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101 Top Honeymoon Destinations: The Guide to Perfect Places for Passion (Little Black Books) (Little Black Books (Peter Pauper Paperback))

101 Top Honeymoon Destinations: The Guide to Perfect Places for Passion (Little Black Books) (Little Black Books (Peter Pauper Paperback))

  • Used Book in Good Condition

What comes to mind when someone says ”honeymoon”? Niagara Falls? Well, that’s just one of the 101 top destinations covered in this handy pocket guide to the best places in the world to celebrate your marriage!
Themed chapters include Cosmopolitan, Adventure, Luxurious, Exotic, Cruise, Celebrity, Classic (where you’ll find Niagara Falls!), and Island & Beachfront.Each destination details: The Big Picture; Special Places to Stay; and Top Romantic Pastimes.192 pages.Portable size: 4-1/4 inches

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101 Top Honeymoon Destinations: The Guide to Perfect Places for Passion by Eliza

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101 Top Honeymoon Destinations : The Guide to the Perfect Places for Passion,...
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If you want to spend some quality time on a holiday with your loved one, a luxury Caribbean holiday is one of the best things that you can do. The Caribbean is known amongst many as the heaven on earth and it has been for years that the Caribbean has been captivating everyone with its azure waters and golden beaches. Other than the natural beauty of the Caribbean, the islands are famous for their culture.

Many islands on the Caribbean are perfect for a holiday. For a romantic holiday, hardly any place would be more suitable than the Caribbean. Many romantic hideaways are there in the Caribbean and there are a lot of other attractions and sightseeing opportunities, which make the Caribbean the perfect holiday option.

There are some of the best romantic hideaways in Antigua, Barbados, Anguilla, Aruba, Jamaica, St Lucia, St Vincent, Trinidad, and various other islands in the Caribbean. Anguilla has miles of pristine sands and is a dream escape destination for a romantic holiday for couples because it is exclusive and secluded as well.

For couples, there is a lot of enjoyment and amusement in the Caribbean and there are various award winning resorts that are the best. There is the Coco Reef, which is a true Caribbean resort and offers a wide range of activities for your enjoyment. The resort is tailor made and offers spectacular views of the sea.

Rendezvous is a resort in St Lucia, which is exclusively for couples. Whether you are on your honeymoon or otherwise on a romantic holiday, the resort is perfect for you. It is set in romantic surroundings and it is because of this reason that the resort holds a special place as a wedding venue.

La Source is another resort that is perfect for a romantic holiday for couples. Besides a lot of relaxation, there are water sports, leisure facilities and a spa that tend to be the most enhancing features of La Source. The blue Haven Hotel is also especially romantic and offers glorious views of the surroundings. The Young Island in St Vincent is another of the best romantic hideaways in the Caribbean. One of the best activities that are offered there is the yacht sailing to Mistique, which is truly romantic and invigorating.

One of the things that make the Caribbean perfect for a romantic holiday is the ambiance that is there because of the natural beauty and surroundings, which is further enhanced by the various stunning resort. Hence, you get the perfect opportunity to relax and spend time with your loved one, which would be memorable forever.

The Caribbean possesses the charm and lure that is truly captivating and awesome. This is something that makes a Caribbean holiday experience memorable for the rest of one’s life. When it comes to the Caribbean and romantic holidays, there are numerous options in terms of the islands as well as the resort, something which further enhances the appeal of the Caribbean.

Edward Watkinson is a travel guide. Discover more about the Caribbean islands and book Caribbean holidays online at

Pirates Legend of the Black Buccaneer-Nla

Pirates Legend of the Black Buccaneer-Nla

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Caribbean Jewel
Sometimes a girl has to take what she can get.When Jolie’s cloaked midnight rescuer ends up being the sexiest Spanish captain th…

Cherokee Workwear Scrubs Men’s Cargo Pant, Caribbean Blue, Large
A men’s natural rise, elastic waist pant with reinforced drawstring also features a functional zip fly, four side cargo pockets, t…

Caribbean Classic [Laminated] (National Geographic Reference Map)
One of the most authoritative maps for the islands of the Caribbean Sea. It shows the entire region in great detail, with coverage…

Movies are not just for entertainment but they are also immensely informative and enlightening as well. The curses in the movies are not only for the bad but also help the audience to get great lessons from the curses.


