For many the recession has made the idea of splashing out on a holiday seem like an impossibility. Times just seem to be tough for everyone, but how does one compromise on their much needed holiday time? With a little investigation you will find that there is a variety of holiday packages and holiday specials on offer by leading travel agencies in the country. Azure Travel is one such travel agency.

You can be interested in travelling anywhere from Thailand to Europe…it really doesnt matter Azure Travel has just the package or holiday special for you. You will find rates starting from as little of R6995 per person to explore the wonders of Egypt or even go enjoy the great shopping opportunities in Thailand starting from as little as R10 700 per person.

Going on a holiday and being able to escape the frustrations and chaos of our everyday lives is certainly therapy for both the mind and soul. Physical relaxation has obvious health benefits too. Azure Travel is a local travel agency that consists of a small team of educated and professional individuals who have hands on travel experience and a vested interest in the areas that they are promoting. Each and every package sold by Azure Travel has its own appeal. Simply let the team know what type of experience you are looking for, what budget you have available and the dates you would prefer to travel and you will find that they will tailor-make a travel package that is absolutely ideal for you. Holiday specials and fabulous discounts are always available. You can visit sought after destinations such as India, Egypt, Dubai, Mauritius and even Seychelles to name but a few.

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holiday specials

Tropical Island Tours have a number of holiday specials that are available throughout the year for different island tours. So if you are looking to go on holiday to one of the worlds popular island holiday destinations why not have a look and see what specials they have to offer.

Tropical island Tours has holiday specials available in Greece, Maldives, Kenya, Seychelles and Mauritius at the moment. One of Tropical Island Tours favourite holiday destinations is Greece with some of the attractions being discovering the remains of celebrated civilization that lived there before and relaxing on the perfect beaches. The Greek Isles has an amazing history, culture and all round merriment just waiting for you to discover. Greece is a valued destination for both family and individual holiday makers and holds a wealth of archaeological sites, stunning beached and varied landscapes. Check this holiday destination off your list of to dos with Tropical Island Tours and their hassle free approach to making your holiday the needed break it should be.

Tropical Island Tours also has a number of great special and tours to offer along the Indian Ocean coastline, with one their clients favourite destinations being Mauritius. Getting a holiday in Mauritius where you get to see the best beaches, catch a tan and sip cocktails at sunset has never been as easy as it is with Tropical Island Tours. Although they still consider themselves to be a young company, Tropical Island Tours has already secured a sound reputation in the holidays that they deliver to their clients with no hidden extras, minus the hassle that can become associated with planning a getaway.

If its a holiday for yourself or a getaway vacation for your family its guaranteed that one of the brilliant tours that are on offer will suit exactly what you are looking for, contact Tropical island Tours to find out more information and current available specials. “> holiday specials

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Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean of the coast of Africa. It is one of the leading holiday resorts in the world. The cobalt blue sea, white sandy beaches and the sheer beauty of the island’s landscape have made it a natural destination for holiday makers.

The people of Mauritius are a mix of Indians, and Muslims whose ancestors migrated and settled in Mauritius, and local Mauritian. Three, to four languages are spoken in Mauritius, which are English, Creole Morisien, French, and Hindi. The country is quite progressive and has a very relaxed mixed culture.

If you are planning a cheap holiday in Mauritius then there are plenty of cheap holiday packages offered by tour operators. If you plan to backpack and stay at the cheapest guesthouses, and eat at street stalls then you can expect to spend twenty five to thirty Euros per day for a couple. Better accommodation would push the price up to fifty Euros per day. These are costs for a couple; single persons can expect to pay more. So Therefore, you can live cheap if you are going with a companion, and enjoy your holiday in Mauritius.

There are several beach resorts in Mauritius and you can choose the one that suits you the best from among them. In the north, there is Grand Bay offers offering a lovely beach and fun filled night on the town atmosphere. Pereybere has public beaches and nice pubs, restaurants, and places to shop. The other popular beaches in Mauritius are Belle Mare, Blue Bay, Le Morne & Tamarin and Flic on Flac. You can relax, swim, go deep sea deep-sea fishing, or dabble in a number of water sports activities in Mauritius.

