St Lucia is a small archipelago of islands in the Caribbean. Despite its small size, St Lucia attracts millions of tourists. This massive inflow of tourists has resulted in a huge development of tourism infrastructure and facilities. The local government has understood the importance of equal treatment of both families and romantic couples. This realization has resulted in equal tourism opportunities for both groups.

Family Holidays In St Lucia

As mentioned earlier, St Lucia is known for its great family holiday options. There is a huge expanse of white sandy beaches offers numerous opportunities of swimming, scuba diving, and surfing, among other activities. For children, many amusement parks and fun lands having all the modern rides and gadgets can be easily found. The video gaming zones – one of the most favorite pastimes of children – are also present in every major hotel as well as major tourist resorts.

Two types of family holidays are available in St Lucia:

• Family Holidays with younger kids
This type of family holiday is geared towards those parents who have younger kids and want a safe and comfortable holiday at a nice place. This nice place is St Lucia as it is known for a family atmosphere without any hassle or hazards. Young kids can enjoy the rides in the amusement park or fun land and can also take a dip in the swimming pools under the supervision of their parents.

• Family Holidays with older kids
Older kids are not easy to manage and can pose serious problems for their parents. As they are grown up, they want some great entertainment and fun opportunities, and they are not easily satisfied with anything. Fortunately, St-Lucia offers some options to these kids. The video gaming portals and teenager hangouts are present in St-Lucia that can allow these teenagers to have a good time. Additionally, teenage kids can easily enjoy some adult sports like surfing, snorkeling or scuba diving. They can also go to hiking trips and explore the culture of the islands.

St Lucia Holidays for couples
A great romantic holiday in St-Lucia is the dream of countless honeymooners. The lure of beaches, great nightlife and exotic hotels catches the imagination of the romantic birds. Interestingly, St Lucia was initially a total romantic destination with very little opportunities for a family holiday. Although it now caters to a sizable number of families, the old glory of romantic escapades still lingers on.

A romantic holiday in St-Lucia encompasses many things. The first and foremost choice of every visiting couple is to find a relatively segregated place on the beach to spend some great time lazing in the sun. Many places off the main tourist area are there that are not much crowded and one can enjoy a great time. Additionally, many hotels and resorts offer the facility of private beaches accompanied by private beach villas, among other things.

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If you want to spend some quality time on a holiday with your loved one, a luxury Caribbean holiday is one of the best things that you can do. The Caribbean is known amongst many as the heaven on earth and it has been for years that the Caribbean has been captivating everyone with its azure waters and golden beaches. Other than the natural beauty of the Caribbean, the islands are famous for their culture.

Many islands on the Caribbean are perfect for a holiday. For a romantic holiday, hardly any place would be more suitable than the Caribbean. Many romantic hideaways are there in the Caribbean and there are a lot of other attractions and sightseeing opportunities, which make the Caribbean the perfect holiday option.

There are some of the best romantic hideaways in Antigua, Barbados, Anguilla, Aruba, Jamaica, St Lucia, St Vincent, Trinidad, and various other islands in the Caribbean. Anguilla has miles of pristine sands and is a dream escape destination for a romantic holiday for couples because it is exclusive and secluded as well.

For couples, there is a lot of enjoyment and amusement in the Caribbean and there are various award winning resorts that are the best. There is the Coco Reef, which is a true Caribbean resort and offers a wide range of activities for your enjoyment. The resort is tailor made and offers spectacular views of the sea.

Rendezvous is a resort in St Lucia, which is exclusively for couples. Whether you are on your honeymoon or otherwise on a romantic holiday, the resort is perfect for you. It is set in romantic surroundings and it is because of this reason that the resort holds a special place as a wedding venue.

La Source is another resort that is perfect for a romantic holiday for couples. Besides a lot of relaxation, there are water sports, leisure facilities and a spa that tend to be the most enhancing features of La Source. The blue Haven Hotel is also especially romantic and offers glorious views of the surroundings. The Young Island in St Vincent is another of the best romantic hideaways in the Caribbean. One of the best activities that are offered there is the yacht sailing to Mistique, which is truly romantic and invigorating.

One of the things that make the Caribbean perfect for a romantic holiday is the ambiance that is there because of the natural beauty and surroundings, which is further enhanced by the various stunning resort. Hence, you get the perfect opportunity to relax and spend time with your loved one, which would be memorable forever.

