flight deals, you should be willing and ready to travel at any moment depending on the flight that is available for your destination. Being flexible is a good way of increasing your chances of flying cheaply even if at the last minute. It is therefore not advisable to be too strict with the time in which you want to travel since you cant be sure at what time the cheap flight could be available.

One should also be willing to accommodate any changes that might come during the flight without feeling inconvenienced. Conducting a regular online check on the different websites could bring you very good deals for your last minute needs. It is common for airlines to reduce airfare to speed up the filling process especially when the flight is about to depart. Checking every few hours during the day could help in locating the cheapest flight deal.

For that last minute rush, travelers can also choose to go with the available option of holiday packages as they tend to be cheaper than normal flight rates. Such packages offer several discounts wrapped in a single low price which could prove to be helpful in saving money. You could end up paying less with the packages as compared to the normal flight offers.

Consolidators also come in handy during last minute bookings. They happen to be travel wholesalers who sell airline tickets in large volumes hence they are able to offer very low rates. When seats get cancelled at the last minute, the consolidators will resell them at a much lower price which can come in handy for your last minute needs. The internet is a great way of getting hold of such consolidators and making your deal as affordable as it can be.

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Gyms are not the preserve of the finely physically honed, or indeed, those looking for the best last minute deals, but also the people that just want to feel a little fitter and experience the benefits that exercise can bring. And those that regularly take exercise, know that those chemical elements called endorphins are tantamount to the body’s joy pills. Exercise creates endorphins which can provide the being human a sense of well-being and comfort.

A good gym can accommodate people at whatever level: the experienced runner, the weightlifter, or the occasional. They can look after the fanatic, as well as the person who might be called the ‘weekender’.

Most modern gyms are divided into two sections: the aerobic exercise area and the weights area. They have different functions, although, both are related in many aspects and can be used to achieve the desired result.

For many gym goers, it’s the aerobic exercise section which is the most popular. And it would be fair to say that most people taking advantage of last moment deals head for this part of the gym. It’s the home of the exercise bikes, the treadmills and the rowing machines. And it might also include a number of Nordic exercisers.

Exercise bikes are self-explanatory. They are stationery bikes which emulate the effort required to ride a bike on a given surface. The speed with which the rider pedals governs the amount of effort and the machine will also use resistance say on the flywheel to copy the effort of riding a bike uphill. A treadmill does the same thing, but to get the extra effort required when running uphill, the treadmill itself raises up. Rowing machines are great for those that prefer to sit down! Using a flywheel as utilised by the bikes, this way of exercise is also ideal for people who want to limit the impact damage to the joints as when running. Nordic exercisers attempt to emulate the action of Nordic skiing which exercises both legs and upper body.

The weight sections of a gym can be daunting to newcomers, but they should be designed so as not to put off the first-timer, or infrequent user. Weights are designed to build muscle (heavy weights, few lifts), or indeed lose weight (light weights, many repetitions). The issue with weight-training, is that great care has to be taken if injuries (muscle tears, joint strains) are to be avoided. This is why many gyms insist on a starter session for newcomers.

So, if you want to combine a love of exercise with a love of getting the best last minute deals, then think about the gym.


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You’ve been invited to your highschool reunion due in two weeks and of course you would want to look great. The problem is that you have gained double the weight you had back in highschool. You suddenly realize that despite the stable job that you have and all the other achievements you’ve reaped through the years, the one thing you’ve neglected was your health. You now ask yourself, if it’s still possible to go through a last minute weight loss and hopefully never look back?

Quick fixes and instant remedies have crept its way up the popularity ranks since people would always go for the fast and effective solutions for their problems. Same goes for last minute weight loss programs that promises hyped results that often times fail to deliver.

You can start with these quick tips to get you going

Water and lots of it!

We are not talking about a hundred gallons but consuming lots of water sure helps cleanse you system from unwanted fat or harmful toxins that build up in your body over time. Having 8 to 10 glasses a day is more often a flexible rule especially when you sweat more or when you’re exposed to the sun frequently. It’s a last minute weight loss technique you should keep in mind.

Get moving

Engage in activities where you can utilize your body’s full potential! Sports like swimming or baseball requires almost all your muscles to work. Not only will you enjoy yourself but you get the benefits of exercise.

