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Paper Mate Flair Porous-Point Felt Tip Pen, Medium Tip, 12-Pack, Limited Edition Tropical Vacation Colors (1928605)

Paper Mate Flair Porous-Point Felt Tip Pen, Medium Tip, 12-Pack, Limited Edition Tropical Vacation Colors (1928605)

  • Limited edition tropical colors offers exotic, juicy hues to inspire lush, colorful designs. The world’s classic felt tip writing instrument lets you express yourself with true style and color.
  • Quick-drying, water-based ink prevents smearing, and your writing won’t bleed through paper. Great for editing.
  • Point Guard tip prevents fraying and extends the pen’s life. Click-seal cap with clip prevents dry out. Available in 26 colors with medium tip and 8 colors with ultra fine tip.
  • Nylon point is acid-free, so writing will last a long time without damaging even fine papers.
  • Includes guava, papaya, yellow, lime, green, surfs up, scuba dive, orchid lei, passionfruit, lilac, gray, and black color markers.

Put paradise on paper with Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip pens in limited edition tropical hues. Limited edition tropical colors offers exotic, juicy hues to inspire lush, colorful designs. The world’s classic felt tip writing instrument lets you express yourself with true style and color. Quick-drying, water-based ink prevents smearing, and your writing won’t bleed through paper. Great for editing. Point Guard tip prevents fraying and extends the pen’s life. Click-seal cap with clip prevents dry o

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Tropical & Vacation ~ Jamberry nail wraps ~ HALF sheets ~ revised 3/8

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Tropical & Vacation ~ Jamberry nail wraps ~ HALF sheets ~ revised 3/8
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Most grooms hate all aspects of wedding planning, with one exception. That exception is planning the honeymoon. What is to hate with planning a getaway to a nice place when the wedding is finally over! Planning the honeymoon together is a great way for the bride and grooms to spend some time together during the otherwise hectic wedding planning.

Caneel Bay, located in St. John Bay in the U.S. Virgin Islands, is a fabulous spot for a honeymoon. Caneel Bay is a luxury beach resort where the bride and groom can relax and be themselves after their long, tedious wedding planning is over! It is a great place to have a romantic stay, just the two of them.

This can be the perfect honeymoon choice as it may be everything you are looking for. This resort offers so much including beautiful rooms, seven different beaches, numerous activities to participate in and tons of amenities to make any honeymoon or vacation scream luxury.

When you depart the plane onto the island you will be picked up at the airport and given a bottle of island rum, what a nice way to start off your honeymoon! Among the many things you can do while you are there beach activities rank pretty highly. Some of the activities you might choose to participate in include swimming, kayaking, scuba diving and underwater slideshow.

The water activities can be a lot of fun, but they are not for everyone. If you prefer to just spend some time relaxing together, the beach is a great place to do that. You can build sand castles, sunbathe or enjoy leisurely walks down the seven white sand beaches that this resort has to offer.

Still think there is not enough to do or enjoy, looking for some down time that does not necessarily have to be in the water or on the beach? Caneel Bay can help you out there too. Just like any other vacation or honeymoon spot you can enjoy nice dinners, drinks at the bar, art and tennis lessons and of course access to relaxing massages.

Caneel Bay is an excellent honeymoon spot but if you really want to spend even more time here you might even consider getting married at Caneel Bay. This would be the perfect spot for a beach wedding, so if you are even considering getting married under blue skies it is a great idea to look more into Caneel Bay.

Pamela Kazmierczak is an expert in the wedding niche. If you would like to read more about Caneel Bay, sign up for a free wedding zine or shop at her wedding shop with thousands of items you should go to Wedding Planning Now!

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Sydney Harbour is one of the city’s most spectacular natural assets. With inlets and harbour beaches there’s an endless supply of nooks and crannies to uncover. If you catch a ferry in Sydney Harbour, you’ll also see a splattering of islands. There are 5 islands in the Port Jackson area, all of which hold both cultural and historical significance. Many of the islands have Aboriginal heritage and reflect the European past with convict built structures and old forts.

Fort Denison

Set in the middle of the harbour, Fort Denison is a short trip across the water by ferry from Circular Quay, Sydney Opera House and Woolloomooloo Bay. The fort, with its distinctive Martello tower, was completed in 1862. Often referred to as Pinchgut, it served as a jail for wayward convicts. It has also been used as a fishing spot, defense structure, navigational guide, tide gauge station, weather station and time marker. Today, it serves as a restaurant, events space and historic museum. Fort Denison is open every day to visitors – there are also tours available.

Shark Island

Shark Island is a small island at the mouth of Rose Bay. Up until 1975, Shark Island served as an animal quarantine area, a public recreation reserve and a naval storage depot. Today, Shark Island is a recreation reserve and part of the Sydney Harbour National Park. It has picnic shelters, a gazebo, large grassed area and a shallow beach – on Saturdays and Sundays there are four trips daily to the island from Circular Quay. The local Aboriginal people refer to the island as Boambilly, but the name Shark Island comes from its shape which is claimed to resemble that of a shark.