When you get bored with the beaches and the sea, you can head to the towns of Mauritius. You will visit ‘Port Louis’ as that is the capital city. So Hence, that is the destination your flight will take you to your flight will take you to that destination. The night life, bars, restaurants, and the local dancing is thoroughly enjoyable, and you will get your fill of it in Port Louis.

But However, the other towns of Mauritius should not be discounted, as there is plenty to do and see in them also. there. On the east coast, you cannot miss the largest open air market, the Flacq market. If you are into water sports the lle aux Cerfs is the place to visit. It boasts the best beach in Mauritius.

On the west coast of Mauritius there are some historic locations and nature reserves. The flora and fauna of these places is truly breath taking. There are also bird parks and wild life sanctuaries on this part of the island. On the south east coast lie the not so Old Dutch ruins, a reminder of the colonial days of Mauritius.

Getting around Mauritius can be a lot of fun. Your first impression will be that all every adult male is a taxi driver. For those traveling on a budget, there is a bus network that connects all the towns and cities of Mauritius, and travelling by bus is cheaper and a lot of fun. Take the intercity buses, as local buses will stop after every few meters.

Mauritius is a relaxed, easy going place, and it’s very relaxing to spend a holiday in this jewel island. You will be welcomed wherever you go in Mauritius and its not going to cost you much.

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The Bahamas is a perfect place for plungers, sailors and for people worshipping the Sun alike, as it is covered with beaches and sun-bleached white sand all around the year, as well as surrounder by blue water overflowing with wide-ranging and multicolored sea life. Usually thought to be the Caribbean’s division, however, the Bahamas is indeed an archipelago, which has about 700 islands and lots of small cays strung out in the sean beginning 55 miles from Miami in the Atlantic Ocean.


The islands’ initial population were the Lucayan Indians who stayed there from the 9th century till the time Columbus exposed the islands in 1492, his primary stride into the fresh World. For nearly two hundred years till independence in 1987 the Bahamas was a British Crown settlement and the British impact can still be visualized in the structural design and traditions. Nevertheless, the atmosphere of the island is now more Caribbean with more of American influence, predominantly in the capital city, Nassau.

Owing to its closeness to the US, the Bahamas has turned out to be an offshore banking and economic hub. Seeing the sights however stays its most significant trade. The extended and broadened empty beaches, crystal blue waters and exceptional services and amenities have made the Bahamas an accepted holiday destination all through the year and the diverse pull of each of the islands make certain that there is amazingly good for everyone.

The weather is easygoing all the year-round, the beaches are admirable and there is plethora of activities to get involved into. For a day you could be snorkeling, the next feeding sharks! You can even enjoy a swim with dolphins if you are audacious enough- the underscore of many a Bahamas holiday.


The Bahamas is famous as the sailing capital of the world, and jumping aboard a yacht is positively a grand way to discover its concealed coves and isolated beaches!


We have a good collection of hotels for you to decide from , whether you are looking for idealistic seclusion or pleasurable and excitement for all the family. And do not  forget, if you are on a Bahamas islands inclusive holiday your food at your resort are by now paid for so you can get on with just having fun.


Main attractions are Water Sports, Casinos and Nightclubs, Swim with Dolphins 1 Excellent Bonefishing, Superb Beaches , Straw Markets , Golf , Duty-Free Shopping, Historic Nassau etc


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Choosing Spanish destinations

A very long list of questions pops into your mind when preparing to visit a country. What am I going to see? Which city should I choose? Should I expect it to be cheap? Will I experience new customs and traditions? If you think about it, all these questions are nothing but natural and when you visit Spain you have to have an answer to all of them before choosing an exact destination. Spain is a country that will surprise you in a very pleasant way. It has so many regions, an impressive plethora of sights, a rich cultural, historical and architectural heritage and so many things to do that choosing the right destination can be a little bit confusing as there are too many.

