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Cocktails Cookbook: 60 of The World’s Best Cocktail Drink Recipes From The Caribbean & How To Mix Them At Home. (cocktails, cocktail recipes, … rum drink recipes, most popular cocktails.)

Cocktails Cookbook: 60 of The World's Best Cocktail Drink Recipes From The Caribbean  & How To Mix Them At Home. (cocktails, cocktail recipes, ... rum drink recipes, most popular cocktails.)

This extensive beginners guide to cocktails recipes book, contains 60 of the best Cocktails originating from the Caribbean Islands and the Americas, amazing cocktails that are enjoyed throughout the world. If you love cocktails and you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make exotic Caribbean cocktails at home then this cocktails cookbook is for you!

Learn about the main ingredients of a cocktail; Rums, spirits, Liqueurs and herbs to enable you to truly understand the secrets of great tastin

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All The Best From The Caribbean: 25 Great Favorites

All The Best From The Caribbean: 25 Great Favorites

The Best Of The Caribbean: 25 GThe cover photo boasts a steel band in full regalia, but don’t be misled. This bright collection showcases an unnamed pop group having a ball mainly with Jamaican reggae classics, though strangely enough there’s a vague Polynesian flavor to some of the arrangements. No matter. The real strengths here are vocals that do justice to Bob Marley’s “No Woman, No Cry” and “I Shot the Sheriff,” Jimmy Cliff’s “You Can Get It If You Really Want,” Desmond Dekker’s ska masterp

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Not only are the waterfalls wet in Guadeloupe but the rest of the island receives plenty of additional moisture from heavy seasonal rains in the fall.


This French territory is made up of two main islands connected by a mangrove swamp. The result looks like a butterfly, which is why Guadeloupe is known as The Butterfly Island.


The cluster of two main islands and numerous smaller ones, located in the French West Indies in the southern Caribbean, is attractive to tourists in part because of its waterfalls. They include the popular Carbet Falls, a series of three tall cascading waterfalls.


But visitors can get plenty wet from rain as well depending on the time of year they visit. The island receives an average of 5.8 inches of rain per month, which is one of the highest averages in the Caribbean.


The island averages about nine inches a month in September through November; August is only somewhat better. Rainfall averages less than three inches in January through March.


One of the more attractive aspects of the island territory is its steady warm temperatures throughout the year. Guadeloupe’s average monthly high temperature is 86 degrees, according to the World Weather Organization. The average monthly low is 72 degrees.


Average high temperatures reach a peak of nearly 89 degrees in July through September, while the coolest months at about 85 degrees are December through March. Such a smaller difference in the high temperatures make just about any month predictably warm.


Average monthly low temperatures bottom out at about 68 degrees from January through March.


As a result, the best months to visit Martinique because of a combination of warm weather and light rainfall are January through March. The worst time is August through November. April, June and December have moderate amounts of rain and under normal conditions could be less risky as well.


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The Caribbean is a wonderful and exotic set of islands of the Gulf of Mexico. They offer idyllic beaches, glorious hot weather, and a rich culture. With some amazing offers for flights to the Caribbean right now, there’s nothing to stop you visiting these paradise islands. Take a look below at some of the great islands you can visit.

Take a trip to Cuba, an island full of interesting history and culture. Havana, the largest city, is known for its after dark entertainment which is popular with both tourists and locals. To get the full Cuban experience, visit an authentic bar outside of your hotel resort and listen to bands playing Cuban classics, the Casa de la Musica is a top favourite. Then there is Cayo Coco, a beautiful part of Cuba that prides itself with its amazing beaches and lagoons, but it also has much more to offer. There are fun day trips from Cayo Coco including a sugar mill visit with a speed boat ride across a fresh water lake, visiting a crocodile farm, and a steam train ride through the cane fields. Having the second largest barrier reef in the world, snorkelling excursions are also a great way to enjoy this amazing place. With some affordable flights going to Cuba throughout the year, you can have an inexpensive and vibrant holiday here.

Or perhaps you might enjoy visiting Jamaica. A popular tourist attraction is Montego Bay, with great shopping facilities, fine dining and plush beaches. Many of the top all inclusive hotels are located on the sea front with own private beaches. A favourite amongst tourists is the three star Grandiosa Hotel, it’s situated close to Doctor’s Cave Beach and Agua Sol Theme Park. Ocho Rios is another popular tourist city on the coast, here, the bay is covered by lush grassy mountains and tropical reefs.

Whilst in Jamaica there are plenty of fun activities to take part in. Why not take a jeep safari, swim with dolphins, or visit Dunns River Falls, a 600ft waterfall for a fabulous day out! The Caribbean is full of things to do and see, and with many great offers on late deals to the likes of Jamaica, why not take the opportunity to visit this wonderful country.

