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If you are looking for a tropical destination to visit this summer, consider the South Pacific as one of your first options. This is very well known for its beautiful scenery along white and sandy beaches, special Polynesian and tiki culture, historical spots that date back to World World II, as well as volcanoes and coral reefs. It also has thousands of tropical islands, which makes it one of the most visited holiday places.


Though hundreds of islands in the South Pacific are so tiny that they do not have any permanent residents, many more have an active community supporting tourists who flock to the islands all year long. Some of the well-known destinations in the South Pacific are Fiji, Vanuatu, Micronesia, French Polynesia, and the Cook Islands. With so many destinations to choose from in this part of the world, you’re sure to find exactly the vacation you are after, but how do you choose just one island to visit?


If you are seeking an adventurous vacation, check out Fiji. This island nation is comprised of more than 300 separate islands, many of which are uninhabited. Look towards the western islands for adventure, including the islands of Fiji and Kadavu if you’re are a diver. Looking for the best hike? Head towards the Nausori Highlands or the Bouma National Heritage Park.


Those seeking romance often prefer French Polynesia, especially Tahiti. These islands are known for their lavish resorts perched right on the ocean. Many of the attractions here, including fancy spas and sailing expeditions, are designed especially for couples. Though these islands are some of the most expensive in the South Pacific, they are also some of the most romantic.


Looking for something that’s a bit unusual? If you want to get away from the usual tourist hotspots, check out Vanuato and Micronesia. Both are known for their phenomenal ocean views, but aren’t as well-trekked by tourists as some of the other islands in the South Pacific. If you enjoy diving or snorkeling, Vanuatu is home to coral reefs, underwater visibility approaching fifty meters, and an array of World War II-era wrecks submerged in the seawater. Micronesia is also known for spectacular diving and underwater wrecks. Above the ocean, visit the ruins of Nan Madol in Pohnpei, dating back to the 13th century.


Even further off the beaten path, visit the Cook Islands. This island nation is famous for its woodcarving. Here, each island is known for its unique crafts and distinctive culture.


If you’re looking for a breathtaking tropical getaway, you can’t beat the variety of vacation destinations offered by the South Pacific. On any of these islands, you’ll find some of the best beaches on the planet, not to mention a rich cultural history stretching back hundreds of years. Watch a tiki show or sample the traditional foods and crafts. Spend a long day relaxing in the sun, or take your time learning about the Polynesian history of the islands. Each island of the South Pacific has its own flavor and history, but you can’t go wrong with any of them- the best tropical islands are found in this part of the world.


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Pirate Swords, Pirate Flags and Other Pirate Weapons

Pirates have become a huge phenomenon in popular culture. While once they were reserved for Halloween costumes, today people actually debate about whether ninjas or pirates are most powerful. And no one can forget the millions of dollar made by a certain Johnny Depp movie that focused on pirate adventures. If you’ve spent much time thinking about pirates, you probably known Replica Pirate Weapons, can be very cool. And that’s why so many people are looking for Pirate Swords,, as well as information about these infamous sailors.

What is a Pirate?

Actually, the term pirate literally means someone who commits piracy – the name for an act of theft at sea. Another ingredient in piracy is that the person committing the act cannot have permission from another nation to do these outrageous deeds. Back in the heyday of the pirates, nations would sometimes allow sailors to rob or sink boats from competing nations. Not only was this not considered against the law but these non-pirates could actually be rewarded with land and titles from the approving nations. Real pirates did not need permission from a nation to wield their Pirate Sword, in order to gain ships, cash, or goods.33 When did Pirates Exist?

The surprising thing for some people is that pirates aren’t actually in the past. Although most of the ones whose pirate guns are in demand were sailing the oceans and seas a couple of centuries ago, modern pirates are still at work in the world today. Between $ 13 and $ 16 billion every year is lost thanks to piracy even to this day. And the newest hot spot for pirate activity is the Indian Ocean near East Africa. You might also be surprised to learn that pirates came into existence at about the same time as cargo sailing. Basically, the moment someone put something valuable in the water, there was a pirate ready to try and steal it using a pirate sword or other weapons pirates loved using.

The Infamous Pirates

One of the most well-known of all the pirates is Blackbeard whose real name was Edward Treach. While he probably created some pirate maps in his day, his biggest achievement was blocking the harbor of a North Carolina harbor and attacking five freighters one right after another. Other sailors were terrified to be in the area because they did not want to be attacked by Blackbeard. Many years late when he was eventually killed, his Pirate Swords, must have failed him. Reports say he was shot five times and stabbed more than twenty times before finally being decapitated. If that’s a true story or not, no one really knows.

Incidentally, Blackbeard may have been responsible for starting the whole idea of buried treasure. Besides Pirate Swords, nothing else dazzles the imagination like the idea of tracking down some phenomenal buried treasure that was hidden by one of these adventurers so many centuries ago. According to his fellow pirate mates, Blackbeard did have a tendency to hide his loot ashore with no one else around.

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 Bermuda was first discovered in 1503 by a Spanish explorer named Juna de Bemudez. At first both Spanish and Portuguese ships used the islands as stop over for fresh meat and water.

Soon legends of spirits and devils inhabiting the island sprang up. Most likely these legends sprang from the callings of native birds.

Stormy sea conditions kept anyone from establishing permanent settlements on the “Isle of Devils” for many years.

