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Thousands of tourists from London, Manchester and rest of UK have traveled to Ibiza for decades , the most beautiful islands in Europe for gay tourist, between July and August. Here offers many fantastic local gay clubs, boasts the White Isle- the most scenic beaches, fabulous hotels and destination restaurants in the Med. You can’t find anywhere in Europe having such serene energy inside a holidaymaker, raving and behaving like Ibiza. And especially, 2011 promises to be great year to soak it up for all gay travellers.


Here is my guide of the best gay places to stay when you are down there-


Pacha Hotel- here is a fair warning- if you are escaping to Ibiza to catch up some kip, the hotel brought to you by the folks behind biggest gay club brand in the world may not be the choice for you. If, like me, you are here to party- this is the place to go. It is minimalist in décor and rather swish. Plus there is a great restaurant and wellness spa there worn out clubbers can get the effects of last night rubbed away. Book one of the penthouse suites if you would like to have a room with a Jacuzzi and bubbles.


Aparthotel Navila- For those your you who are credit crunched out, yet still looking for a piece of Balearic action next summer this place is a safe bet. Nestled in a quiet street in the beautiful Ibiza Town, the location could not be more perfect than this- a wonderful combination of island life and urban settings. The rooms are bit basic though, but lets face it you won’t be spending much time in bed anyways. There is also a pool on the roof with views across the med and further two terraces where nude sunbathing is actually permitted.


Quilibra Augas De Ibiza- Brand new this year, located in Santa Eulalia del Riu, 15 minutes from the airport. The place has 36 rooms and 76 suites (!), and they come with the sea views! Wow! Now that is a place for a gay traveler. The hotel has even three indoor swimming pools with sub aquatic sound systems (whatever those are) and a beauty spa.


There are tons of other places you should research as well- Ibiza offers you pretty much everything from gay hostels to classy 5 star accommodation. Whatever you choose. Make sure you will take your sun block with you though – there is one thing no gay guy will forgive you – a bad tan.


London Gay Blog – is dedicated to bringing you all the relevant info on gay life in London and around the world, including the best travel locations and hangouts.

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If you want to visit a well kept secret vacation spot, Grenada West Indies is the right choice. This place is not among the over-crowded vacation places filled with tourists. In this island, you can see many unique antivities true to its culture. Grenada West Indies is not a high night island with activities that bring many tourists swarming. This place is quiet and quaint with picturesque beaches and small towns.


Grenada, West Indies is a mountainous island with rolling hills.  It is known for its unique fragrance.  Nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, ginger and cocoa trees cover the island creating delicious and intoxicating smells throughout the entire island.  Grenada West Indies Island is a volcanic island filled with cascading waterfalls and lush rain forests.  Grenada features one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in the world. 


This island nation consists of the island of Granada as well as six other small islands in the Southwestern Caribbean Sea.  The Capital of the Island is St George’s.  The city capital of St George’s is considered to be the most beautiful in the Caribbean.  The history over the ownership of this island displays much struggle and battle over their independence including violent coups.  In 1983, a communist regime took over Grenada West Indies and everyone on the island was informed that they must remain indoors or they would be shot.  President Reagan was concerned for 800 American students enrolled in medical school in St George’s.  The Unites States along with other nations such as RSS and Jamaica overthrew the regime.  The Grenadian Constitution was again put in authority and peace was restored.


Grenada, West Indies islands are each volcanic and have rich and healthy soil.  The flag has a nutmeg on it, demonstrating the industry of spices.  The climate is humid and hot during a rainy season and cooled by winds during the dry season.  Grenada is just beginning to focus on tourism.  The culture of the land can still be felt and tasted.  Enjoy the island’s world renowned, two mile long beach.  This beautiful island will take your breath away with its extraordinary beauty and grace.  Visit the Spice of the Caribbean and enjoy the intoxicating smell and beauty of Grenada West Indies.


Ken Stiles writes about the Caribbean and runs the website where you can watch other people’s Caribbean videos to help you decide which Caribbean island destination you would like to visit.

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When family budgets get tight one of the first things to go out the door are any yearly trips you might have taken. Just because money is tight (for pretty much everyone these days) doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your trips altogether! This is a great way for you to bond and reconnect. Everyday life is so busy, and disconnecting, making these trips all that much more important. There are affordable options out there, you just need to know where to look for ideas for inexpensive vacations for families on a budget.