The Caribbean possesses the charm and lure that is truly captivating and awesome. This is something that makes a Caribbean holiday experience memorable for the rest of one’s life. When it comes to the Caribbean and romantic holidays, there are numerous options in terms of the islands as well as the resort, something which further enhances the appeal of the Caribbean.

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Despite the recession, people all over the world are not ready to quit plans for their annual holidays. However, they look up for a destination package that can give the best value for the money that they spend.

All inclusive holidays are gaining popularity like never before. The reason for their popularity can be said to be because of the enjoyment that one can get in their vacations and holidays and at the same time, the great savings that they make. All inclusive holidays offer great comfort and are quiet convenient for the travelers as they eliminate the great worry of holiday cost. These holidays are relaxing as well because everything in your holiday is preplanned.

All inclusive holiday packages usually includes all trip related costs that ranges from air ticket costs to accommodation, transfers and sightseeing to food and drinks. All inclusive holiday deals usually provide the visitors with facility to dine out in a resort which is usually served in a buffet style and food provided is of great quality.

Some packages also include various facilities for entertainment as well as city tours, trips to beaches or some famous attraction of the destination, so you need not worry about where you will go for your entertainment and how and which places you should visit for a city tour. But it is recommended to read all the details of all the inclusions. Some packages also provide facilities for adding more inclusions to your all inclusive holiday package.

All inclusive packages are usually less expensive than the ones where you decide to pay all your expenses directly in the destination. There are various all inclusive packages that are made available in many best resorts and hotels in the world.

All inclusive holiday destinations include some exotic and attractive destinations such as

1. Caribbean Islands
2. Spain
3. Cyprus
4. Mauritius
5. GOA
6. Maldives
7. Seychelles
8. Bulgaria
9. Egypt
10. Morocco
11. Tenerife
12. Algarve
13. Tunisia
14. Turkey and many more.

Although these trips are all inclusive, it is always better to search for an itinerary that suits your demands and your budget. Many online sites provide reviews, itineraries of previous travelers and answers to frequently asked common questions. You can take help of them and design you package accordingly or take help of a trusted and reliable travel agent to guide you with the package and its costing. This will also help you to further reduce your costs for the package.

All inclusive deals make a destination affordable and also provides with a great option to view and experience a different holiday vacation. Almost all holiday resorts that offer all inclusive packages provide great sources of activities and entertainment for its visitors. Making a last minute all inclusive deal is also a great option, as these packages get cheaper.

Finding a cheap all inclusive deal is no more difficult. With all that comfort and wide array of choices from among various beach resorts, and other natural beauty areas, All inclusive holidays continue to gain popularity as many seek it as a great alternative for escaping during those credit crunches.

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Jamaica holidays are still the number one destination in the Caribbean for value, excitement and five star rated action and adventure. Priced just right and easy to book, Jamaica holidays are one stop shopping for all inclusive getaway deals that include your international airfare, accommodation, some meals and airport transfers.

The first step to secure the perfect Jamaica holidays escape is to choose your type of accommodation. Island living is dished up any way you like it with options for a secluded mountain retreat, moderately priced hotels in Montego Bay, and luxurious all inclusive resorts in the Ocho Rios area. 

The all inclusive plan is the best way to go with all the major expenses prepaid and deeply discounted. Enjoy a sumptuous buffet for three meals a day from a spread of Caribbean cuisine, European fare and an eclectic array of house specialty dishes. Locally produced alcohol is on your menu for free, and the onsite resort entertainment is first class all the way. Child minding services are available at select all inclusive resorts, and activities are plentiful for children of all ages. 

In addition to the myriad of amenities offered by the all inclusive resorts, you will want to venture out on your own a few days to experience all that Jamaica has to offer. Full and half day excursions into the rain forest, town centres, and unique hot spots along the beach all add up to one rich and rewarding island getaway.

Mystic Mountain is a must for the thrill seeker in you with a ride on the famed Jamaican bobsleds. Sliding and gliding through the rugged rain forest, the bobsleds run on a wooden track for safety and comfort and are age appropriate for most visitors and fitness levels. Fly like an eagle like a bird on a wire with several challenging and adrenaline pumping zip lines, ranging from 250 feet to a daring 1600 feet over the trees and Great River. Finally, Jamaica is famous for its ATV group tours featuring some of the most scenic trails and pathways in the Caribbean.

