The concept of a beach holiday is universally appealing, creating images of dancing from dusk to dawn on golden sands, with bonfires, great music, crashing waves and cocktails in the mix. The Fiji Islands offer all these, as well as a myriad of other characteristics, resulting in their overwhelming popularity as a holiday destination – often because of the availability of cheap flights to Fiji.

A person may wish to discover what the Fiji holiday islands have to offer, but be unsure which area will provide the most pleasant and memorable vacation. Several things must be considered when making this decision. Just like clothes, interior design, or even cuisine, vacations and holidays are also largely a matter of personal taste. What one may consider a dream holiday, another may find dull or restrictive. On the other hand, someone may enjoy a stimulating fast-paced holiday, which to someone else might consider stressful.

Each of the Fiji Islands offer features that are unique, and one should determine the goal for their trip, then choose the island that best meets it – and choose some luxury Fiji resorts from which to base oneself.

Denarau Island

Fiji is comprised of over 300 islands, all of which are worth visiting. Unfortunately, one may only have a designated amount of time off from work each year, so seeing them all may not be feasible. An island that has become increasingly popular as a holiday destination in Fiji is Denarau. For those who love to shop or sight see, Port Denarau–a retail and commercial centre–features over 8,000 square metres of the most unique services and retail shopping in all of Fiji. Travellers who prefer this type of holiday, are usually quite pleased with what this area has to offer. Public transportation is widely available, making it a convenient place to visit, as well.

The Coral Coast

For those who love to explore, and possess a love of the outdoors, the Sigatoka Valley on the Coral Coast may be an ideal holiday destination. Nicknamed “Fiji’s Salad Bowl”, the island features extensive farm fields and orchards, through which the beautiful Sigatoka river runs, creating a very colourful panorama. The Sigatoka River Safari is a popular attraction for those seeking adventure, and the nature lover typically enjoy the Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park on the island of Viti Levu.


The unspoiled island of Taveuni is a superb choice for the traveller seeking relaxation and serenity. If one wishes to be surrounded by peace and tranquility, this island is probably a good choice to fulfill that wish. Natural wonders both above, as well as below the turquoise sea, will promote a sense of oneness with nature that is difficult for any other island to imitate.


Those who enjoy dancing the night away will not want to miss party nights in Suva. When the sun sets, travellers from all over don their glad rags and turn the switch to party mode. Nightclubs on this island are said to be exciting, and entertainment is rated satisfactory, as well. Suva features a fun-loving, friendly atmosphere where those on holiday can feel relaxed and catered for.


Those who enjoy indulging in water sports such as kayaking, diving, or nature walks, may find a perfect holiday awaits them in Kadavu. Not only is the island a favorite of honeymooners, it is also a popular destination for a family holiday. The island features several marine wildlife attractions, and the entire island is “green” conscious, dedicated to preserving nature. Solar energy and conservation are characteristic of Kadavu, so those searching for an extraordinary eco-experience will find it here.

As previously mentioned, all of the Fiji hioliday Iilands are noteworthy, each in their own distinctive way, and cheap flights to Fiji make them easily accessible. However, the above choices are a great place to start for the family or individual who wishes to experience the timeless beauty of the Fiji islands, while being based in some of the fabulous Fiji resorts.

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If you want to plan a tropical vacation off the beaten path, consider Fiji. There are over 300 separate islands in this chain in the Southwest Pacific, though only about 100 are inhabited, leaving plenty of room for exploration during your stay. Most of Fijis population lives on the islands of Vanau Levu and Viti Levu. Fiji is located approximately midway between the Kingdom of Tonga and Vanuatu.

Stay on one island of Fiji for the duration of your stay, or travel to various locations to explore the dramatic changes in scenery. Fiji offers something for everyone, from a romantic getaway to a family-friendly adventure. Like any tropical island vacation, Fiji offers white sandy beaches, palm trees, and of course beautiful blue skies. The islands rise into peaks up to 4,250 feet tall covered with tropical forests.

Fiji was first settled about three thousand years ago by immigrants from Tonga and other Pacific islands; it was not settled by Europeans until the nineteenth century, when it became a British colony. Fiji gained its independence in 1970. Today, most residents are of mixed Polynesian and Melanesian ancestry, although a significant minority is Indo-Fijians, or descendants of Indian laborers brought by the British colonizers in the nineteenth century.

Unlike Hawaii and other popular destinations, Fiji offers a completely unspoiled island paradise, just like what you see in vacation brochures. On the isolated islands of Fiji, you wont run into crowded beaches or large supermarkets. This unique destination is known for recreation activities including hiking in the tropical forests and scuba diving or snorkeling in the blue waters. Croquet and golf are available if you prefer a more organized sport.

The islands of Fiji are known for their hospitality, with service on hand to ensure that you experience a luxurious stay. There is no such thing as a room without a view in Fiji; you can be sure that every room will overlook an island paradise.