Penelope: Penelope is about a young girl’s journey, a mysterious family secret and the power of love. She is the victim of the witch’s curse place on Wilhern family that would result in the next girl being born with the face of a pig. Penelope breaks the family curse by finding true love and she realizes the most important life lesson.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The team must battle a band of the world’s most unfaithful pirates, led by the cursed Captain Barbossa to save Elizabeth and recover the lost treasure that Jack seeks. Against questionable odds, they face a climactic confrontation on the mysterious Isla de Muerta. At last, the British navy is saved and a fortune in a forbidden treasure is relinquished, thus lifting the curse of the Pirates of the Caribbean.


Pirates of the Caribbean


The Ring: If you accidentally watch a supposedly cursed videotape, the ring of death will bell to inform you that your life has only seven days left. Only when you copy the video for someone else will you get out of death.


Beastly: Kyle Kingson is intelligent and wealthy. He zeroes in on Goth classmate Kendra Hilferty, inviting her to the school’s environment bash. Kyle blows her off in a particular savage fashion. She retaliates by casting a spell which physically transforms him into everything he despises. Afterwards, he learns that the only solution to the curse is to find someone who will love him.






Shallow Hal: Hal dates only women who are physically beautiful. One day he comes across Tony Robbins, who hypnotizes him into recognizing women’s inner beauty. He runs into grossly obese Rosemary, and she is the only he can see as a vision of loveliness.


Shallow Hal



Freaky Friday: Tess Coleman and her 15-year-old daughter always have quarrels. One Friday they are in each other’s bodies when waking up. They need to go through each other’s life and see how they are. From their troubles, they understand each other more.


Freaky Friday


Just My Luck: Ashley Albright is lucky and very successful. Jake Hardin is clumsy and unlucky. They meet each other in a masquerade party; they kiss each other, swapping her fortune with his bad luck. At last, she realizes that Jake takes use of her luck better than her.


Just My Luck




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Death by Honeymoon (Caribbean Murder Series, Book 1)

Death by Honeymoon (Caribbean Murder Series, Book 1)

The number-one best seller, with over 200 five-star reviews! On the rugged, wild, eastern shore of Barbados, Cindy and Clint are enjoying their dream honeymoon, when paradise quickly turns into hell. Cindy finds her newly beloved taken away from her, drowned in a freak accident in the ocean. The local police are quick to declare it an accident, to insist that he was caught in a sudden riptide. But Cindy, left all alone, is not convinced. Cindy must return to her and Clint’s now-empty home in New


Expressions By California Dynasty Vintage Caribbean Honeymoon Lingerie Medium

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Envision a set of false logs that you can put in anything, a bowl, a vase, a plate, a fire place hearth, perhaps? Now, as these logs are set in place, you take a lighter with some special gel fluid and after throwing it onto the logs, flames erupt like some kind of sorcery. This is no longer the stuff of myth, as you can do this yourself with new gel fire places. When you purchase a gel fire place, you not only have a huge array of options to choose from, but you can actually purchase the fireplace and fire and be free from so many old hassles of traditional wood burning fires.

Gone are the days when you have to haul in the wood from the outdoors and light it with a match and get the soot and ashes on your hands when you are cleaning up. With gel fireplaces, the wood logs are false wood and will not even splinter your hands. Also, you can reuse them over and over again since they are not real. You can apply the gel fluid quite easily to it, and the best part is, the versatility of the gel fire places. These are no ordinary fire places that are confined to being stuck in the wall in your living room. You can move the logs to so many different places. Large bowls that you can fill with the logs can be placed out in your backyard, or you can put them on tiny plates and keep them beside the table on the foyer, or you can use them as centerpieces.