Early booking your Jamaica holidays is a sure way to secure the best deals, however, if you have not yet reserved your space, do not despair. Jamaica holiday all inclusive package deals are also offered for last minute travel, so if you are able to pack up on short notice, you can rack up impressive savings on your trip.

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If your holiday plans include an escape to a warm desert island, then look no further than the tiny isle of St Lucia in the Caribbean. Known for its crystal clean waters, friendly local folk and breathtaking scenic views, St Lucia is a magnet for fun in the sun seekers who demand the best and will settle for nothing less. This tropical island paradise is located where the Caribbean Sea meets the majestic Atlantic Ocean, providing unobstructed forever views of rolling waves and the deep blue sea.

Besides tranquil beauty unequalled in the region, St Lucia has another lure for the Caribbean wayfarer that draws millions of visitors a year. No where else on earth can you experience a drive-in active volcano than at the La Soufriere summit overlooking Rodney Bay. Guests may drive or hike to this natural masterpiece towering over the turquoise waters on an escorted or self-guided tour. Go for a dip into the healing sulphur mud springs or beat the heat under a tropical garden waterfall, the La Soufriere volcano is a one of a kind island delight and must-do activity when in St Lucia. No man made creations here. It’s all natural terrain with boundless beauty to capture and inspire the most vivid imagination for the ultimate in rest and relaxation you expect and deserve.

Caribbean views are even more impressive by air and the St Lucia helicopter tours are a popular vehicle to become acclimated and get your bearings on the island. Tours are swift, yet mighty, with a 15 minute whirlwind ride around the most scenic stretches of the tropical island paradise. You may pick up your St Lucia helicopter tour from the convenience of the Catsries Airport for a bigger than life look at all this tiny Caribbean isle has to offer.

Reservations for your St Lucia escape are fast and efficient with an all inclusive holiday deal to meet and exceed most budgets. Your choice of star rating for the accommodation is included along with international airfare, most meals and a host of water sports and activities to fill the day. Day tours off hotel properties do cost a bit extra, however, rates are fair and equitable for action and adventure in the unspoiled tropical jungles. The climate in St Lucia is inviting most of the year, so any time you are ready to escape the rat race and indulge your senses is the best time of year to go. Early bird bookings often get the best bargains, however, be sure to keep a sharp eye out for last minute deals and seasonal price cuts.


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Choose a specialist tour operator for the ultimate holidays to Barbados

Whats your idea of the dream holiday? For most of us, its that archetypal image of the white, golden sands, gently swaying palm trees and gorgeous weather, and if theres one place on Earth that could be argued to have enchanted British tourists with such an idyllic image for generations, its that part of the Caribbean that will forever be known as Barbados. So popular is Barbados with British tourists, in fact, that it is often referred to as little England, and sure enough, there are plenty of holiday companies here in the UK that are competing for your cash whenever you seek a holiday on the island.

Unfortunately, despite being so well known, many of the bigger, more general holiday operators frequently come up short when it comes to holidays to Barbados. Thats because such operators fail to appreciate the importance of treating their customer like a customer, and not just a number, such as by personally visiting every hotel or villa that they offer and by thoroughly researching resorts to ensure that they match the exact criteria of clients.

If youre finding the average holiday company badly lacking and are interested in spending your money wisely, you may be interested in a firm that offers the best luxury Barbados holidays at the right price.

Take to the Internet to discover great holidays to Barbados!

So, how do you start your search for luxury Barbados holidays? Simple: just search online, using your favourite search engine such as Google or Bing, for a tour operator that specialises purely in luxury holidays to Barbados. Such an operator will know this part of the Caribbean inside out and will offer a wide range of top quality, personally visited Barbados hotels, including 5 star hotels, 4 star hotels, boutique hotels and villas.

If a luxury holiday in Barbados is what youre truly after, you may even consider getting hitched here! Thats right: the gorgeous beach setting of Barbados makes the island highly popular for weddings, and the right provider of luxury holidays to Barbados will be able to create the perfect wedding for you, whether it is just for the two of you or for 30! can provide the best holidays to Barbados , with an in depth knowledge of Barbados to give you a fabulous holiday.