Choosing Barcelona

Millions of people from all over the world choose to visit Barcelona while in Spain. Why Barcelona and not Madrid, the capital, is probably the question that you will ask yourselves. Well, Barcelona is sometimes more visited than Madrid due to the fact that it is the city that hosts the impressive work of Antoni Gaudi. Who hasnt heard about the outstanding Sagrada Familia? Even though the Cathedral is not even finished yet, thousands of tourists visit it every day impressed by the modernist architecture it displays, its towers and its decorations.

You will love it too! Barcelona is also famous for Las Ramblas, the paved boulevard that leads tourists towards the splendid Plaza de Catalua. The Old part of the city hosts other impressive monuments: the Santa Eulalia Church displaying a spectacular Gothic architecture and the San Pablo Ocampo Church. The Barri Gotic is another must in Barcelona, one of its most interesting and beautiful quarters as is the Arc del Triomf made of red bricks.

Going to Madrid

Madrid, the capital of this beautiful country is famous and popular among young tourists for its active nightlife. The city is also popular for hosting some of the finest and most interesting museums in the world as well as for being a place with a very rich historical heritage.

Other attractions

While in Spain, you should also direct some of your attention towards the Alhambra, the outstanding palace that you will find in Granada, a palace representative of the Moorish architecture. Cordoba is another city that has to be visited as this is the place where you will find the famous La Mezquita, Europes grandest mosque.

Holidaying in a villa villas espagne offers several advantages.You can have several choices among location calpe and villa calonge where you can enjoy all the usual comforts you feel at home.

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Aruba is a beautiful island nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The island is truly magnificent, with ridges and cliffs on the Atlantic side and marvelous beaches on the Caribbean side. In between there are tropical forests and desert areas that will captivate you. The desert is home to tall cacti and gnarled divi-divi trees.

Major airlines such as British Airways, Air Canada and US Airways, are now offering inexpensive flight tickets. Hence, it is pretty easy to get reasonably priced flight tickets to visit this island. Once you arrive, there will be many things for you to do and see.

Most flights to Aruba land in the capital, Oranjestad. This is a cosmopolitan city that boasts of casinos, theaters, hundreds of restaurants and clubs. It offers an exciting and vibrant nightlife. You can also see beautiful Dutch architecture, a national park filled with animals, and fantastic array of shopping malls and designer boutiques to satiate shopaholics. However, the major attraction of the island is its beaches.  There are many secluded beaches on the island where you can get away from the crowds and enjoy some fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving.  Some of the best beaches for sun tanning and skinny dipping are located in the south western part of the island. This is also the part that is replete with casinos, nightclubs and high-end hotels. Cheap flights to Aruba are available, considering that the island has become an extremely popular tourist destination.

Another place of interest on the island is the Fort Zoutmanis. The fort was constructed in the 18th century and is a testimony to Dutch architecture. It was used as a prison, police station and also housed some government offices. Later on the Willem III tower was added to it. The tower was a lighthouse and a lookout for spotting pirates. It also had the first public clock on the island.  Another lighthouse that can be admired from the outside is the California Lighthouse. It is located on the northern shore of the island and is named after a shipwreck.

There is even a donkey sanctuary on the island for all the mistreated and starving donkeys of the island. Although small, the sanctuary offers a loving and caring home for donkeys. You can visit the sanctuary to feed these docile creatures and after you finish, you can donate some money to help this voluntary organization run.

Cheap tickets to Aruba also allow people to admire the once Natural Bridge. This bridge was formed naturally from coral limestone. However, a few years ago the bridge collapsed, but while it was standing, it was a massive seven-meter high and 30 meters long. Close to the natural bridge is an ostrich farm that you will find interesting. Here you will be able to see these huge birds, check out their massive eggs and also pick up a few souvenirs from the farm’s shop. The farm also has an open gazebo where visitors can have a peaceful meal.

