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The Efficient Traveler's Guide: Cheap Flights, Secret Destinations, and Top Trav
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101 Top Honeymoon Destinations: The Guide to Perfect Places for Passion (Little Black Books) (Little Black Books (Peter Pauper Paperback))

101 Top Honeymoon Destinations: The Guide to Perfect Places for Passion (Little Black Books) (Little Black Books (Peter Pauper Paperback))

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What comes to mind when someone says ”honeymoon”? Niagara Falls? Well, that’s just one of the 101 top destinations covered in this handy pocket guide to the best places in the world to celebrate your marriage!
Themed chapters include Cosmopolitan, Adventure, Luxurious, Exotic, Cruise, Celebrity, Classic (where you’ll find Niagara Falls!), and Island & Beachfront.Each destination details: The Big Picture; Special Places to Stay; and Top Romantic Pastimes.192 pages.Portable size: 4-1/4 inches

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101 Top Honeymoon Destinations: The Guide to Perfect Places for Passion by Eliza

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Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations – Discover All Inclusive Honeymoons In The Caribbean!

All Inclusive Honeymoons at different Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations, there are so many that it is unbelievable! If you are looking for All Inclusive Honeymoons where the best Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations are, then you have come to the correct place! Here at All Inclusive Honeymoons, we have so many Great Honeymoon Ideas and Cheap Honeymoon Ideas! You can choose amongst so many Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations Packages and a variety of All Inclusive Honeymoons Packages!

If you are you considering purchasing All Inclusive Honeymoons at one of the best Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations for your Honeymoon, please know your All Inclusive Honeymoons will be an event you will remember for the rest of your life. This is the first vacation you will take as NEWLYWEDS and choosing amongst a variety of All Inclusive Honeymoons and Caribbean Honeymoon Packages would definitely make it a great start! Your honeymoon should be fabulous since you both will have to retunrn to your busy lives, together!

So with that in mind, staying your Honeymoon Nights in the Caribbeans would be a great Idea for a Honeymoon! However there are so many hotels and islands to stay on! You can choose to Save on Carribean Travel with Luxury Link or a Honeymoon Cruise. There are so many Cheap Honeymoon Ideas and Packages to choose from.

So let’s start on the first step of deciding where in the Caribbean islands is right for you. So since you have decided a All Inclusive Honeymoons hotel stay in the Carribeans is where you BOTH want to spend the 1st week of your lives as a married couple, the best part is, you Have Plenty of Islands to choose from!

Are you ready for paradise with the love of your life? Then what better way is there to do it than with All Inclusive Honeymoons at one of the best Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations?



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Some of the best travel destinations for women are in the Caribbean. With a number of tropical isles, the Caribbean is perfect for those looking for a fun-filled vacation. Be it beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, and water sports such as surfing and SCUBA diving, one is spoilt for choice in the Caribbean. All this coupled with some great accommodation which ranges from all-inclusive resorts to small intimate places to stay ensure that visitors to the Caribbean go back for more. Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, the Virgin Islands, St. Kitts and Nevis, and the Bahamas offer the best facilities for visitors.

Jamaica, the land of reggae music, palate-pleasing and mouth-searing cuisines, and Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the best destinations for women. It offers an eclectic mix of beaches, waterfalls and mountains. There are a number of luxury retreats in towns such as Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, and Negril that attract visitors.

The Bahamas is another popular destination, offering water sports, golf, and shopping opportunities. It comprises of a number of islands and cays with important cities like Nassau on New Providence Island popular for its recreational activities and Grand Bahama Island featuring casinos, shopping districts, and golf courses.

The Dominican Republic attracts sport lovers, nature enthusiasts, and history buffs alike. Visitors can stay at one of the innumerable luxury resorts that line the numerous beaches. Santa Domingo and Puerto Plata are some cities in the Dominican Republic that offer a mix of culture and history while Punta Cana is full of great places to stay.

Whatever one is looking for be it nightlife, shopping, or activities, the Caribbean Islands provide a wide variety of options to a visitor. Those interested in a laidback vacation can take it easy and relax on one of the secluded beaches that the Caribbean has to offer or just lounge at the poolside in one of the all-inclusive luxury resorts.

Alex Briganza is a professional traveler who uses his travel experience to introduce people to the joys of traveling. Alex is especially adept at luxury travel, and his favorite destination include Caribbean

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Choosing Spanish destinations

A very long list of questions pops into your mind when preparing to visit a country. What am I going to see? Which city should I choose? Should I expect it to be cheap? Will I experience new customs and traditions? If you think about it, all these questions are nothing but natural and when you visit Spain you have to have an answer to all of them before choosing an exact destination. Spain is a country that will surprise you in a very pleasant way. It has so many regions, an impressive plethora of sights, a rich cultural, historical and architectural heritage and so many things to do that choosing the right destination can be a little bit confusing as there are too many.

Choosing Barcelona

Millions of people from all over the world choose to visit Barcelona while in Spain. Why Barcelona and not Madrid, the capital, is probably the question that you will ask yourselves. Well, Barcelona is sometimes more visited than Madrid due to the fact that it is the city that hosts the impressive work of Antoni Gaudi. Who hasnt heard about the outstanding Sagrada Familia? Even though the Cathedral is not even finished yet, thousands of tourists visit it every day impressed by the modernist architecture it displays, its towers and its decorations.

