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Perfect Island Getaways from 1,000 Places to See Before You Die: The Caribbean, Bahamas & Bermuda

Perfect Island Getaways from 1,000 Places to See Before You Die: The Caribbean, Bahamas & Bermuda

Stop dreaming and get going! Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, the ultimate honeymoon, a family vacation, or a last-minute escape from the woes of a too-long winter, the Caribbean offers the right destination for every taste and budget—and Patricia Schultz knows just where and how to find that life-changing spot.

From the international bestseller, 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, with more than 3 million copies in print, Patricia Schultz singles out the 53 places in


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The instant your feet get in contact with the sand and you fix your eyes on the crystal blue waters, you know you have finally reached the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. It is the feeling of calmness that emanates that makes you immediately sense belonging. It is finding out that your exit from the daily grind of work is your entrance to paradise. Welcome to the islands of the Bahamas

The islands of the Bahamas are a group of tropical islands situated approximately fifty miles off the coast of Florida. It is made up of seven hundred islands sprinkled around 100,000 square miles of clear blue ocean. It is the sight of around 2,000 breath taking caves. The Bahamas is an ecological oasis featuring its clear blue waters, which has a visibility unequaled in the world. The island of the Bahamas is also where you can find the world’s third biggest barrier reef.

Places to Stay In the Islands
The Bahamas is for everyone. It is for those who love to explore underwater caves. It is for those who love to dive, swim or go snorkeling. It is also for those who love to go shopping. Bahamas is suitable for every adventure you want.

The Bahamas features several comfortable accommodations for you. You can choose from cottages, inns, lodges, resorts, hotels and villas that can be found all over the islands. No matter how much your budget is, or your preference, you can find a spot tailored to your taste. All of the accommodations are comfortable and comes with the kind and friendly service that Bahamian people are known for.

Water Sports
Unless you have visited the islands of the Bahamas, you have not really experienced the underwater world. It is the only place on earth where the visibility of the water reaches 200 feet. You will be amazed of how clear the water is. You can easily explore ship wrecks around the islands, spot dolphins and be amaze at the different schools of fish that you can see. Whether you are in to sailing, boating, snorkeling, diving, kayaking or fishing, The Bahamas really is the best place in the world to do them all.

Activities on Land
In the islands of the Bahamas the fun does not stop just because you stepped out of the water. Here you can explore beautiful plantations and magnificent forts that both embody the rich history of Bahamas. Get to see West Indian flamingos up close and feast on unique Bahamas dishes. There are casinos where you could try your luck. You can spend a quiet afternoon playing golf.

Bahamas Attractions
The Blue Lagoon Island will take you on a wild sea adventure. A boat will take you to the middle of the sea where you will find a lot of wild dolphins. You will be allowed to swim for thirty minutes to be able to interact with the dolphins up close. It also features an Observer Program where guests can watch a dolphin show. These are trained dolphins that could dance and do choreographed jumps to the delight of the audience.

Another adventure worth trying is in Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas. After the dolphins, this time you encounter sharks. You will experience swimming with sharks while being assisted by professionals. They have diving gears for rent if you do not have one. Stuart Cove pioneered the other shark dive expeditions that sprouted in other parts of the world.

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The Bahamas is a perfect place for plungers, sailors and for people worshipping the Sun alike, as it is covered with beaches and sun-bleached white sand all around the year, as well as surrounder by blue water overflowing with wide-ranging and multicolored sea life. Usually thought to be the Caribbean’s division, however, the Bahamas is indeed an archipelago, which has about 700 islands and lots of small cays strung out in the sean beginning 55 miles from Miami in the Atlantic Ocean.


The islands’ initial population were the Lucayan Indians who stayed there from the 9th century till the time Columbus exposed the islands in 1492, his primary stride into the fresh World. For nearly two hundred years till independence in 1987 the Bahamas was a British Crown settlement and the British impact can still be visualized in the structural design and traditions. Nevertheless, the atmosphere of the island is now more Caribbean with more of American influence, predominantly in the capital city, Nassau.

Owing to its closeness to the US, the Bahamas has turned out to be an offshore banking and economic hub. Seeing the sights however stays its most significant trade. The extended and broadened empty beaches, crystal blue waters and exceptional services and amenities have made the Bahamas an accepted holiday destination all through the year and the diverse pull of each of the islands make certain that there is amazingly good for everyone.

The weather is easygoing all the year-round, the beaches are admirable and there is plethora of activities to get involved into. For a day you could be snorkeling, the next feeding sharks! You can even enjoy a swim with dolphins if you are audacious enough- the underscore of many a Bahamas holiday.


The Bahamas is famous as the sailing capital of the world, and jumping aboard a yacht is positively a grand way to discover its concealed coves and isolated beaches!


We have a good collection of hotels for you to decide from , whether you are looking for idealistic seclusion or pleasurable and excitement for all the family. And do not  forget, if you are on a Bahamas islands inclusive holiday your food at your resort are by now paid for so you can get on with just having fun.