Make sure that when you visit the island, you buy some Aloe Vera products. These products are famous world over and on the island you can get them at a reasonable price. You can also visit the Aruba Aloe manufacturer and take a tour of the aloe fields and see how the workers extract the gel from the plant. You can pick up some fantastic lip balm, hand soap, tanning lotions, sunscreen and shampoo here.

The island also has caves that were dwellings of Arawak Indians. The most popular caves are Fontein and Guadirikiri. In the former, you can see the cave paintings that the original inhabitants drew, while the latter is more of a tunnel and houses thousands of bats.

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You will love to participate in the Hellenic Escapade. This eight-day affair goes through the famous landmarks. You will be travelling with Crystal Serenity, which has one of the greatest spaces per guest figures in the fleet. The destinations include Kusadasi, Mykonos, Ephesus, Split, Corfu and Croatia.  If you take the overnight ship, you can get to Venice. Regularly, the departures begin in summer 2010. The prices for this package are competitive, and you can have access to onboard credit. Alternatively, you can go with the Land of Myths and Fables. This is a ten-night trip with luxury vessels. It departs from Athens to Venice. The vessel you will be using is the Seven Seas Voyager. You can go through Delos, Kusadasi, Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu, Zakynthos, Dubrovnik and Kotor.


You might also decide to go with the mage yachts and motor sailors that can add a different dimension to the experience that you are having while on the Greek Island holiday cruises. These packages also give you the same convenience of the smaller boat with the privacy that you might need. The ones that have been heavily promoted include Harmony V and G. There is also the MS Galileo. You are really looking at the traditional style that is developed by the modern technological advancements. As you travel on the vessels you will have the chance to enjoy the rich history of the Greek nation and their wonderful weather in due course. It is very important that you take the time to absorb the culture as it is one of the most respected and formidable in the world today. You also have to be on your best behavior in order to avoid offending the local people.

In the third category you could decide to go for the Classic Greece Cruise. This is an eight day cruise on the mega yachts of Harmony V and Harmony G. You will start off with Athens and then move on to Mykonos. This is followed by Santorini and Crete. This trip has many optional diversions that you can include in order to improve the experiences for the family. There are weekly departures from around April through to October. The June departures have a special price at just over one thousand pounds per person.


If that does not do it for you then you can go with the Aegean Odyssey Cruise. It covers eight days and goes through the Aegean Islands. The vessels that are used are the Mega Yacht called Harmony G. The stops include Kusadasi in Turkey, Santorini, Kea, Mykonos and Folegandros. Patmos is also included in the places that you can visit. The departures run from April to October. You may also look at the Jewels of the Cyclades. This is an eight day package that takes in the major Islands mentioned and has a similar price structure to meet the needs of the family.


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However, with the recent developments in tourism and the ever increased popularity of this heavenly location; student travelers, groups and backpackers have started discovering the Caribbean Islands more often.

The secrets of Caribbean are not only embedded in the blue lagoons, crystal waters or tall pine trees but also, year-round good weather makes these Islands a matchless holiday destination in the whole wide world. However, there may be minor exception of hurricane season in the late summer or early fall, but that can be once in a blue moon and can easily be avoided if you are a follower of weather forecast.

The Caribbean bunch of small, large and beautiful Antilles provides the visitors with a variety of beaches to choose from and a group of amazing un-spoilt Islands only a ferry ride away from each other. It is here, that you can chose to be a part of beach crowd, have a good time playing beach volley ball, stare at the beauties or you can find a serene, quiet corner all to yourself. Also, for Adrenaline junkies, there are a dozen of exciting water sports, sea surfing, wave riding, sea kayaking or swimming with the Wales. However, most travelers find Caribbean Islands as excellent diving destination, while other prefers to gaze at clear turquoise waters and golden horizons. Also, the Caribbean Islands have more than a few Pirate stories associated with them, the tales can be enjoyed while sitting in a local bar or having friendly chit chat with the locals.

Although, Caribbean Islands were once, not among top traveled or toured destinations of the world, as the expenses and specially flight fares were far beyond a common man’s affordability. However, nowadays, a number of promotional air fares and cheap flights to the Caribbean are available from Europe and North America with top airlines encouraging more travel to these gems in the ocean treasure.