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The Caribbean islands are a home to thousands of people belonging to different cultural and national ties. Some of the major countries part of the Caribbean island cluster includes Bahamas, Cuba,Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico (U.S. Commonwealth), Antigua, Barbuda, Barbados,Tobago,Trinidad and others.These islands are surrounded by Gulf of Mexico and North America, east of Central America, and to the north of South America on the different sides of the coast. Hence, the islands offer different cultural heritages, cuisines, tradition, ethnicity and much more.

The Caribbean islands offer a pleasant tropical climate round-the-year and its natural beauty and pristine water bodies allure tourists most of the time of the year. The aquatic adventure sports and water adventure activities are popular in this part of the world. It is one of the most frequently visited and among the top vacation destinations in the world for its natural scenic beauty, breathtaking ocean life and adventure sports. There are various natural wonders in different parts and countries in the Caribbean.

The adventure lovers and wildlife die-hards swear by the rich biodiversity offered by the Caribbean islands in terms of its flora and fauna. Even with so much impetus being laid on luxury resorts and building of the best Caribbean hotels, spa and recreational centers, Caribbean tourism continues to flourish on its natural beauty kept intact despite rigorous deforestation. The islands also offer a rich cultural heritage of the tribes that bring their colors and vivacity to the already fine blend of cultures of the different island regions and traditions of the Caribbean.

The Caribbean islands has its own unique style of cuisine called the Caribbean cuisine and is inclusive of some of the best national dishes and delicacies of the different and wide number of diverse nationalities that make up the islands. There is predominance of barbequed food, sea food and mouth-smacking varieties that floor every other tourist who gets himself acquainted with the Caribbean cuisine.

From cuisine to the beautiful traditional clothing to the lesser-developed yet jovial and high-spirited life of the Caribbean, Caribbean is the best holiday spot and an ideal vacation getaway for honeymoon couples and anyone who wants to come close to the nature and also feel the adrenaline rush for all the breath-taking moves and adventure sports.

There are various online travel agencies that offer all-inclusive and affordable online travel deals and the best vacation packages in Caribbean. These vacation packages include different luxurious as well as basic amenities for travelers and tourists including online hotel booking, international flights, car rentals, luxury cruise travels, hotel booking and lodging, fine dining experience, adventure sports including scuba diving and training, and a whole lot of other travel services.

The Caribbean islands are famous for their natural beauty as well as for their social and cultural richness. The soft white beaches on many of the islands and the calm warm waters are capable of creating very many ripples within the minds of the visitor. The friendly nature of the local people adds much more charm and beauty to all these qualities. When you choose a holiday in the Caribbean try one of the many super all inclusive Caribbean holidays that are available to you, you will be gifted with lots of thrilling and exciting moments which you will be able to store up in your mind and cherish in your later life.

While taking your all inclusive Caribbean holidays you will be able to see some historic sights like the British Navel Yards and the Spanish Cathedrals. You will have the chance to enjoy some fantastic and exciting Casino experiences. The deep valleys, the natural springs, the rain forests and the deserts, all will give you some supernatural and celestial experiences which will remain within you for a long time. Along with the pristine white sands, you will also come find the waters are warm and clear, making it ideal to snorkel in and see the great array of fish that have made the Caribbean Islands their home. The wonderful night life will feed with you so much energy that you are sure to feel like a new person!

There is a usual hurricane season here, from June to November. The cooler days are during January and February. Even during the winter time there will be warm day time and only very little rain. There are many resorts within the area where you can have visits during your trip to the Caribbean. The major ones include Barbados, St.Lucia, Antigua, Granada, Tamaqua, Jamaica, Cuba, St.Martin and St.Kitts. Facilities for enjoying all kinds of water sports are available within the area and you are sure to have a really good time enjoying all this and more on an all inclusive Caribbean holiday.

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Surprises in Nerja

Spain is one of those countries where any type of tourist will find something attractive and interesting as it is a very diverse country with lots of entertainment possibilities. If you choose to visit Spain during one of your holidays, make sure that you also choose the right destination for you; it is impossible not to find something of your taste so do not rush into taking a decision. If you need a recommendation, I can help you with one: Nerja.