Food check

You should check the kind of food that you’ve been accustomed to feeding your body. You should be able to tell if some or much worse, all of these foods are causing you to be bloated. Who wants to look like a stuffed turkey? The right kind and amount of food entirely contributes to your last minute weight loss.

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Travelling can be either for leisure or for business purposes and can be to any world destination. The increase in airlines flying to the different destinations has made it possible for thousands of travelers and tourists to easily reach their destinations of choice within a relatively short period of time, which is a much more efficient use of time as compared to road trips.

When planning to take a trip or a vacation, you should make the effort to plan early for your trip if you are to get the best out of the traveling experience. The planning is also important as it helps you know the amount of money which the trip is going to cost and determines whether you have enough money to last for the entire period while still remaining in good shape financially. Most people have found cheap flights to be a good way of keeping within their set budget limits.

One of the best ways for securing cheap airfare is by taking advantage of last minute flight deals. The deals are offered by almost every airline during the different seasons as a way of ensuring that the flight is fully booked before departure. However, the deals are mostly available during the off-peak season since this is the time the flights may not be fully occupied because of the reduced numbers of travelers.

Last minute deals are a very good saving option, especially for those who do not have any kind of time limitations with their trips and vacations. These deals can easily be found on the various traveling agent or official airline websites. This is why it is always important to take time to conduct research to ensure that no beneficial deal passes you by, especially when traveling on a tight budget.

The deals can also be obtained directly from the airlines which fly to the destination in question. You should approach the staff and ask about any last minute deals which are available just in case the flight is going to your desired destination. The other way of finding these last minute deals is by using consolidators. Consolidators buy tickets in bulk to help airlines to fully occupy the flights and offer these tickets at very reasonable prices to the passengers.

When settling for a last minute deal, it is important to ensure that it has everything you feel is necessary during the trip to make it as comfortable and rewarding as possible.

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The pleasure of last minute vacations in Caribbean Islands can only be truly appreciated by those who’re busy shoveling snow off their driveway in the freezing cold back home. It may be a pipe-dream for some to think about the warm beaches and brilliant weather in Cuba or the Bahamas or Jamaica. But as far as Canadians are concerned, it’s not so hard to make it a reality.

In fact, Canucks are the only ones truly able to enjoy and appreciate the fun and beauty of a Cuba holiday on a whim. Vacationers from South & Central American countries couldn’t care less about the warm weather. U. S. Citizens can only dream about it since they can’t legally take vacations in Cuba.

That leaves Europeans and Canadians as the two major groups who are landing in Havana by the planeload. The best part for Canadians is that it happens to be in their own backyard. So they don’t really have to plan way in advance for last minute vacations in Caribbean Islands like a European traveler would need to.

It is estimated that over a million Canadians visit Cuba every year. It’s fair to say that not many of them come here to admire Fidel’s socialist system or support him. What they do enjoy here are the quaint sights and nightlife pleasures of Havana. Then there are beach resorts like Varadero with its magnificent white sand beaches and warm turquoise waters.

Not to mention the moros y cristianos (rice & beans), Cuba Libre and Mojitos. The healthy quantity of rum in every drink is, in fact, one of the main reasons that Cuba starts looking so good to visitors after a day or so. Visitors who really want to get to know Cuba and its people should spend time in the local bars, drinking locally produced rum straight from a bottle and listening to the locals chit-chat.

Compare all this against Arctic temperatures and the drudgery of a civilized existence in Canada, and it’s not much of a surprise that so many Canucks just decide to take off and head for a Cuban vacation. Not that Cuba is the only choice – there are hundreds of tropical islands with the same white sands beaches, villas and resort hotels. Jamaica’s Montego Bay is among the more popular choices, and so are the Bahamas, Bermuda, U. S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

But perhaps one of the attractions of Cuba, other than those described above, is that it is off-limits for U. S. Citizens. For one, it’s hard to find a tourist destination free of the famous ‘American tourist.’ More importantly, the American travel ban makes Cuba seem like forbidden fruit with a hint of danger, which is always more attractive.

The reality, however, is that Cuba (or any of the other Caribbean Islands for that matter) are very tourist friendly and take better care of visitors than their own people. It takes only about three and a half hours to get from Toronto to Havana, the weather is brilliant, the water is warm and the beaches inviting. The hotels are luxurious and affordable, and the food and drink is intoxicating, to say the least. What’s not to like?

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