Once upon a time, locals and tourists alike got around the Caribbean island of Barbados on horse-drawn trams that ran on tracks. The capital city of Bridgetown its locus, this became the largest, longest-running, most colorful horse-car tram system in the Caribbean with 25 tram cars on 5 lines running on 10 miles of track.  The system operated for 40 years, until 1925. 

Today, transportation on the 14-by-21-mile island offers more – and faster – ways of getting around, although I personally would love the romance of traveling the glorious Barbados coastline in a horse-drawn tram. 

1. Rent a Moke. Of course, you can rent a conventional car, but the open-sided little Mokes are a lot more fun to zip around in. Like all rental cars in Barbados, they have right-hand drive. Mokes, around $ 75US a day, have manual transmission and air-conditioning courtesy the whole of outdoors. Beware: if it rains, you’ll get soaked!

2. Hop a route taxi. Called Zed-R vans because their license plates begin with the letters ZR. At 75 cents a head, the Zed-R vans often cram more than the 15 passengers they’re designed to hold. There are no regular stops; people flag down a Zed-R van anywhere they happen to be.

3. Flag down a taxi. There are taxi companies and there are individuals who are licensed to drive their cars as taxis. The license plate of both types begins with the letter Z. They have no meters; always ask the price for a ride to your destination before getting into a Barbados taxi.

4. Take the bus. The Barbados Transport Board runs the official bus service of Barbados. Bus stops are plentiful and are noted by round signs reading, “To city” and “Out of city.” The city referred to is Barbados’ capital, Bridgetown, where many buses take you so you can board another bus going to your specific location. The bus system in Barbados is quite good and the buses are clean and very popular with tourists. The fare is an exact-change of 75 cents, Barbados currency (about 37 cents in US currency).

Exploring the island is fun because the geography varies from white sandy beaches to the lush “Little Scotland” to the plentiful sugar cane fields. Be prepared, though, to be detained by a man pushing a cart full of coconuts ahead of you. But then, who’s in a hurry in Barbados?

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If you go on a Caribbean holiday you will obviously stay on one of the beautiful islands. One that is particularly special is Barbados as it offers holiday properties to rent as well as hotels and stunning scenery and an interesting history. World famous for its beaches and cricket these are two things that you definitely would not be able to escape when visiting the tropical island.

When first settled in 1625 Barbados was found to be almost totally covered in dense jungle with a very large population of wild pigs. The first descendants were African slaves who were bought to the island in the 17th century to work the sugar cane plantations. Now referred to as Barbadians, they worked hard to make something of the island and this is even very evident today.

Something that would reassure anyone going on a Caribbean holiday is the fact that from 1841 to 1845, Barbados was considered the healthiest place in the world to live with only one death per 66 people, compared to a world average of approximately one death per 35 people.

Something that tourists who go on a Caribbean holiday will learn about is that Barbados has an interesting history. In the past thousands of people would travel to Barbados because it was thought to have healing qualities. With the exception of the head, people were completely immersed in the sands of the beaches of Cattlewash in St. Andrew as this was believed to kill many illnesses. This practice lasted for many years before it started to wane.

In recent years there has been a massive construction boom with new hotels and holiday properties to rent and housing complexes springing up. The trend accelerated as the island prepared to host some of the key Cricket World Cup matches in 2007 and has continued thanks to the large amount of tourists the island receives every year.

Due to the number of people falling in love and immigrating to Barbados, a shortage of jobs has prompted many Barbadians to find work abroad. They then send the money that they are earning back home which is an important source of income.

Barbados attracts so many visitors every year that it is now one of the most prosperous islands in the Caribbean. In fact, the export of sugar was its main revenue earner for many years but tourism has now taken over this. As well as this, its political, economic and social stability has given it one of the highest standards of living in the developing world making holiday properties to rent a great way to experience the way of life. This is hardly surprising because when on a Caribbean holiday you cannot help but be intrigued by the gorgeous island.

One of the charming sayings throughout the history of the island is that the Mongoose in Barbados never crosses the road unless someone is watching. Many people who go on a Caribbean holiday are left in awe after visiting Barbados. No doubt this is down to the tropical weather, amazing scenery and laid back nature of the locals.

A vastly experienced traveller who has enjoyed staying in budget hotels,and the height of luxury

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Choose a specialist tour operator for the ultimate holidays to Barbados

Whats your idea of the dream holiday? For most of us, its that archetypal image of the white, golden sands, gently swaying palm trees and gorgeous weather, and if theres one place on Earth that could be argued to have enchanted British tourists with such an idyllic image for generations, its that part of the Caribbean that will forever be known as Barbados. So popular is Barbados with British tourists, in fact, that it is often referred to as little England, and sure enough, there are plenty of holiday companies here in the UK that are competing for your cash whenever you seek a holiday on the island.

Unfortunately, despite being so well known, many of the bigger, more general holiday operators frequently come up short when it comes to holidays to Barbados. Thats because such operators fail to appreciate the importance of treating their customer like a customer, and not just a number, such as by personally visiting every hotel or villa that they offer and by thoroughly researching resorts to ensure that they match the exact criteria of clients.

If youre finding the average holiday company badly lacking and are interested in spending your money wisely, you may be interested in a firm that offers the best luxury Barbados holidays at the right price.

Take to the Internet to discover great holidays to Barbados!

