When you think about when you think of the lush, sandy beaches and sparkling blue water of the Caribbean, the first thing you think about is a vacation.After a difficult year in the office, work has started to take its toll and the idea of sun and relaxation provides your tiring body with a much needed tonic. However, these thoughts of taking time out cause businessmen to miss out on a remarkable real estate opportunity. While still one of the lesser known groups of islands in the Caribbean, Turks and Caicos islands are arguably the most beautiful. Bound to change is this shortage of human traffic once the secret becomes more widely known.

As the housing market is still in a state of collapse, those interested in making their fortune from property are gleefully rubbing their hands at the current economy as it provides them with an prospect to cash in by purchasing real estate at rock bottom prices. Yet there are some problems with this method. The housing market looks likely to remain on the downward spiral for some time to come plus those looking to buy properties at low prices face tremendous competition from those also interested in making a profit from real estate.

For a myriad of reasons, a much better investment opportunity is offered by the Turks and Caicos islands. As already mentioned, this virtually pristine paradise is currently the Caribbeans best kept secret. First of all, there is a lot of property on offer for low prices. It seems certain that those scouring the world for real estate opportunities will eventually come across these islands and start to make bids. The time is ready right now to make your move and secure beautiful real estate in an extraordinary location.

With 95% of days endowed with glorious sunshine and minimal rainfall all year round, the Turks and Caicos islands offer the ideal place for a holiday for those able to afford luxury. There are properties stretched out over 200 miles of sand overlooking the beach and it is a guarantee that anyone who visits these islands once will be quick to return. Rich businessmen will be looking for rented lodging which they will pay a handsome price for.

At present, the most populated island is Providenciales which boasts over half the population of the islands. It has an international airport with flights to and from Miami, New York and London on the market with internationally renowned airlines such as American Airlines and British Airways carrying passengers to the island. In approximately four hours, it is possible to fly from New York to Providenciales, which guarantees an increase in future tourism. Currently 175,000 tourists visit the islands a year. This is set to increase tremendously in the near future.

The blend of amazing weather, picturesque scenery, clean beaches and easy access make the turks and caicos villasa must for anyone looking to experience paradise on a holiday. Turks and Caicos real estatein the region is guaranteed to increase rapidly in value because of the anticipated increase in tourism, plus the revenue from renting out accommodation should be enormous.

If you go on a Caribbean holiday you will obviously stay on one of the beautiful islands. One that is particularly special is Barbados as it offers holiday properties to rent as well as hotels and stunning scenery and an interesting history. World famous for its beaches and cricket these are two things that you definitely would not be able to escape when visiting the tropical island.

When first settled in 1625 Barbados was found to be almost totally covered in dense jungle with a very large population of wild pigs. The first descendants were African slaves who were bought to the island in the 17th century to work the sugar cane plantations. Now referred to as Barbadians, they worked hard to make something of the island and this is even very evident today.

Something that would reassure anyone going on a Caribbean holiday is the fact that from 1841 to 1845, Barbados was considered the healthiest place in the world to live with only one death per 66 people, compared to a world average of approximately one death per 35 people.

Something that tourists who go on a Caribbean holiday will learn about is that Barbados has an interesting history. In the past thousands of people would travel to Barbados because it was thought to have healing qualities. With the exception of the head, people were completely immersed in the sands of the beaches of Cattlewash in St. Andrew as this was believed to kill many illnesses. This practice lasted for many years before it started to wane.

In recent years there has been a massive construction boom with new hotels and holiday properties to rent and housing complexes springing up. The trend accelerated as the island prepared to host some of the key Cricket World Cup matches in 2007 and has continued thanks to the large amount of tourists the island receives every year.

Due to the number of people falling in love and immigrating to Barbados, a shortage of jobs has prompted many Barbadians to find work abroad. They then send the money that they are earning back home which is an important source of income.

Barbados attracts so many visitors every year that it is now one of the most prosperous islands in the Caribbean. In fact, the export of sugar was its main revenue earner for many years but tourism has now taken over this. As well as this, its political, economic and social stability has given it one of the highest standards of living in the developing world making holiday properties to rent a great way to experience the way of life. This is hardly surprising because when on a Caribbean holiday you cannot help but be intrigued by the gorgeous island.

One of the charming sayings throughout the history of the island is that the Mongoose in Barbados never crosses the road unless someone is watching. Many people who go on a Caribbean holiday are left in awe after visiting Barbados. No doubt this is down to the tropical weather, amazing scenery and laid back nature of the locals.

A vastly experienced traveller who has enjoyed staying in budget hotels,and the height of luxury

Every year thousands of tourists travel to the small island of Jamaica for its stunning beauty. Located in the middle of the Caribbean Sea with Cuba as a neighbour, this area is home to around 2.5 million people, which call this area home. The stunning island is divided into fourteen parishes. Tourists travelling to Jamaica can find a good number of Caribbean villas that are perfect for spending a holiday in. Many people are attracted to this island for the friendly people. True it is an area full of vast amounts of poverty, but the people are warm and welcoming. Tourist areas are filled with restaurants with native cooking and charming people with wonderful tales. It is a land where the pace is drastically slower and life just seems to be enjoyed rather than quickly passing.

Jamaican culture is famous for its soulful reggae music. Strolling through the streets of the Island, it is possible to see several small bands or individuals preforming. The area is enjoyed by the locals as much as the tourists for a good place to relax and unwind. Because Jamaica is an Island and surrounded by water, the beaches are the hot attraction. Being close to the equator gives seasonable favouring temperatures, which are perfect for fun in the sun. Most of the days are sunny and hardly any rain falls to the area. The lack of rain produces some drought conditions at times, but in this tropical oasis the sun seems to never stop shinning.

There are many animals which are native to the island that are rare. The Jamaican Iguana is actually rare and has made the endangered species list. Bird watching is a great way to spend the day. There are more than 325 recognized species on the island. These tropical birds give the island an exotic flare and make for great pictures and memories.

When travelling to the island, there are many lodging options. Sometimes, people find that using Jamaica villas for rent as opposed to a hotel is much more of a cultural experience. Experience life as the natives do living in small Caribbean villas and huts. The island life is different and is inviting. The climate is perfect and the best way to spend a holiday. Regardless of where one is coming from, the natives of Jamaica are inviting and captivate attention. Whether it is the sparkling waters of the Caribbean Sea or the decadent cuisines from natives, there is something about Jamaica that is just enchanting.


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