When family budgets get tight one of the first things to go out the door are any yearly trips you might have taken. Just because money is tight (for pretty much everyone these days) doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your trips altogether! This is a great way for you to bond and reconnect. Everyday life is so busy, and disconnecting, making these trips all that much more important. There are affordable options out there, you just need to know where to look for ideas for inexpensive vacations for families on a budget.

Camping trips are always fun and affordable! You can camp near a lake, hiking trails–whatever activities you want to do together.

Plan a tour around your city, or one nearby. You can see your hometown area but do the touristy things that you wouldn’t have done before! End the trip with one of those mystery dinner theaters where you are trying to figure out which guest committed a murder for a fun, unique, experience.

Do you have a boat? Or does your friend/family member that you might be able to borrow one from? Or how much does it cost to rent one in your area? If you have access to a boat there are a lot of fun things you can do spending a day on the lake. One of the most fun ideas out there are towable tubes. These are inflatable tubes that you tow behind your boat that people can ride on. There are ones for one rider, or multiples up to a dozen. There are more expensive, usually bigger, ones that go up to a few thousand dollars, but there are also smaller ones that are under a hundred that are still tons of fun. The rider experiences a thrill similar to a roller coaster ride. All they have to do is hold on and have fun. Anyone not riding on the tube can ride in the boat. This is an exhilarating fun way to spend the day on the water.

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Family vacations are something to cherish, memories that last a lifetime. My wife and I wanted to take our kids somewhere that they would remember for the rest of their lives. What place is more enchanting then going to Disneyland/Disney World? We decided to take our kids to Disneyland in California.

We were able to get tickets at a really good price of $ 199 round trip. I had a feeling we would spend a lot of money when it can time for souvenirs at the park, but my wife found a great way to save a bunch of money by shopping for authentic Disney items at Wal-Mart and other local stores in our city.

It was amazing that my wife was able to get many things that ranged from beach towels, glasses, notebooks, pens, and a few stuffed characters. Many of the items were on clearance, including many T-shirts.

Since our kids are young they weren’t with her when she bought them, we were able to hide the items until we left for vacation. After each day that we spent at the park, my wife would give our girls one item that we had hidden in the suite. They weren’t aware that we didn’t do any shopping at Disney, but when they saw the item they didn’t care, they thought it came straight from the park which made it special for them.

There’s many different ways you can save when go on vacation to Disney. You are allowed to bring in your food and drinks providing that it fits in a back-pack. They wont allow coolers or anything of the sort into the park. Why spend eight dollars for the small portions that they give, when you can make sandwiches and salads for just pennies? As for your drinks, you don’t have to worry about it being warm. Just ask for a cup of ice and they will gladly give it to you at no charge.

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