Main attractions are Water Sports, Casinos and Nightclubs, Swim with Dolphins 1 Excellent Bonefishing, Superb Beaches , Straw Markets , Golf , Duty-Free Shopping, Historic Nassau etc


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Are you willing to keep yourself away from the daily hectic schedules? It really becomes difficult sometimes that people may get to think about the choice of location for a vacation. Obviously, you would love to go to such a place that not only unwinds you from the problems in life, but also relaxes your body and mind. Grand Bahamas Island is the perfect choice for all those tourists, who want to spend some time aloof from the business world and their daily routine. Moreover, rest is really necessary to keep up and maintain the health of an individual. Grand Bahamas Island has lot to offer for wooing the senses of travelers.

It’s the natural beauty that is being left loose in the Grand Bahama Island. The beaches, the mesmerizing views, water sports, cruises and many more is available for the tourists to have a wonderful time here. There is no doubt in it that Grand Bahamas Island has one of the most awesome looking beaches of the world. Just imagine you lying on the beach and having a sun bath or enjoying your favorite water sport. A mere mention of these ideas starts cooling the mind and refreshing wave vibes in your body. The Grand Bahamas Island has so much to offer that your vacations at this place can the most memorable experience.

Grand Bahamas Island is a home of some of the attractive looking destinations that offer every type of comfort and relaxation activities to the tourists. Nassau, Paradise Island, Grand Bahama, Abaco, Bimini and Eleuthera, Andros, Long Island, Cat Island, Inagua and San Salvador are few of the breathtaking places and that one must visit. Well, Grand Bahamas Island has about 700 small islands in it, but only around 30 are inhabited. It’s the best place to check out and experience the real fun. In fact, well planned Grand Bahamas Island vacations can double your joy of holidaying.

Are you really crazy about water sports? Do you love going for fishing and enjoying the view? Then Grand Bahamas Island is the perfect choice for you as there is everything that you could wish for. As far as commuting is concerned, you can take an hour long flight from Florida and then can move on to the selected destination on small ships. Grand Bahamas Island is the traveler’s paradise and has everything for the visitors. After all, it’s the natural beauty that has the magnetic power of attracting tourists and Grand Bahamas Island has this in abundance.

The main thing while coming to Grand Bahamas Island is that you need to have a proper holiday package. You are required to sit with your travel agent and discuss about your requirements. The travel agent would have every type of range for you to suit your budget. No matter what is the range, you can enjoy the Grand Bahamas Island. Who do not wish to give themselves some special time to indulge? Moreover, everybody in this world has the right to have some luxurious time for him or herself.

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If you are thinking of taking your holidays in the Bahamas, the best time you should stress out over anything is during the planning stages of the trip. Because once you begin your travel in the Bahamas you are going to want to completely enjoy yourself. This is especially important because once you get there you will soon discover that the atmosphere in the islands is completely and totally laid back and being stressed out over anything will accomplish nothing in the Bahama Islands.

The whole point of going to these islands is to experience a totally different type of beauty and way of life and you will surely not be disappointed. You will discover that this is an incredible place full of vibrant colors and extraordinary people and experiences. A lot of the places you will go to will be full of exotic and colorful wildlife as well as exotic and colorful people.

The many different resorts that are available are one of a kind and many offer incredible local food and many different rooms that have a variety of different themes. The resorts are lively and filled with people so if you are looking for more of a low key type of experience you might want to stay on a boat offshore or try camping instead.

It is very important that you have your passport with you when traveling in and around the different islands. However; if you are from the United States you can also use an expired passport that is no older than 5 years or you can use your birth certificate a long with your photo ID. Whatever you have, you need it with you. You may find that these things may not be checked when you arrive on one of the islands but in order to leave the island they will require that your ID be checked. If you are not from the United States, you might want to check with the Bahamas to see if the country you are from is even allowed into their island countries. There are some countries and their people that they will not allow across their borders.

It is also important that you make sure that you check the dates of your travel. The weather in the Bahamas is usually very pleasant and mildly warm and is especially good for walking and boating, swimming and hiking as well as snorkeling and scuba diving. But you need to realize that during the months of September and October, it is considered the peak of their hurricane season and this can end up with you facing downpours that last for days on end and there is often some really serious flooding and evacuations are common as well. Although it is much cheaper to visit the islands in these months, you can see how the weather might pose a challenge to your trip.

The months that most tourists come to the islands are the months of November through April. This of course is when the major crowds will appear and if you are not into all the people and the noise you may not really want to come during these months. So if the hurricane season turns you off and the peak season is too much for you, you could try and schedule a trip during the months of May through August. This will be a quieter time of year but you still can expect a lot more rain than you would during the peak months. Also a lot of the attractions may be closed during this time of year. But if you are just wanting a getaway in paradise, these might be the perfect months for you.

A few other tips you might want to be aware would be for instance, no matter how good they say their water is it is advisable to stick with bottled water. Everyone processes their water differently and it might not agree with you even if the water is clean. Also you should realize that with any food item or beverage that you buy there is an automatic 15 percent gratuity added on. So you should not need to worry about tipping when dinning out since it is included in the price already.

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