So, how do you start your search for luxury Barbados holidays? Simple: just search online, using your favourite search engine such as Google or Bing, for a tour operator that specialises purely in luxury holidays to Barbados. Such an operator will know this part of the Caribbean inside out and will offer a wide range of top quality, personally visited Barbados hotels, including 5 star hotels, 4 star hotels, boutique hotels and villas.

If a luxury holiday in Barbados is what youre truly after, you may even consider getting hitched here! Thats right: the gorgeous beach setting of Barbados makes the island highly popular for weddings, and the right provider of luxury holidays to Barbados will be able to create the perfect wedding for you, whether it is just for the two of you or for 30! can provide the best holidays to Barbados , with an in depth knowledge of Barbados to give you a fabulous holiday.

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Barbados, which is an island located on eastern Caribbean Sea, has a mild trading of wind with the Atlantic sea, keeping its climate tropical.


Home to a size relatively having 280,000 people, Barbados is one of the most visited tourist hot spots of the day. Endowed with natural beauty, a lot of scenic tropical marks await you. There is more than meets the eye in Barbados, nice beaches, clear waters, fine dining restaurants, lush tropical settings and extravagant night life are just some of the things in store for you. Besides that, the island has, through the years, gained its reputation and developed a deep insight of what tourism is all about.


So much for its geography and natural beauty, Barbados has more to offer than its tropical temperature and great tourist spots. To start off, I would like to tell you about the luxury villas of Barbados. This would probably clear your head out and figure out on how you would want to spend your grand vacation on the place. Luxury villas are actually one of the world’s most relaxing, curative and remedial way to spend your vacation. From A to Z, it’s got everything covered.


From bed, baths, delicious food, luxury pools, it can also include sporting amenities that can help you work out your nearly vestigial muscles from your office jobs. Moreover, these luxury villas offer you comfort and peace of mind as they are often situated in a relaxation and calming place.


With what Barbados has to offer, you can definitely enjoy your vacation. Take for example, you can have a beach walk with your peers, friends or family while sipping a cool coconut milk drink, have an afternoon barbeque delight or just sit under the sun all day, take some time to have a look on its rich marine life, play some sports, or swim on the nice beaches of the Caribbean coast.


Villas in Barbados are designed to fit the highest category of luxurious and extravagant living: great accommodation, features and amenities, aroused with sociable and friendly islanders around, a truly remarkable place for your vacation’s pleasure and amusement.


Added to that, luxury villas in the place also greet you with great majestic styles of architecture. You will surely be amazed with the interior and exterior designs of its buildings. Seemingly strategic rooms, spaces in luxury villas are also designed to provide your precious moments with more excitement and fun. Its gardens are wonderfully designed to ease you with comfort as you might have some sort of an idle moment, or merely a thought of your seemingly tiring previous experiences in your day to day life in the metropolis.


Furthermore, amenities of luxury villas in Barbados are state of the art built. From its clear blue water pool, enjoy some sticking moments with your friends or family. One vacation on any of the luxury villas can truly make a memory of a lifetime. You might also want to have some water sports to make it more exciting such as boating, snorkeling, scuba diving tour of its coral reefs or just hanging out under the heat sunbathing all day.


As you wake up in the morning, try to have a look outside the window. You will be effaced with nature’s tranquilizing beauty, the clear blue sky, astounding beach panorama, affluent greens, and pleasant tropical climate.


In fact, luxury villas in Barbados are not just for grand family, personal getaway trip or friendship vacations; it is also a perfect venue for those who are thinking of having a dream wedding, who knows you might want to marry again.


Jo is a writer for ‘Villa Retreats’ (, a firm that provides vacation home rentals in Europe and the USA. If you are meaning to tour Barbados then look for some magnificent and elegant yet fairly priced Barbados villas, where you can make your holiday there truly a one of a kind experience.

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I have had a bucket that existed only in my head since I was a kid regarding my eventual retirement in the Caribbean. It has steadily increased over the years and I am pleased to announce…

The Great Barbados Adventure

Travellers to the Caribbean could do a lot worse than visiting the Barbados area. This is an island that is located within the Lesser Antilles. Its length is about thirty four kilometres and the width is twenty three kilometres. The total area space is about four hundred and thirty one kilometres. It is one of the great tourist destinations in the area. On the other hand it also lies within the famous hurricane belt so visitors are advised to check out the weather patterns before they start the journey that is going to take them to the area.

A historical view of Barbados

The area was once a Portuguese territory but came under English control in about 1625. The current population is just under three hundred thousand people and about eighty thousand of them live in the Bridgetown area which is the capital city. The independence was won in 1966 but it retained the English monarch. It is the most developed island in the region. In fact it is the third most developed country in the western hemisphere after Canada and the United States of America. That means that the tourists will not miss any of the creature comforts that they are used to in their own homes.

Some statistics for Barbados

Surprisingly for such a small island, Barbados is the 51st riches country in terms of Gross Domestic Product per capital. It runs on a mixed economy and the people there have a high standard of living. It is classified by the World Bank as one of the 66 top high income economies. Sugarcane was a prime source of income but manufacturing and tourism have taken over. The presence of offshore finance products has also improved the wealth profile of the nation and put it at the forefront of international business. The unemployment level stands at about 10% which is much better than many nations on earth especially given the economic downturn.

The hub of rich people in Barbados

The island has acquired a reputation for inviting rich investors that often decide to stay the full course. This has meant that it has an economy that is very much comparable to many of the countries that are developed within the area. It also has relatively high prices because of the presence of rich people. Tourists should be prepared to pay quite significant amounts of money in order to enjoy the charms of the Barbados area.

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