Nerja stands among those locations in Spain where one can have the memorable holiday he or she has always dreamt about. Nerja is the type of holiday resort that can impress you in a positive way; it can even surprise you! Nerja has a few important advantages that make it such a popular tourist destination: on one hand, it has a beautiful historical centre that will charm the heart of any tourist; on the other hand, it is a very modern tourist resort with many luxury hotels and villas where tourists will feel very privileged and spoilt.

The attractions of Nerja

Nerja is one of those cities that have a very important avenue, an avenue where the most important monuments are found and the most interesting things happen; it is something similar to La Rambla in Barcelona, but Nerja’s avenue is called Calle Carabeo. Calle Carabeo is a charming street that will enchant you with its beauty as it is guarded on one side by the stunning beaches of Nerja and the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

One can spend an entire day on the narrow and cobbled streets of Nerja, visiting the traditional crafts shops and tasting the delicious local cuisine served in all the restaurants in the city and not get bored. If the day ends in a spectacular villa or hotel, the memorable holiday will be a dream come true!

Accommodation in Nerja

The Carabeo Hotel is a wonderful option for your accommodation; it used to be a school house but it has been elegantly restored and decorated with beautiful antiques that create a special atmosphere. Another option is represented by the Casa Carabeo that waits for its tourists with two apartments where privacy is assured; Casa Carabeo will surprise you in a very pleasant way, so take it into consideration. A last option is represented by the Carabeo Villas which are traditional Andalusian houses transformed into modern accommodation villas.

Spain offers countless possibilities and ferienwohnung lloret de mar chooses to holiday homes in all popular areas of villa spanien, ferienwohnungen playa d’aro – the most beautiful holiday destinations in Spain.

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Sir Richard Branson has announced the reopening of his private island in the Caribbean, following a huge fire last month. Tourists taking Caribbean holidays will be able to stay in Branson’s private house and newly-refurbished Bali Houses on Necker Island while the Great House is being rebuilt.

Last month, the Great House caught fire when it was hit by lightening during a storm as Hurricane Irene raged through the Caribbean. The luxury-eight bedroom property was destroyed by 200-feet-high flames but fortunately guests staying at the private retreat managed to escape.

Oscar-winning actress, Kate Winslet was spending Caribbean holidays with her children on Necker Island when the house caught fire in the early hours of the morning on Monday 22nd August, 2011. Branson’s son raised the alarm after he heard explosions and Winslet carried Branson’s 90-year-old mother, Eva, from the house to safety.

A Virgin Limited Edition statement said: “Sir Richard Branson’s privately owned island and part of the Virgin Limited Edition collection, can confirm that it is business as usual with plans already in place for the rebuild of the Great House.”

Smaller groups of holidaymakers will be able to take holidays to the Caribbean at the private retreat where they can stay in the six Bali Houses, Branson’s 105-foot-long luxury catamaran Necker Belle, and the billionaire’s private home, Temple House.

The company stated: “As for the Great House itself, much of its beautiful features will be incorporated into the new design to ensure it retains its authentic Balinese style with panoramic views of the Caribbean but will include a couple of new and innovative twists.”

Situated in the British Virgin Islands, Necker Island is a luxury destination for wealthy travellers. The island has accommodation for up to 28 guests and for approximately £33,000 per per night tourists can enjoy upscale facilities and services during luxury holidays in the Caribbean. Luxury facilities private pools, tennis courts and a personal chef.

After buying the island in the early 1980s, Branson married his wife Joan on Turtle Beach where he arrived at the ceremony clinging to a helicopter. Necker Island is now one of the most luxurious Caribbean hotels and resorts for weddings, honeymoons and idyllic lavish escapes.

Born in Cuba and having lived and studied in London for over 5 years, Susana is a recent university graduate with a passion for travel who has taken much inspiration from the exotic destination she has visited throughout the years.

Upon graduating she has ultimately come to join an important UK tour operator specialised in Cuba holidays to share her love for travel with holidaymakers as the company’s very own travel reporter and news editor. Her interest in the tourism industry was formed from a very early age, following her father’s footsteps, a travel representative and manager, who worked for Cuba’s national air carrier and whose travelling job was also the reason she found herself travelling from an early age and living in different parts of the world with her family.

Having travelled extensively herself, throughout her home country in Cuba, Europe and other faraway destinations in Asia and the Middle East, including exotic hot spots like China and Egypt, she continues to nourish and build upon her tourism knowledge to bring our travel readers with a fresh outlook on the latest happenings in the holiday industry.

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