Weekend Gateway around Kolkata are found in aplenty and are ideal for a quick retreat to the caresses of Mother Nature. Away from the chaotic city life, these weekend getaways around the city of Kolkata are well connected with the main city and are great escapes. Their relaxed ambiance and serene scenery are captivating sights providing great opportunity to enjoy a vacation away from the melancholy of city life.

Here are some of the ideal weekend retreats around Kolkata

Sunder ban

The name itself means, “beautiful forest” and Sunder ban is accordingly one of the most serene jungles located in close proximity to Kolkata. The name of the park was derived from Sundari trees and the park is thus flanked by these trees mainly along with various other species of plantation. The forest was announced a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its freshwater swamp forests and one of the three largest single tracts of mangrove forests in the world. The park is renowned for being home to the endangered species of tigers- Bengal tiger and other wild creatures such as crocodiles, snakes, rhinoceros, spotted deer and more. The park is situated on the feet of River Ganges and is covered with thick foliage ideal for an adventurous vacation in the jungle.


For a peaceful weekend break around Kolkata, one must visit this small town located about 180 kilometres away from Kolkata. The town of Nobel Prize winner, Rabindranath Tagore Shantiniketan is now a university town. The Vishva-Bharati University as the university is named by the legendary writer is one of a kind as it offers a fantastic foundation for learning Indian tradition under most modern ambiance. The idea is to study Indian literature and tradition while combining positive qualities of Western life. The region was made famous by his famous literary classics that were written here and had various influences on his work. Also, his former place of residence is of historical importance to the country and attracts thousands of lovers of literature to the region. While in the vicinity one must visit the highlight of the region- Tagore’s Ashrama, Rabindra Bhaban Museum, Kopai River and more.


The beautiful town of tea gardens, Darjeeling is situated in West Bengal. The humble town is renowned for its tea estates, tea industry and the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway which has been honoured one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. This quaint town is located in the Lesser Himalayas providing it breath-taking views and soothing ambiance. Your  Weekend Gateway around Kolkata are incomplete without a visit to Darjeeling’s gorgeous vistas. Touring the city one must visit places such as Buddhist monasteries, Japanese Peace Pagoda, Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Mount Kanchenjunga. Observatory Hill is one of the spots one must visit to witness the awe inspiring natural splendour of the region. Also, the early morning view of Mt. Kanchenjunga from Tiger Hill is gorgeous as it is the time the entire valley appears alive. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is popularly known as Toy Train connects Siliguri to Darjeeling and is admired for it passes through some of the most enchanting views of the region.

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The thing about last minute weight loss, is the more last minute it is the least healthy it is.  Usually, you end up thinking you shouldn’t eat at all.  Food is not your enemy.  What seems pretty simple now, may end up with side effects. Starvation diets can leave you weak and with sleeping disorders.  You may have stomach problems as well. But these are just the physical problems. There are also psychological problems that ensue such as depression and anxiety.  The weight loss you experienced will turn into rapid weight gain once you start eating again. And even worse, you may end up with an eating disorder. There’s nothing that is worth all these problems.

There are people that even consider becoming bulimic as a solution to the weight loss problem. Throwing up or taking laxatives is an unhealthy solution.  I know how it feels to want to lose the fat around your belly and thighs.  I am overweight and am fighting the battle just as you want to do.  There’s no point in creating problems for your body in the future. There is another solution.

You can eat healthy and have fairly rapid weight loss as well. It all starts with your decision to lose weight. With that done you need to find a diet that is fairly easy to do because you will never keep up something that is difficult. For example, many pre-packaged diets cost up to $ 500 a month. I’m sorry, but how many people can afford to keep that up? Or being on a low-carb diet.  How practical is it to eat vegetables and meat? It is a short-term solution that doesn’t take into account the real world.  We eat bread, rice and potatoes in the real world.

You have to find something that would trigger you to eat less.  You should eat 5-6 small meals a day that include lean meats, vegetables, fruit and whole grains. Also, you have to eat foods you like, otherwise, it’s just a plan on a piece of paper.