Clark Island

Clark Island lies opposite Darling Point. With wide grassy recreation areas and stunning views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, it’s the perfect spot for a picnic. The island is named after Officer Ralph Clark of the First Fleet, who set up a vegetable garden on the island. Today, the island is part of the Sydney Harbour National Park.

Goat Island

West of Circular Quay, Goat Island lies opposite the suburb of Balmain, and is situated at the junction of Darling Harbour and the main Sydney Harbour channel. Before the island became part of the Sydney Harbour National Park, it served as a quarry, convict stockade, explosives store, police station, fire station and boatyard! The island was even the film set for the popular Australian Drama Water Rats. Today the island is popular with picnickers – regular ferry services stop here.

Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island is the largest in Sydney Harbour. Like the other islands, it has had a varied past. Initially a convict prison, it also served as an industrial school for girls and finally Australia’s biggest shipyard. You’ll find the island near the Balmain peninsula where the Parramatta and Lane Cove rivers meet. Today, the island is open to visitors, who can explore the old sandstone convict jail, as well as the huge and cavernous industrial sheds, wharves, and sheds left over from its maritime past. There’s even a camping ground where you can pitch your own tent or stay in one provided. In the summer months, Cockatoo Island Bar opens, and day trippers can enjoy cocktails and drinks with the beautiful Sydney Harbour vista before them.

If you’re visiting Sydney, it’s worth paying a visit to Sydney Harbour’s beautiful islands. Make a day trip of it and hop on a ferry from Circular Quay for a picnic. It’s easy to get to Circular Quay from your accommodation – Sydney Harbour is a short distance from most inner city hotels in Sydney.

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Travel Spotlight on the South Pacific Islands

Travel Spotlight on the South Pacific Islands

Book Details 1 Travel Spotlight on the South Pacific Islands 2 Essential Information 3 Finest Destinations


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Nevis is a beautiful Caribbean Island that is a popular tourist spot and an attractive location for real estate investors. It is a fantastic getaway for anyone who enjoys nature. The land, animals and people are all connected, and yet the entire island of Nevis has all of the modern conveniences you may want. It can be a wonderful vacation experience, a home away from home, or it can be your permanent place of residence. It is an English speaking area. Nevis is part of the Federation of Kitts and Nevis, which is an independent island state.

It is a heavenly location for those who love nature. Many of the local activities take place outdoors. Everyone goes hiking in the rain forest. There are many lovely public beaches to explore, and many people go scuba diving to view the natural coral reefs. Nevis is surrounded with this underwater beauty.

The local vegetation is not only beautiful but it has healing properties. The land is rich with ingredients for teas that help with cold symptoms, aches, and stomach upsets. These resources include black or wild sage, wild cilliment, bee bush, and coconut palm. The rest of the plant life on the island of Nevis is used in local dishes, beverages or desserts.

Unlike its partner island Kitts, the lifestyle is at a slower pace, private and quiet. There is not as much of a lively night scene, but it is a soothing and rejuvenating environment. The mood is pressure free and it is a great place to let the children just run around outside and enjoy themselves.

The island also has its share of sports activities. The locals enjoy cricket, football (soccer), golf, mountain biking, horse racing, horseback riding, netball and volleyball. There are also plenty of nature trails that you can explore on your own and tours you can take.

One special annual event that takes place towards the end of July and lasts for nearly two weeks is the Nevis Culturama Festival. There is exciting music and arts that upholds the history and represents the local culture. There are parades and ethic foods as well as fabulous, colorful costumes. There are also swimsuit contests and boat races.

It is a thriving and growing island and in recent years there have been many building projects and real estate investment opportunities. In fact, Nevis is one of the three places in the world today that offers the Citizenship by Investment program. This means that by purchasing a certain amount of real estate, you can earn citizenship within the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

Nevis real estate is actually quite beautiful. Some structures suit the old fashioned island style, while there are also many modern establishments. The beauty is everywhere, so just about every property has a breathtaking view. Some people purchase property so that they can live their permanently, and it is a stress-free lifestyle. Others just vacation there, and rent their property to others when they are not around. Whether people are just visiting or want to make a life there, it is certainly a wonderful place.

For further details, please visit:

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Jamaica is a small state on the island in the Caribbean Sea, discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1494. The country is known for a large number of picturesque mountains. The highest point of the country is the Blue Mountain. The rivers in this beautiful island are quick and short. Jamaica is also rich in mineral springs. The former capital of Jamaica, Spanish Town , is famous due to the cathedral of Santiago, built in Baroque style. The modern capital of Jamaica, Kingston, has few historical monuments.

Kingston is of special interest as a tourist destination and has a metropolitan flavor. Its advantages are a wide range of hotels of different categories, endless beaches, restaurants and lively nightlife. Nearby is an underwater park for scuba diving enthusiasts and golf courses. The annual summer festival of reggae music attracts thousands of visitors.