You will love it too! Barcelona is also famous for Las Ramblas, the paved boulevard that leads tourists towards the splendid Plaza de Catalua. The Old part of the city hosts other impressive monuments: the Santa Eulalia Church displaying a spectacular Gothic architecture and the San Pablo Ocampo Church. The Barri Gotic is another must in Barcelona, one of its most interesting and beautiful quarters as is the Arc del Triomf made of red bricks.

Going to Madrid

Madrid, the capital of this beautiful country is famous and popular among young tourists for its active nightlife. The city is also popular for hosting some of the finest and most interesting museums in the world as well as for being a place with a very rich historical heritage.

Other attractions

While in Spain, you should also direct some of your attention towards the Alhambra, the outstanding palace that you will find in Granada, a palace representative of the Moorish architecture. Cordoba is another city that has to be visited as this is the place where you will find the famous La Mezquita, Europes grandest mosque.

Holidaying in a villa villas espagne offers several advantages.You can have several choices among location calpe and villa calonge where you can enjoy all the usual comforts you feel at home.

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Caribbean is considered as the most popular destination for cruise vacations in the world because it is a tropical heaven with fantastic beaches with palms and clear blue water. Of Eastern-, Western- or Southern Caribbean, which is choosen Caribbean cruise destination for your vacation? The following information will help you decide right destination.


Eastern Caribbean

Eastern Caribbean is perfect for you if shopping is one of your interests, or you are looking for fantastic white beaches, and enjoy spending a lot of time at the beach. If you choose an Eastern Caribbean cruise you will have a more time to spend on land if you are going on a normal seven days cruise, because the Islands is closer together than in Western- and Southern Caribbean. This will give you more time for shopping and beach-, and water activities. The popular destination St. Thomas and St. Maarten are particularly great for shopping. Other popular destinations in Eastern Caribbean are the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and St. John.


Western Caribbean

If you are looking for more adventure Western Caribbean have more to offer. The cruise ships visit ports of larger islands like Jamaica and Dominican Republic, and ports on main land in Belize (former British Honduras), Costa Rica and Mexico. Belize can offer many archaeological ruins from the Mayan civilization. You have the chance to learn more about the high culture of the Mayans and their architectural structures. Or what about diving or snorkeling in wonderful surroundings in Mexico? Western Caribbean is preferred by those who want to visit ports that are less crowded by tourists than the more visited Eastern Caribbean ports.


Southern Caribbean

Southern Caribbean cruises often visit ports in Aruba, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados and Grenada. Aruba and Barbados is a clear choice if you want to visit some incredible beaches that are even more fantastic than other Caribbean beaches. Southern Caribbean is also less crowded than Eastern Caribbean ports and are a choice for those who want to avoid the crowds. Trinidad & Tobago are the islands most south in the Caribbean and can offer a animal- and wildlife you can’t see on any other Caribbean island. The many different birds are definitively worth a visit for bird watchers.


The Caribbean have definitively a lot to offer, and your choice should be determined by your interests. The similarities are many, but the differences are worth considering.


If you are planning a cruise, feel free to visit CruiseReviewsGuide to read cruise reviews and get more cruise tips on how to make your cruise vacation better.

One of the best things in planning a wedding is having to decide where to spend your honeymoon. For some couples, it doesn’t take much time for them to come to an agreement as to where they wanted to go. But there are also couples that find it quite difficult to compromise. Let’s face it even those seemingly compatible couples have different tastes and personalities.

What should be the parameters in deciding for a honeymoon destination? Should the husband allow the wife to decide? Or should it be the other way around? I have come up with some ideas as to where certain couples, with certain personalities, can go and spend their intimate time together.

For couples that love to travel and explore places abroad, I suggest that they pick a city or country that they haven’t been to. A place that they have been dying to go to for the longest time. In this way, their honeymoon will definitely something they will cherish and remember for the rest of their lives.

There are those who love the beach. No matter what time of the year it may be. Obviously, the best choice would be to spend their honeymoon on a beach somewhere- powdery, white sand with crystal clear blue water. They can lie on the sand all day long, soaking in the sun while reading, napping, chatting or just being with each other.

For the more adventurous ones, they would probably prefer going somewhere they could still get a dose of adventure in the midst of their honeymoon, whether hiking or doing extreme sports.

The simple yet romantic couples sometimes opt to just stay somewhere near but would definitely detach themselves from the outside world. Most of the time hotels in the city or nearby locale are the preferred honeymoon stay.

But sometimes couples don’t have the luxury of going anywhere to spend their honeymoon. Should it stop them from enjoying themselves? Not at all! I believe that honeymoon is not about going anywhere or spending lavishly. I believe that honeymoon is about you and your partner spending intimate and quality time together, just the two of you, before you take on the challenge of being a married couple. It should, as much as possible, prepare you as you venture in to a life unknown to both of you. Yes, friends and family are there to help, encourage and support you but at the end of the day it will always be just the two of you.

So, who finally gets to decide where to go? Husband or wife? And does it really matter at all? I think the key here would be to compromise. Sometimes it’s hard but it still should be done. Take it as practice for a lifetime of compromises that is coming. Take into consideration two things: budget- how much can you actually spend on this trip and the time that you can take off from work. Never do work-related things during your honeymoon. Respect this time as a personal time between you and your partner.

And lastly, enjoy. Savor each moment you have together.

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