Then there is the Dominican Republic, a wonderfully diverse country with amazing tropical landscapes, perfect for adventurous tourists who love the great outdoors and will enjoy mountain biking, trekking, and exciting water sports. Santa Domingo is the lively capital of the Dominican Republic, here you can look at some of the world’s finest amber that’s over 50 million years old by visiting the amber museums. Puerto Plata is home to some of the Caribbean’s most finest resorts. The four star Hotasa Luperon Beach Resort is a super hotel with great facilities located on the West side of Puerto Plata. The number of flights to the Dominican Republic from the UK are increasing due to the growing popularity of this Caribbean island.


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The idea of a Yacht Charter anywhere is great, but the idea of renting a yacht in the Caribbean is a whole new level. The Caribbean is a paradise, coveted by many and diverse culture, people and places to see and experience while surfing the beautiful ocean is a great way to relax and unwind, while evasion of the real world for a while. Another great attraction of a Luxury Yacht Charter in the Caribbean is that the seasons are incredibly tropical with the time between November and July is warm and sunny, a stark contrast to the cold and gloomy in Europe and North America.
The Caribbean is a collection of small islands in a large saucepan melt mixing of cultures and nationalities. The diversity of the area allows people to cruise the calm waters and visit many different places in one trip. Experiences are so varied that there are an overall range of different kinds of Caribbean Mega Yachts Charter, can be chosen so they are unable to fit what best fits their interest. Many companies offer charter flights to certain locations in the area and the different routes are planned for different trips. The area has lots to see and do that you can find more time and multiple trips are necessary to see everything.

The beauty of a Luxury Yacht Caribbean is the fact that you can visit many different places without having to repack your bags, checking into different hotels and worry about travel arrangements. The yacht is essentially a floating luxury villa and has all the facilities and comfort you need for your journey. The ship is fully manned with a crew who are there to take care of your wishes.

Despite a yacht in the Caribbean is a very expensive and decadent for a holiday. Not everyone can afford a luxury holiday style, but certainly is well worth it if you want to relax and feel like absolute royalty for a while. People around the world looking for a romantic and relaxing getaway to choose the Caribbean islands. Moreover, the place is also popular for adventure travel swimming, diving and exploring. Travelers from around the world has an unforgettable cruise through turquoise waters, historical sites and deserted white sand beaches. Apart from the Caribbean Islands, Bahamas Islands are also a favorite destination for people.

When booking a Luxury Yachts Charters through some companies can arrange a personal path, which lets you hand pick the islands you want to visit and how long you want to stay in each. That individual can choose what activities you most like to do and arrange with the captain as to the exact path and timing of your trip.

A Caribbean Yacht Charter is a brilliant way to spend holidays with family, friends and family in which everyone can relax in the certainty that everything is being taken care of and everything you need to worry about seeing the beautiful scenery and views are on and to decide what to eat for dinner. The lap of luxury awaits you in a boat in the Caribbean.

This makes the Caribbean islands a truly spectacular and surprising destination for all. However, there is a growing concern among stakeholders and people who sincerely care about this tourist paradise. The bodies of water surrounding the Caribbean islands are not as strong as we wanted to be. In fact, these natural treasures are fragile and finite, they can get.

An encouraging sign amid the imminent threat of this popular destination is the awareness and commitment of a growing number of people taking their defense at a higher level green. Once you visit the Caribbean on a Super Yachts in the Caribbean have all the opportunities and mitigate the impact of your presence in the exotic places you visit. Depending on how you behave during your tropical sailing adventure that can still make a Caribbean vacation with the environment.

If you are looking for the ultimate green experience, then sailing in a Yacht should be high on your list. The activity of the candle is fed by the wind so it is emissions-free travel. Green go sailing in the Caribbean is a stimulating impulse to the senses in a totally natural and refreshing to enjoy the charms of the Caribbean sun, sand and sea.

The marinas in the Caribbean and the bases have been doing their part to preserve and protect the natural wealth and beauty of the islands in the Caribbean.

Windward islands specializes in the Luxury Yacht Charter and Crewed Luxury Super Sailing Mega Motor Yachts Charters worldwide crewed luxury sailing yachts. We offer our services of monohull, Super Yachts, Catamaran Charters and motoryacht over 450 luxury yachts in 40 destinations out of our destinations at Mediterranean, French Riviera, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Caribbean, Virgin Islands Bahamas, Florida and many more worldwide destinations.

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Located in the northern region of Sardinia, La Maddalena is the largest town in the Maddalena archipelago, the group of islands just off the north-east of Sardinia. The only way to travel to La Maddalena is by boat, with car ferries travelling from nearby Palau and also from the Italian mainland.

This is an island that is well known for its beaches. The Cala Francese is one of the most popular beaches on the island, which is why it gets very busy on the weekends and during summer months as the water is clear and the beach is clean. Another popular beach is Bassa Trinita, a beach that, although gets busy during high tourist seasons, is perfect for an afternoon stroll or picnic.

The Piazza Umberto I is the main point of interest as it is in the centre of town. It used to called the Piazza Rossa so don’t be surprised if people of an older generation call it by that name. This is probably the busiest part of the town as many people will meet up here to chat or use it as a meet up point before moving on to their next destination. It’s an easy to get to point so maybe if you’re wondering where to stay in the island, don’t worry, as they have some of the best Sardinia villas in the region.