You need to incorporate your exercise into your current schedule. To radically change your schedule to make room for exercise seems impractical. Why not do some lunges and squats while watching TV?  Why not take the stairs when you can or walk a little more on your lunch schedule?

And surprisingly you can lose up to 10 lbs in 14 days. Don’t get caught up in “last minute weight loss“. It’s all possible. Find Out How!

I am a new author that would like to help others lose weight

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Though many in Austin consider themselves to be health conscious, there are still moments in each of their lives when a good hamburger sounds delicious. Austin is home to many burger joints, and some have been around for over half a century.

Hut’s Hamburgers has been around since 1939. Homer “Hut” Hutson opened his establishment originally on S. Congress Avenue. That same year, Sammie’s Drive-In opened on W. 6th Street. In 1959, Hut moved his burger joint to the current location of GSD&M’s Idea City on 6th, and a decade later bought the Sammie’s Drive-In lease. Though the Drive-In was no longer there, the dining rooms they added on were, and it’s from this location that Hut’s still stands, selling 20 different burger combinations, named after 50s legends such as the Buddy Holly burger, or the Wolfman Jack. In 1981, Hut’s survived the massive flood which devastated the surrounding Shoal Creek area, and their slogan, “God Bless Hut’s” was born.

The Frisco Shop, on Burnet Road in north Austin, was established in 1953 as part of the Night Hawk restaurant chain. Harry Akin, who served as mayor of Austin through the late 60s, ran the chain of restaurants, and was the first in Austin to integrate public dining facilities, and make them available to black and white patrons. Though the Night Hawk chain has gone away, the Frisco Shop still stands, serving up the “Frisco Burger”, with cheese, relish and Russian-style dressing. R. Harry Akin, nephew of Frisco’s original owner, bought the Frisco Shop in 1994, and currently co-owns the restaurant with two other partners.

Sandy’s Frozen Custard, located at 603 Barton Springs Rd., set up shop in 1947. Though obviously Sandy’s sells a variety of frozen treats, their hamburgers are not only delicious, but on Thursdays the lines form around the building to get their “Thursday Special”: a 1/4 lb. burger, fries and a drink come to a total of $ 3.19.

Dirty Martin’s Place (commonly referred to as just “Dirty’s”) is located just west of UT’s campus at 2808 Guadalupe St., and has been in business longer than many establishments in town. They opened their doors in 1926, and have been making the “Kum-Bak” burger longer than many of the surrounding university buildings have been standing. The price of the burger, hovering just over 2 dollars, brings in a large college crowd, as it has for over 80 years.

Though Casino El Camino has not been in business since the middle of the century, their burgers have been voted “Best in the City” in the Austin Chronicle more than once. Casino’s is located on 6th street, and has remained longer than most other neighboring establishments, and for good reason. Their burgers are topped with anything from bacon to avocado to blue cheese, and are 3/4 lb. and 1 inch thick. Though the atmosphere is very dark, literally and figuratively, it fits the rock and roll feel of the place, and the award-winning juke box is the perfect touch.

It seems that regardless of what part of town the hungry burger-lover is in, a good burger place will probably been a stone’s throw away.

Ki lives and works in Austin Texas. His company helps clients interested in Austin real estate. Potential buyers can start searching online using the Austin MLS. Ki also provides information about Austin on his Austin real estate blog.

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Rise of the Jumbies

Rise of the Jumbies

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Deep beneath the waves, a great enemy awakens . . .

Corinne LaMer defeated the wicked jumbie Severine months ago, but things haven’t exactly gone back to normal in her Caribbean island home. Everyone knows Corinne is half-jumbie, and many of her neighbors treat her with mistrust. When local children begin to go missing, snatched from the beach and vanishing into wells, suspicious eyes turn to Corinne.
To rescue the missing children and clear her own name, Corinne goe

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Adolescent years are a challenge. For everyone involved. Young individuals searching, yearning for their independence though not yet prepared to manage the cost/benefit scales of life. Crazed parents hurt by their child’s sudden rebuttals and scared by both their loss of control and their child’s inability to make consistent good choices. These years are typically speckled with yelling matches, sulking, door slamming, grounding and aren’t often remembered as the glory days. I’m sure we can all remember wishing we could just run away, with only the thought of living on the street and having no money keeping us home.