Greater Antilles in the Caribbean:

Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica and Puerto Rico, are the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean Islands. These are by far the largest countries in the area, most popular and largely visited by travelers from all four corners of the world.

Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean:

The Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean is a group of much smaller islands located towards the east. Most such Islands are uninhabited and are claimed territories wither by US, UK or Haiti. While other Lesser Antilles are often claimed by more than one country in their close proximity.

Other Countries/Islands in the Caribbean:

There is also a bunch of countries located at close proximity with the Caribbean Islands or along the shore line, rimming the Caribbean Sea (Atlantic Ocean) waters. Although, these countries may not be considered as part of the Greater or Lesser Antilles, but by dint of their location, they make an easy access to various Caribbean Islands. The names include, Bahamas located in the north of the Greater Antilles and southeast of Florida; The Bermuda (famed for the Bermuda Triangle misty) adjacent to the north of the Caribbean Archipelago; Cayman Islands, an offshore financial centre located in close proximity of Cuba and Navassa Island, uninhabited wildlife refuge (claimed as United States territory). Also, some countries in Central America, South America and Mexico share shorelines with Caribbean archipelago and therefore are often referred to as part of Caribbean.

Finding cheap flights to Caribbean is not an easy task as there is a huge number of Islands to choose from, and that means comparison of uncountable air fares. Here, we have selected some prominent destinations and airlines that can make you save more on your Caribbean Holidays.

For cheap flights to the Caribbean, following destination comparison can be very helpful,

Flights to Havana, famous capital of Cuba are available from most destinations in Europe and can be found at cheaper rates. Havana is the largest city of Caribbean Archipelago.

Cheap Flights to Kingston, capital of Jamaica are available from all over Europe but most importantly better airfares if leaving from London Heathrow, UK or United States.

Flights to Nassau, the capital city of the Bahamas are most readily booked and should be reserved well in advance.

Cheap Flights to Port of Spain, capital of Trinidad and Tobago, cheap airfares to San Juan, capital of Puerto Rico and flights to Santo Domingo, the famous capital of the Dominican Republic are also good to be compared for a fine selection.

While flying from Europe, Cheap flights to Antigua and Barbuda from London Gatwick or Manchester are best available with the national carrier British Airways (UK) or BMI and Virgin Atlantic. Flights from Frankfurt are cheaper with Lufthansa

Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and Caribbean Airlines also offer cheap flight fares to Barbados and Bridgetown from London or Manchester.

If looking for flights to Cuba from London, Virgin Atlantic, Air Jamaica, Iberia (via Madrid) OR Air France (via Paris) should be compared for better prices.

Flights to Grenada from UK are routed with Virgin Atlantic and British Airways. A famous destination while flying from London to Caribbean is Saint Lucia. Cheap Flights to Hewanorra are operated by Virgin Atlantic (from Manchester as well), British Airways and Caribbean Airlines.  Flights to Martinique Fort-de-France are best and cheapest if booked from Paris by Air France or Air Caribes. While cheap air fares to Tobago from London by British Airways and Virgin Atlantic can be a cheaper deal.  Caribbean Airlines also offers cheap flights to Trinidad, Port-of-Spain from London and flights to Turks & Caicos Islands fly via Nassau, Bahamas.

As soon as you land in Caribbean Islands, there splendor and picturesque beauty will welcome you as far as you may see. Also, there are numerous companies offering cruises, charters, and boat tours in the Caribbean to and between Islands.

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When people go on holiday, they often like to visit various islands. Why? Islands are a nice get-a-way. They offer beautiful views, adventure, and relaxation. Where is your favourite island to visit? Italy? France? Greece? What about something a little closer to home? While there are many different islands to visit, one of the best out there is the Isles of Scilly. 
The Isles of Scilly is located off the southwest tip of the Cornish peninsula of Great Britain. The area has been designated one of outstanding natural beauty. The Isles have a great climate. Because of this, they grow amazing flowers, including many daffodils. 