No matter which island of Fiji you choose to visit, be sure to soak in plenty of the local island culture. Over the centuries, a unique Fijian culture developed from Samoan, Tongan, Melanesian, Indian, Chinese, and European traditions. Today, the indigenous Fijian culture is still very alive, and overall the culture of the Fijian islands is still very traditional. In fact, many lodgings where you may be staying still have a thatched roof, like a tiki hut. The heavy Polynesian influence includes the worship of tikis and related traditions. As a result, youll see many tiki masks, statues, and other carvings during your stay in Fiji.

Partake in the local culture by visiting the Fiji Museum, which features the political, archaeological, and cultural history of the islands. Learn to dance the meke from native inhabitants, whose native dance is done while dressed in leis and grass skirts. Opportunities are also available to float down one of the many rivers on a traditional bamboo raft. For the best evening experience of modern Fiji culture, visit Suva, the capital, where local bars, restaurants, and other nightlife are available.

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There are lots of wonderful resorts in Fiji and you could visit one of them if you purchase one of those holiday packages. Here is one of the best Fiji Resorts:

Tokoriki Island Resort Fiji

The Tokoriki Island Resort Fiji is a very peaceful resort located on a secluded island off the coast of Nadi. This resort has 20 comfy rooms that face the beach and they offer lots of water activities, scuba diving and fishing.


Tokoriki was designed to provide couples a romantic and secluded resort so children are not allowed on this island. The resort boasts a huge infinity pool, which is one of its main attractions, and there is a smaller pool at the back where guests can learn how to go scuba diving from experienced dive masters. The resort also houses a wedding chapel located at the hill if couples prefer a traditional wedding. If visiting couples wish for a beach wedding the resort is happy to oblige them. Tokoriki’s beach has very fine white sand on the southern portion of the beach right beside the bures placed there. Snorkeling is also a favorite activity here and most tourists go snorkeling in the ocean because the lagoon has too many seaweed that could hamper one’s sight underwater.

Deluxe Beach Bures

Tokoriki’s beach bures are all designed with a traditional style. The bures have high thatch roofs, which make the whole thing more breezy and comfortable, and all of them are placed twenty yards from the shoreline and a canopy of coconut groves cover them. The rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, king-sized beds, and lounge area. Bathrooms are equipped with huge indoor showers and there are outdoor showers as well if visitors want to clean off the sand after a swim in the beach. Guests can find a minibar in their rooms as well as a private safe, coffee and tea making equipment, and a hair dryer.

Sunset Pool Villa

At the northern end of Tokoriki’s beach is the Sunset Pool Villas. These villas are very secluded so that guests who want the utmost privacy will not be bothered here. Guests have a panoramic view of the ocean and there is a huge private deck complete with double lounge beds and a pool. They have spacious rooms with king-sized beds and a lounge area and all of the rooms are equipped with air-conditioners and ceiling fans. Bathrooms have double sinks, shower, toilet and an outdoor shower. Like the deluxe rooms the Sunset Pool Villas also have minibars, private safes, hair dryers, coffee and tea making equipment.  


Tokoriki Island Resort Fiji offers elegant dining with an À la carte menu, fine wine and serenading musicians to give couples a romantic evening. The dining area is located beside the infinity pool where the guests could marvel at the stars above them if they prefer to dine beside the beach. If the guests want to eat indoors there is also an indoor restaurant that serves great food and wine. Afterward, if the guests want a nightcap they could head to the resort’s bar for some alcoholic beverages.


Fiji resorts can also arrange for trips to the most exotic and hidden lagoons that are real pearl in this vast ocean. This is the place that is acknowledged worldwide as being one of the very best around. You can luxuriate yourself surrounded by the most fascinating of nature.

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Fiji Island vacations require a lot of planning if you consider that there are over 330 islands. You can help to make your planning easier by focusing on the main island which is known as Viti Levu or Big Fiji. Then there are a few clusters of islands in the Fiji Islands like the Yasawa Islands and Mamanuca Islands. They all have a romantic appeal but the Yasawas help the island visitor who wants to save money. It is fun to take a ferry from the Yasawas and check out many other smaller islands during the day. Then, the outer islands that you can consider on your trip are Kadavu, Taveuni, Savusavu, and Beqa which all have a very tropical, lush appeal.

It is also a good idea to consider the capital of Suva when you first start planning your vacation to Big Fiji. The city is situated on Big Fiji’s southern coastline with the airport on the opposite side of the island. From the capital, you can find your way to the southwest part of the island where Coral Coast is located. Coral Coast is one of the most popular destinations of travelers on their Fiji Islands.

Next you will want to consider your mode of travel on your Fiji Island vacations. Most resorts in the Fiji Islands can be accessed by helicopter, seaplane, ferry, or private boat. The largest catamaran ferry in the Fiji Islands is known as the Yasawa Flyer. Let it take you anywhere through this area for islands cruises, scuba diving, fishing, or snorkeling. You can even go swimming with the manta rays or enjoy some whale-spotting.

Finishing off the basic overview of Fiji Islands, you can consider the outer islands of Kadavu, Taveuni, Savusavu, and Beqa. These all have a very tropical, lush appeal with those powdery white shorelines and some spectacular rainforests. Travelers planning their vacations have many choices to consider. With so many great places to see and things to do, you will want to make sure that you organize the best vacation of all.

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