Camping trips are always fun and affordable! You can camp near a lake, hiking trails–whatever activities you want to do together.

Plan a tour around your city, or one nearby. You can see your hometown area but do the touristy things that you wouldn’t have done before! End the trip with one of those mystery dinner theaters where you are trying to figure out which guest committed a murder for a fun, unique, experience.

Do you have a boat? Or does your friend/family member that you might be able to borrow one from? Or how much does it cost to rent one in your area? If you have access to a boat there are a lot of fun things you can do spending a day on the lake. One of the most fun ideas out there are towable tubes. These are inflatable tubes that you tow behind your boat that people can ride on. There are ones for one rider, or multiples up to a dozen. There are more expensive, usually bigger, ones that go up to a few thousand dollars, but there are also smaller ones that are under a hundred that are still tons of fun. The rider experiences a thrill similar to a roller coaster ride. All they have to do is hold on and have fun. Anyone not riding on the tube can ride in the boat. This is an exhilarating fun way to spend the day on the water.

Looking for more about what a towable inflatable tube is, or information about specific options like Sportsstuff Towable Inflatables for all your answers.

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Let’s face it. Without the right skills, telecommuting can be lonely – stuck in your home office all day, not seeing another person face-to-face. Fortunately there’s lots of techniques and tricks to make sure you get a little human contact most days. However, even the career telecommuter who has all these skills down cold can suffer from loneliness during crunch time.

We all have our routines when work is “normal” – going to the gym at lunch for regular workouts, clearing out our overloaded inboxes once/month, etc. However we’ve all had periods of work that are just crazy too. Maybe your boss dumped a major project in your lap with a tight deadline and lots of visibility. Or maybe a coworker just left the company with little advance notice and you have to help cover their responsibilities until someone new can be hired (and trained). These crunch times can be as short as a week or as long as a few months (if they’re more than that, then I’d say that has become “normal” and it’s time to evaluate if you still enjoy your current job).

During these crunch times we tend to keep our heads down and get less human interaction. If you work from the corporate office you might be working through your lunches and taking less breaks to chit-chat with your coworkers. While this can leave you with less human interaction, just having your coworkers around you gives you enough so you probably don’t feel too lonely – and you probably do take short breaks (walking to the cafeteria with a coworker to grab some lunch to take back to the desk?) to chat with others.

But when you work from home things are different. During crunch time you’re probably handcuffing yourself to your desk all day. You’re not taking breaks, not getting out of the house, and not seeing anyone. You probably feel you don’t have time for all the techniques you’re used to using to get out of the house and see people.

If your crunch time is going to only last 1 week, you can probably just deal with that lack of face-to-face human contact. But if it’s going to be a long haul, you might just go crazy from loneliness before you reach the end of the project. So consider carving out just a little bit of time to make sure you get some human interaction.

If you’re used to going to the gym 2 or 3 times each week for a workout and to see other people, try to continue to go at least once/week. Block off an hour on your calendar on the least busy day of the week. Even if you only have time to do a ½ hour workout instead of your usual 1 hour workout, it’s more about getting out of the house than anything else.
Or if you don’t have the time to drive to the gym and back, see if any of your neighbors are around during the day and want to take a weekly walk with you. Even a 20 minute walk will give you some company, get the blood going, and break up an otherwise lonely day.
Perhaps you can take your laptop to a coffee shop once in a while and use their wireless access to continue working. You probably won’t talk to people much at the coffee shop (and we know you don’t have time for long conversations anyway) but you’ll be out of the house and around other people.
Can your spouse work from home occasionally? If so maybe now is the time to push him or her to try it one day/week. Again, you’ll be too busy to hang out with your spouse much (and make sure he/she knows that in advance) but just having another person in the house can take away that lonely feeling.
What about driving into the office once/week? Even if you can work from home every day, going into the office now and then will break up the monotony of working in an empty house week after week.

If you can just find a way to make sure at least a few days a week you see other people in one form or another you’ll find it much easier to bear a long crunch time without feeling too lonely.

Bottom Line? Experience huge gains in time, money, and stress reduction by telecommuting. You deserve it! But don’t dive in unprepared. Make sure you know how working from home differs from going into the office. I invite you to get your free copy of my “Top 10 Telecommuter Mistakes list” – to learn the wrong ways… and right ways… to get your telecommute career on track:

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