As you might have guessed, the Isle of Scilly is very popular among tourists. However, many people who visit actually come from UK or Europe. The Isle actually produces 85 percent of its income off the people who visit. People want to come because the environment is so favourable. It basically has an extended summer and the culture is definitely more relaxed. When you do visit, you can travel through The Isle easily using the transport links. 
If you need somewhere to stay there are a couple of different options. A lot of people stay on St. Mary’s. There you will find great holiday accommodations and a lot of amenities. Tresco is another option for your stay. It is run as a timeshare and a lot of tourists stay here. The cottages here are amazing and you will get every accommodation you need. If you want to stay on Bryher or St. Martin’s there are some hotels there. St. Agnes, however, is not very developed so you will not find options for your stay there. 
Once you get to the Island of Scilly, what are you going to do? Think of it like a retreat from reality. Many people like to fish and boat on Silly’s beautiful waters. However, some people prefer to just relax in the sun. The island definitely holds so much beauty. You will want to spend some time and see it. Walk around and explore. You will see the beautiful flowers and coastline. It will amaze you and you might consider relocating permanently to the island. 
Plan your trip to the Isle of Scilly today. It really is one of the most incredible places to visit in all of England. If you have not seen it yet, you are missing out. And, if you have already been, the Isle of Scilly is waiting for your return.

This article was written by Tom Sangers on behalf of Isle of Scilly Travel who you can Fly to the Isles of Scilly with for a unforgettable Scilly Island Holiday.

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What comes to your mind when you think about a great tourism adventure? If you are a fan of beaches and luxury holidays, Caribbean would be one of the first names that would pop up in your mind. It is considered amongst the best tourist spots in the world. There are various reasons that make the Caribbean such a famous holiday spot.

The Caribbean region hosts one of the most exquisite tourist facilities in the world that cater to different tastes and age groups. Beach tourism is one of the most popular tourist attractions, as the whole region is dotted with white sandy beaches and beautiful islands and lagoons.

Although the entire Caribbean region is worth visiting, yet, the following places steal the show.

Dominican Republic

The cultural and historical significance of Dominican Republic is an established fact. People in the United Kingdom love Barbados because of its huge role in the development and popularity of Cricket. Dominican Republic has a great culture and huge beaches. Additionally, the hotels and resorts are of international standard, and offer plenty of discounts. The disco and nightclub culture is also worth catching up on these islands.

Barbados and Antigua

Barbados and Antigua is a favourite tourist spot in the region, especially for the British tourists. They also have a great diversity of land, climate and people. The country attracts a large number of tourists because of its tourist infrastructure and gambling facilities. It is expected that the country may become a major hub of gambling in a few years. Tourism infrastructure is also improving, thus ensuring a constant inflow of tourists.

St. Lucia

Saint Lucia is known for its vast stretches of white sand beaches and excellent tourist facilities. St. Lucia has become a hot spot for tourism because of its friendly and heartily welcoming attitude towards the tourists. There is no restriction whatsoever on any tourist activity and the locals are more than comfortable with any type of tourists.

Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago should not be missed out at your Caribbean holiday tour. Some tourists try to skip this location, as they think it is not worth visiting. This concept is wrong. Trinidad & Tobago is one of the largest countries in the region and has a significant inland culture that focuses on sugar plantations and a farmland-based tourism. The larger area means that you can experience a variety of cultures and climate while visiting a single country.

Dutch Antilles

Dutch Antilles are known worldwide for their divine beauty. They were a part of royal islands of Netherlands with no public access. The Dutch kings later opened this area to common people, and since then it has become a great tourist resort. Millions of tourists visit Dutch Antilles. They are especially fond of its white sand coast. The clubbing scene, of course, is another attraction. There are dozens of discos and nightclubs in Dutch Antilles that cater to all tastes and desires. The islanders also accept all the varying lifestyles and welcome all cultures and sexual minorities.

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