But children of divorce uniquely have another option. They have somewhere safe to run. Somewhere that is also considered home. Their other parent’s home. And almost every single child of divorce that I know, including myself has done the house hop. For the child, it’s a logical solution. Most likely it has been important to both parents for them to feel the other parent’s home was their home too. So if their current residence isn’t satisfactory, why not try the other? It’s certainly not as tumultuous as moving in with grandma or an aunt. Much better than living in a gutter somewhere. Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to live with a biological parent. Either one of them.

And so the question gets posed. Can I come live with you? But the answer can be tricky. A catch twenty two. For the other parent doesn’t want to say ‘no’. What would that say to their child? A rejection. It would say ‘no, I don’t want you. You don’t live with me and there’s a reason for that.’. But what does ‘yes’ say? It says ‘sure, don’t try to work out your relationship issues. Escape is a perfectly acceptable solution to conflict. So come live here instead.’. How can a parent win? How can the child?

Co-parenting. Pure and simple. Because teenagers are rash. Parents living with teenagers become overwhelmed. And that leaves only one role available to relieve the situation. The moderator. Decisions made out of anger or resentment are never wise and decisions made by teenagers are rarely well thought out. Someone needs to be the voice of reason. Someone not directly involved in the battle but who’s opinion is also valued. And the other biological parent is in the perfect position to take on the job. But as I’ve mentioned before, co-parenting isn’t easy.

And the role of moderator is difficult even by co-parenting standards. Made more difficult if relations with their ex spouse are tenuous or if they have an underlying self interest in custody. And the level of difficulty only increases if they have never had the experience of parenting, really parenting a teenager themselves. But moderating is vital to teaching the child how to positively deal with problems in relationships. Their sense of conflict resolution may already be based on a model of severance or withdrawal due their own view of their parent’s divorce. And it should be vital to any parent not to reinforce that. It’s a pattern they don’t want established. Once the crisis has been moderated between the child and parent, then both parents can discuss the custody agreement with each other. If both are in agreement, changes can be made. For although there is debate among professionals on this topic, I believe that custody issues should never rest on the shoulders of children.

I am still haunted by my own experience with doing the hop. Thirteen hundred miles and a complete breakdown in co-parenting escalated the situation to a level it never needed to go. But as I look around at my ACOD friends, it is rarely such a dramatic event. Just another strange reality in their line up of strange realities. I hopped twice. Once from my mom’s to my dad’s, then from my dad’s to my mom’s. I’ve seen some hop from just once. Others over and over; back and forth. I still carry the guilt of my hop with me. The typical child of divorce. Responsible for everything. Wondering if it was my job to be the moderator instead of the teenager.

House hopping will happen. As long as the decision isn’t made as a means of escape, I don’t really see the harm. Parents should understand that it’s not personal. Look past the pain and realize that it is simply a teenager finding one more way to exercise their independence. It may not be something that your peers with nuclear families have to endure, but your child doesn’t live in a nuclear family. So take solace in the knowledge that your child loves you. Will always love you. Even if they are a little house hopper. I mean really, why shouldn’t a child of divorce get to experience living with both of their parents? The other kids get to. They just don’t have to move to do it.

Carolyn is the founder and primary author of her website http://www.thegrownupchild.ca As a nearly lifelong child of divorce, she has a profound understanding of what it means to grow up with divorce as well as a gift for writing about her related feelings and experiences. With strong opinions regarding both how divorced parents should conduct themselves and what children of divorce need, she is always striving to provide insight to all involved.

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VISIT ISLAND PARADISES ANYTIME – The Caribbean Sea is dotted with enchanting island destinations. Rich in culture and beauty, the golden sun, ivory sands, turquoise bays, and lush tropical forests of these welcoming island retreats are just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. The Caribbean wall calendar features breathtaking images that reveal the undeniable allure of these island paradises. BOOKSTORE QUALITY PAPER & PRINTING –   We use thick paper designed to easily last the whole year

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