The first attempt to settle the island came in 1515 when Bermudz and Gonzalo Fenandez  de Oviedo went to Bermuda with the concept of stocking the island with breeding hogs as a future food source for passing ships. That misson failed when inclement weather prevented them from landing.

During the next century the island was visited frequently but never settled, also during this time the first two English settlements in Virginia also failed and the King of England was determined to establish a colony in the new world.

In 1609 a flotilla of ships left England for the Americas to relieve the colony at Jamestown which had been settled two years earlier.

The flotilla was broken up by a storm and the flagship,Sea Venture was wrecked off Bermuda, leaving the survivors stranded on Bermuda. Most of the survivors continued on to America, the remaining settlers  claimed  the island for England and St. George’s was made the first capital. Being settled in 1612, it is now the oldest continually inhabited English town in the New World. The first British coins struck in America were made here.

Because of it’s limited land area and near perfect climate, Bermuda has always had a problem with over  population. Luckily many Bermudians immigrated to the United States as England over came Spain as the dominant European power in the new world. As seafaring was the only industry on the island at least a third of the islands total population was a sea at any particular time. 

Due to limited resources  and land some of the worlds first conservation measures were enacted in Bermuda.

Although many attempts were made to farm the land , they met with little success and the tiny island finally turned to the sea as it’s main source of income.

And along with salt mining, the sailors turned to other ventures , such as whaling and profiteering.  The land was also replanted with the native juniper, which was  used in ship building.

After the American Revolution the Royal Navy began improving the harbors in the west chain. During the War of 1812, the British attacks on Washington and Baltimore were planned and began in Bermuda.

Bermuda was used regularly by Confederate forces during the Civil War to evade Union forces,and to bring desperately needed goods to the south from England. 

As modern communications and transportation systems developed in the 20th century, Bermuda became a popular destination for wealthy American, British and Canadian tourists.

The Royal Naval Dockyard and the attendant military garrison continued to be an important component of Bermuda’s economy until the mid-20th century.

Beginning during World War 2, the United States began building military installations  on the island.

In the late 1930s airlines began scheduled airline service to the island., in today’s world international business has out reached tourism as Bermuda’s principle industry.

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Every morning when you open your windows, you will see the face of a radiant orange sun in clear blue skies smiling at you. You will hear the endless whispers of the ocean waves, serenely giving you peace of mind. You can walk outside and feel the grains of white sands of the beach tickling your feet, or smell the fragrance of Carribean flowers in the islands’ colorful gardens.

The Cayman Islands are your destination for fun in the sun. The three islands that make up the Caymans are: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. These British Overseas Territory islands are located in the western waters of the Caribbean, just 480 miles south of Miami.

Aside from gifts of nature, a house in Cayman Islands is also blessed with city comforts, being within walking distance to places featuring cosmopolitan progress such as scenic city walkways, gift shops, bars, malls, arcades, parks, restaurants, pubs and cafés. Going to work everyday doesn’t feel going to work at all, as the tranquil aura of Cayman Islands contagiously radiates even to its busiest business district.

In renting houses in Cayman Islands, it is better to choose online rental sites that have customer service phone lines so customers can be assured that their booking is confirmed. Also in a Carribean destination like the Cayman Islands, it is quite easy to find houses for rent, as hundreds of condominiums, apartments, townhouses, and beach houses are available to accommodate thousands of tourists flocking the arrival port everyday. In fact, 75% of the net economy of the Cayman Islands is accounted to its tourism sector, so places for lodging and accommodation are really abundant. So what are you waiting for living in Cayman Islands is a small step away from living in a stress-free paradise.

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It’s January, and many cruise lines are saying “out with the old and in with the new,” retiring older ships and adding new ones to their fleets. Here are some of the vessels that will be making their debuts in 2011:


Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas: The Allure of the Seas debuted in December of 2010. With its sister ship the Oasis of the Seas, it is one of the largest cruise ships ever constructed. Among other features, this ship includes a 3-D movie theater, a zip line and a carousel. It will sail in the Caribbean.


Oceania’s Marina, which launches in January 2011, is set to appeal to foodies with a French restaurant run by famous chef Jacques Pepin and cooking classes available to passengers. Depending on the season, you might find the Marina in the Caribbean, Europe or the Mediterranean.


Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Silhouette will set sail in July of 2011, visiting Europe, the Middle East and finally the Caribbean.


Carnival Magic, Carnival Cruises’ newest vessel, is modeled after the Carnival Dream and is expected to start carrying passengers to Europe and the Caribbean sometime in 2011. It features a ropes course, a water park and an adult’s-only “retreat.”


Disney’s Dream launches in January. It sees Carnival Magic’s waterpark and raises it a “watercoaster” that sends passengers plummeting four decks on a wild ride around the ship!


If you’ve booked a cruise on any of these new ships, be sure to check and see what documentation is required so that you won’t miss your cruise for lack of a passport. Passports are required for cruises to anywhere other than Mexico, Canada or the Caribbean.


If you’re cruising to Mexico, Canada or the Caribbean, you can generally bring your driver’s license and your birth certificate as long as you are on what’s referred to as a “closed-loop” itinerary, one that begins and ends at the same US port. Even then, though, it’s definitely helpful to have your passport in case something goes wrong and you need to fly back to the US unexpectedly.


Getting a passport takes around 6 weeks for normal processing and three weeks for “expedited” processing, so apply well in advance. If time is an issue, you can make an appointment at a regional passport office or use a private expediting company like RushMyPassport.


Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

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