Weekend Gateway around Kolkata are found in aplenty and are ideal for a quick retreat to the caresses of Mother Nature. Away from the chaotic city life, these weekend getaways around the city of Kolkata are well connected with the main city and are great escapes. Their relaxed ambiance and serene scenery are captivating sights providing great opportunity to enjoy a vacation away from the melancholy of city life.

Here are some of the ideal weekend retreats around Kolkata

Sunder ban

The name itself means, “beautiful forest” and Sunder ban is accordingly one of the most serene jungles located in close proximity to Kolkata. The name of the park was derived from Sundari trees and the park is thus flanked by these trees mainly along with various other species of plantation. The forest was announced a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its freshwater swamp forests and one of the three largest single tracts of mangrove forests in the world. The park is renowned for being home to the endangered species of tigers- Bengal tiger and other wild creatures such as crocodiles, snakes, rhinoceros, spotted deer and more. The park is situated on the feet of River Ganges and is covered with thick foliage ideal for an adventurous vacation in the jungle.


For a peaceful weekend break around Kolkata, one must visit this small town located about 180 kilometres away from Kolkata. The town of Nobel Prize winner, Rabindranath Tagore Shantiniketan is now a university town. The Vishva-Bharati University as the university is named by the legendary writer is one of a kind as it offers a fantastic foundation for learning Indian tradition under most modern ambiance. The idea is to study Indian literature and tradition while combining positive qualities of Western life. The region was made famous by his famous literary classics that were written here and had various influences on his work. Also, his former place of residence is of historical importance to the country and attracts thousands of lovers of literature to the region. While in the vicinity one must visit the highlight of the region- Tagore’s Ashrama, Rabindra Bhaban Museum, Kopai River and more.


The beautiful town of tea gardens, Darjeeling is situated in West Bengal. The humble town is renowned for its tea estates, tea industry and the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway which has been honoured one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. This quaint town is located in the Lesser Himalayas providing it breath-taking views and soothing ambiance. Your  Weekend Gateway around Kolkata are incomplete without a visit to Darjeeling’s gorgeous vistas. Touring the city one must visit places such as Buddhist monasteries, Japanese Peace Pagoda, Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Mount Kanchenjunga. Observatory Hill is one of the spots one must visit to witness the awe inspiring natural splendour of the region. Also, the early morning view of Mt. Kanchenjunga from Tiger Hill is gorgeous as it is the time the entire valley appears alive. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is popularly known as Toy Train connects Siliguri to Darjeeling and is admired for it passes through some of the most enchanting views of the region.

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