Enjoy immense flexibility with a fire that is not actually a genuine fireplace. You can use it in so many places in your house and enjoy having a little bit of fire lighting up all the dark places in your home and out in your backyard.

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Mediterranean cruises visit ports from Barcelona to Rome and beyond and generally last anywhere from 7 to 14 days. For many, its the cruise of a lifetime. The sights, the sounds, the atmosphere and cuisine are all among the best in the world. Some of these cruises set sail for the Western Mediterranean, some head to the Eastern Mediterranean and many of the longer Mediterranean cruises visit both areas. So, lets take a look at the destinations, attractions and dining options that make the Mediterranean such an amazing cruise destination.

Destinations: Europe may be small in size but the history of this area is a long and storied tale. A Cruise on the Mediterranean Sea from Cyprus in the east to the Strait of Gibraltar in the west and all points in between offers a fantastic array of visuals. As you pass one of the 13 countries that border this large body of water, youll be thrust into the cultures and experiences of which youve been dreaming. Both large and smaller cruise ships visit ports in Barcelona, Rome, Athens, Istanbul, Livorno/Pisa, Monte Carlo, the Greek Isles, Venice, Sicily and other areas along this gorgeous route. Popular shore excursions often involve visits to famed cities like Naples, Alexandria, Malta and Port Said. Interested in seeing, first-hand, the pyramids in Egypt? Want to tour the Catacombs of Rome? On a Mediterranean cruise, the options are endless.

Attractions: Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, Spain, is one of the most popular attractions for those interested in a Mediterranean experience. Visit La Sagrada Familia (Home of the Poor) the famed church designed by Antonio Gaudi, wander the narrow streets in the Bario Gotico (Gothic Quarter) or take a walk along the Calle Reina Christina, following in the footsteps of Pablo Picasso. In Athens, you can visit the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, a stone theater built in 161 AD. A tour through the Ottoman buildings in Istanbul and a peek at the skyline dominated by Imperial Mosques will remind you that Turkeys architecture is among the finest in the world. While in Pisa, after visiting the famous leaning tower, visit Knights Square, one of the most important landmarks in Italy. Other favorites include the Salle Garnier opera house in Monte Carlo, the waterways of Venice and the Valle de Temple in Sicily, Italy.

Dining Options: Mediterranean cuisines are as varied as the cultures along the Mediterranean Sea. In Spain, tapas plates feature small, yet mouthwatering versions of both new and traditional Spanish dishes. But in Italy, the cuisine is markedly different, with pasta and other regional specialties taking top billing. Fans of Greek food will love the gyro, pork and oven-baked lamb dishes that dominate the dining landscape in Greece. One bite of an adana kebap on flat bread will win over any doubters in the deliciousness of Turkish cuisine. With all of these options, it may be hard to choose the perfect dinner spot while at port but be sure to experiment a bit and enjoy the variety of different tastes and spices of the Mediterranean.

As you can tell, there are plenty of things to see, do and eat during a Mediterranean cruise vacation. Regardless of your choices, youre bound to have an incredible time as you cruise through some of the most historic ports in the world.

The Mediterranean will greet you with sparkling blue water, warm breezes,fresh seafood, medieval towns and European culture to create a relaxing and enlightening vacation.For more details on Mediterranean Cruises please visit our website

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Some recent pictures of the caribbean islands auctions on eBay:

Guide to Caribbean Family Vacations (National Geographic Guide to Caribbean Family Vacations)

Guide to Caribbean Family Vacations (National Geographic Guide to Caribbean Family Vacations)

  • Used Book in Good Condition

Caribbean Family Vacations profiles the best tours, activities, and programs tailored specifically to families in each of 100 vacation destinations throughout the Caribbean. In addition to the Caribbean islands, the book guides families to coastal portions of Central American countries that border the Caribbean – the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico as well as Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Panama. The wide range of activities, tours, and festivals described in detail in Caribbean Family Vacations

List Price: $ 20.00


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