Let’s face it. Without the right skills, telecommuting can be lonely – stuck in your home office all day, not seeing another person face-to-face. Fortunately there’s lots of techniques and tricks to make sure you get a little human contact most days. However, even the career telecommuter who has all these skills down cold can suffer from loneliness during crunch time.

We all have our routines when work is “normal” – going to the gym at lunch for regular workouts, clearing out our overloaded inboxes once/month, etc. However we’ve all had periods of work that are just crazy too. Maybe your boss dumped a major project in your lap with a tight deadline and lots of visibility. Or maybe a coworker just left the company with little advance notice and you have to help cover their responsibilities until someone new can be hired (and trained). These crunch times can be as short as a week or as long as a few months (if they’re more than that, then I’d say that has become “normal” and it’s time to evaluate if you still enjoy your current job).

During these crunch times we tend to keep our heads down and get less human interaction. If you work from the corporate office you might be working through your lunches and taking less breaks to chit-chat with your coworkers. While this can leave you with less human interaction, just having your coworkers around you gives you enough so you probably don’t feel too lonely – and you probably do take short breaks (walking to the cafeteria with a coworker to grab some lunch to take back to the desk?) to chat with others.

But when you work from home things are different. During crunch time you’re probably handcuffing yourself to your desk all day. You’re not taking breaks, not getting out of the house, and not seeing anyone. You probably feel you don’t have time for all the techniques you’re used to using to get out of the house and see people.

If your crunch time is going to only last 1 week, you can probably just deal with that lack of face-to-face human contact. But if it’s going to be a long haul, you might just go crazy from loneliness before you reach the end of the project. So consider carving out just a little bit of time to make sure you get some human interaction.

If you’re used to going to the gym 2 or 3 times each week for a workout and to see other people, try to continue to go at least once/week. Block off an hour on your calendar on the least busy day of the week. Even if you only have time to do a ½ hour workout instead of your usual 1 hour workout, it’s more about getting out of the house than anything else.
Or if you don’t have the time to drive to the gym and back, see if any of your neighbors are around during the day and want to take a weekly walk with you. Even a 20 minute walk will give you some company, get the blood going, and break up an otherwise lonely day.
Perhaps you can take your laptop to a coffee shop once in a while and use their wireless access to continue working. You probably won’t talk to people much at the coffee shop (and we know you don’t have time for long conversations anyway) but you’ll be out of the house and around other people.
Can your spouse work from home occasionally? If so maybe now is the time to push him or her to try it one day/week. Again, you’ll be too busy to hang out with your spouse much (and make sure he/she knows that in advance) but just having another person in the house can take away that lonely feeling.
What about driving into the office once/week? Even if you can work from home every day, going into the office now and then will break up the monotony of working in an empty house week after week.

If you can just find a way to make sure at least a few days a week you see other people in one form or another you’ll find it much easier to bear a long crunch time without feeling too lonely.

Bottom Line? Experience huge gains in time, money, and stress reduction by telecommuting. You deserve it! But don’t dive in unprepared. Make sure you know how working from home differs from going into the office. I invite you to get your free copy of my “Top 10 Telecommuter Mistakes list” – to learn the wrong ways… and right ways… to get your telecommute career on track: http://avoidgoingtowork.com/free

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Twilight descended rapidly over the beach surprising Travis with the speed of its onset. Jogging through the edge of the surf for the last 45 minutes allowed time for his mind to process what Sandy told him earlier in the afternoon. He purposely lost track of time, ignored passing landmarks on his run, running with a single purpose of forgetting the memory of her words, I Want a Divorce. 

Travis stopped, bent over hands on knees to breathe easier as he accepted the darkness. This trip to the beach was planned as a time for Sandy and Travis to reconnect. It had been a tough year for both. The loss of their first child only 4 months into pregnancy brought pain to both. With the pain, it brought loss, blame, and desperation. 

Personal tragedy motivates differently in people. For some it brings closeness for others it brings a void in feelings. Travis and Sandy fell into the later group. Their 7-year marriage normally traveled in smooth waters bolstered by their career success. It also grew based on their common belief that their children would be cared for by loving parents.