The island is connected to another island, Caprera, by a 600 metre causeway. This is another popular tourist destination as it is a natural reserve which is home to some rare sea birds. Here you can see the royal seagull, cormorant and peregrine falcon. The island had ties to one of the men who fought for Italy’s independence, Giuseppe Garibaldi. He bought the island in 1885 and lived there until he died in 1882. Now his home has been converted into a museum and a memorial chapel, in fact the island itself is a national monument. The island got it’s name for the numerous amount of goats that inhabit it, as ‘capra’ is Italian for goat.  But the island was originally inhabited before a group of shepherds inhabited it; it was Garibaldi who planted the pine wood trees you see on the island today.

Theses island sits on the Strait of Bonifacio, which is a strait that lies in between Corsica and Sardinia. This was named after a Corsican town Bonifacio. This strait is well known among sailors for its weather, currents, shoals and other types of difficult obstacles. There is a famous disaster that happened in the Strait of Bonifacio. On February 15, 1855 a French ship called Sémillante left the port of Toulon on its way to the black sea to supply the Crimean War with troops. But a storm caused it to hit a reef which led to the ship to sink and all of the soldiers on board drowning to death. In 1993 there was a tanker disaster which led to only French and Italian flag ships with dangerous goods allowed passage through the Strait of Bonifacio.

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what is the best caribbean island to visit eBay auctions you should keep an eye on:

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When most people hear about the Caribbean, they picture beautiful palm-fringed beaches and exotic cuisine. Whether you choose to go to the relaxing island of Carriacou or to the unspoiled Petite Martinique, every Caribbean experience can be likened to an escape to paradise. Besides the wholesome beauty that is available on the islands, visitors and tourists can also hope for several fascinating activities that will definitely complete their vacation. Following are a few events in which you can participate in December:

The Bahamas International Film Festival.

The BIFF, short for the Bahamas International Film Festival, is a Caribbean version of traditional Hollywood fanfare. This exciting and spectacular event will be enjoyed by movie enthusiasts. The film festival is well-known and attracts famous directors and stars from Hollywood, like Sean Connery, Nicholas Cage, and others; it runs from the 6th to the 13th of December. The BIFF program includes special screenings, film making and scriptwriting workshops, discussions, tributes and gala events.

St Kitts Carnival.

Cultural festivals and historic events are rejoiced in most Caribbean Islands. Richly detailed costumes, decorations, flamboyant street revelry and parades filled with color and sights are the hallmarks of Caribbean carnivals. St. Kitts Carnival is unique for its holiday celebrations denoting national glory. It runs from the middle of December until January 2. Allow yourself to be captivated by the sounds, sights, tastes and feeling of the parade and festivities.

The Jazz Festival on Cayman

Cayman Jazz festival is a newcomer to the jazz scene, but it is a fine place for people who love jazz or just want a fun and relaxing night out to find just what they seek. Famous international artists like Oleta Adams and Alicia Keys and even Peabo Bryson will wow the guests, along with more local acts.

The Bahamas Junkanoo

The Junkanoo is not your average street parade. Everyday you have a different celebration marking that day. On the second Thursday in December, be sure to enjoy the Junior Junkaroo Parade which showcases the fabulous Bahamian Junkaroo dancers. Since their youth, these dancers have been instilled with a love for their art and will awe onlookers with their talents and skills. There is a different Junkanoo parade scheduled for the day after Christmas. Known as the Boxing Day Junkanoo parade, this event showcases the best Junkanoo performers, spectacular costumes and distinctive musical accompaniments. The parade is considered the largest non-religious festival in the Bahamas and starts at 2 in the morning immediately following midnight mass to celebrate Christmas.

St Lucia’s Heineken Kalalu World Music Festival.

If you love music, you must attend the Heineken Kalalu World Music Festival on St. Lucia island. Showcased on the oceanfront, this musical festival takes pride with a colorful amalgam of different musical genres, styles, and traditions. The festival spans four evenings and is a multi-ethnic celebration of musical diversity that is sure to hold the attention of any music enthusiast.

There are many occasion a tourist will want to enjoy in the Caribbean apart from its value as a holiday destination. If you want to know more about accommodations and events in the Caribbean (Carriacou particularly) be sure to visit this website:

If you want to know more about accommodations and events in the Caribbean (Carriacou particularly) be sure to visit this website:

A Small Place

A Small Place

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A brilliant look at colonialism and its effects in Antigua–by the author of Annie John”If you go to Antigua as a tourist, this is what you will see. If you come by aeroplane, you will land at the V. C. Bird International Airport. Vere Cornwall (V. C.) Bird is the Prime Minister of Antigua. You may be the sort of tourist who would wonder why a Prime Minister would want an airport named after him–why not a school, why not a hospital, why not some great public monument. You are a tourist and you

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