When the joy of Sandy’s pregnancy spread over their relationship, it brought even greater happiness and dedication of the couple to each other and their child’s future. They spent hours discussing their baby’s future from nursery décor to what college they would attend. It was a blessed time on a blessed marriage.

The onset of low pain Sandy felt the morning after painting baby Jessica’s room was not particularly alarming. She often had little twinges but they always passed. Some time later that morning Sandy realized this pain remained. She started to call Travis but shrugged of that urge opting for a nap instead. The sharp pain in her lower back woke Sandy with such vigor she called Travis then the doctor. He was in a meeting but his secretary promised to get him her message right away. 

Thirty minutes later Travis called. Sandy was now in steady pain having called the doctor and on her way to the hospital with a neighbor. She answered Travis’s call on her cell after he could not reach her at home. Sandy was scared and it came through in her conversation. Travis left to meet her. 

They lost the baby. There was no specific reason why this occurred, no real cause, no one to blame but both did; they blamed each other. Sandy blamed Travis because he did not come or call her when she first thought the pregnancy was in trouble. Travis blamed Sandy because he ignored the early pain warnings and let the problem grow until there was no hope of saving their little girl. 

The months following this loss created a barrier to closeness once shared so deeply by the couple. Now each time one looked at their partner blame, hurt, loss all surfaced. The marriage continued but struggled as each partner sought to find answers. 

The weekend trip to the beach was Travis’s idea. He hoped some time together at some place away from home might help stimulate their communication and affection. Both still loved the other but a wall now stood in the way of connecting as in the past. 

The blame they placed on each other existed so they did not have to blame themselves. Sandy knew inside she should have notified her doctor earlier and letting Travis know immediately of her problems. It was easier to blame Travis for not being there when she and the baby needed him. 

Travis remembered the note from his secretary he received during the middle of his meeting of budgets. He read it but decided to continue with the meeting, as it was very crucial to conclude this budget battle today. It did not appear urgent so he ignored Sandy’s call. It was easier to blame Sandy then to blame his lack of placing priority on his pregnant wife as a possible cause of losing Jessica.

Healing a mutual loss is difficult especially when neither partner wants to take responsibility for the loss. It is easier to blame another rather than themselves. Sometimes it is easier to say, I Want a Divorce than accept responsibility and work through the issue. There are solutions to healing a loss of any type that strains or destroys a marriage. If you want to learn more about healing a loss there is help available at Gay Wilder’s, A Broken Heart or at http://a-brokenheart.com

Lonely married woman

The most interesting place for young people nowadays is a dating website. Dating is a beautiful concept and one should be proud for it. The whole concept of dating helps to build relationships. Every young guys and girls in this generation goes through this phase. Nowadays even more mature people and lonely married women go through this phase. People hardly find time to see each other and say hi. So the question of true love and affection is out of book. So because of this the number of unsatisfied women is increasing day by day.

If we dig into this issue we would know that people lack chemistry. Trust and chemistry are two important things in marriage. If both are lost then that’s the point when people look for relationships outside of their own. There are lots of reasons that can drive a person to go for a relationship outside their own. The increasing number of lonely married women looking for the third party relationship tells us the story. Dating lonely married women is also a fantasy. It’s a different experience all together when it comes dating a lonely married women. Loneliness is a big factor for provoking lonely married women to go out for a dating. They need a change from the mundane work isn’t it? Often the reason that is said by these women is the negligence of their husbands. Work rules this world and not relationships.

Every man is supposed to satisfy their wives. A woman scarifies lots of things for the sake of her husband. If a man cannot satisfy her both physically and mentally then she is provoked to go for love affairs. Technology has hit big heights nowadays. If you are looking for a lonely married woman to be your dating partner then do not worry. Things are made easy with the development and advent of many websites. Lots of websites have come into place to help us find the same. Everything is just one click away. All one needs to do is just search for your favourite partner by filling up your matching requirements and click on enter.

One click can give you a list of lonely married women with their photographs. Some goes to the extent of giving video chatting as well. One can use this to test the genuineness of the profile. Although the best websites are not free they will help you in the long run as I believe that paid sites are more genuine than the free ones. This is the best possible solution it is the difficult to find lonely married women in bars or night pubs. They do not expose themselves in the public.

Meet lonely married women
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