In the resort area tourists often visit Fort Montego, Church of St. James, an old prison Cage, Burchell Memorial Church, the Museum of the Blue Hole, the magnificent Rose Hall, the Gallery of Indian Art, Havens Gallery, the museum with a beautiful collection of antique furniture, an underwater park as well as magnificent beaches.

Here one can see the poor Rastamans, who sell marijuana, black clerks in white shirts, colorful gangs of kids in school uniform with the emblem of the institution. As any capital in the world, Kingston is a city of contrasts. If you decide to walk, you will not see many attractions in the capital, apart from the Bob Marley Museum, Devon House, and Downtown.

Devon House is located at the intersection of Hope Road and Waterloo Road. It is the house of the first black millionaire in Jamaica. The gardens of Devon House are the place of annual fairs on Independence Day, Easter and Christmas. Here one can buy traditional Jamaican clothing, souvenirs, and other things.

The Museum is a symbol of pacifist reggae music. On the ground floor you can contemplate the door to the singer’s recording studio. After his death, the door has been permanently locked. On the second floor we see the residential apartments with a bed and a guitar, a bicycle and some personal belongings of Marley’s. The entire room is covered with clippings from newspapers, telling about the singer’s performances.

Downtown is the historic center of Jamaica, located on the Gulf coast in the south of the city. Perhaps this place is famous only because of the reputation of the most dangerous place in Kingston.

Jamaica Attractions include Montego Bay, the most visited place of the Caribbean Sea. Its sandy beaches and luxury hotels are comparable to Acapulco in Mexico. The local resorts are also associated with healing mineral springs and mountains, rich in limestone.

Jamaican resorts are located in different parts of the island, and each of them has its own peculiarities. The rocky northern coast of the island contrasts with the narrow strip of beach in the center, which is rightly called the Jamaican Riviera. Most of the island is represented by the hilly limestone plateau framed by the Blue Mountains in the east with a broad plain in the south. Because of the high seismic activity of the island, earthquakes are frequent, but not too dangerous.

Negril is famous for its wide white sand beaches and beautiful nature. This large and lively hotel complexes coexist with small cozy hotels. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of water sports or take a stroll to the nearby waterfalls, and in the evening they can go to a little trip on a catamaran to admire the stunning colors of the sunset. This is one of the most environmentally friendly resorts in the world. Further south, along the coast of Negril, it is possible to visit the deserted, but amazingly beautiful Alligator Pond.

To have a memorable and safe trip, entrust your journey to professionals. See the list of Jamaica travel agents to get useful info and advice. Tour operators in Jamaica can be a valuable source of travel services such as hotel booking, visas, flights and more.


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Escape from Fear

The hawkshill sea turtle is disappearing from the waters of the Caribbean, and the Landon’s are in Virgin Islands National Park to figure out why.

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Curacao is one of the paradise islands that the Caribbean boasts for many great reasons. Many would imagine that bathing in the sun is all you want to do while in Curacao on vacation, but this is not the only thing you can do. One reason why Curacao is so great is related to the many activities offered to the traveler.

As mentioned earlier, there is nothing better when you arrive on the island than basking in the sun. And, with no less than 38 beaches available, it is truly a wonder that anybody living on this wonderful paradise island still feels the need to work. Luckily, mostly visitors come here on vacation which means that they can splurge as much as they want. One of the best beaches is the Sea Aquarium which is situated on the Eastern part of the island. Besides sun and water, you can indulge in the resort like pleasures offered to tourists as well as a fine meal at one of the great restaurants. If your accommodation is someplace else on the island, you will be required to pay a small admission fee, but it is worth the trouble since this beach is really great. If you travel to the Western part of the island,you will find the Porto Mari beach where swimming is very popular. This one is less populated than Sea Aquarium, so if you are not that mad about crowds it may be the best fit.

Besides swimming and tanning, there are other things that you can do on the island. For instance, you can rent an ATV, a scooter, or a bike and explore the island to your heart’s content. Be aware of the fact that you will need to have a driver’s license on hand to get on an ATV or a scooter. Bike trips cost around $ 30, and two hours are included in the price along with all the needed equipment.

If snorkeling is your thing you should check out the Underwater Marine Park in Curacao. Here, scuba diving and snorkeling are the main activities. The area also boasts many great meal choices, a chance to explore the underwater marine life, or a tour of the SS Oranje Nassau vessel.

If you like you can also take a sea excursion. Sunset cruises are recommended for couples in search of romance, but others are available too. For people that love to customize their own experience, there are boats that can be hired for the entire day and the renter gets to decide the route.

There are many other activities that one can enjoy while in Curacao. You can fish, wind surf, or just spend a relaxing day on the golf course. Depending on which you like best, you will always find the right place and time to indulge in your favorite activities while you are on vacation in Curacao the Caribbean paradise.

Great Activities in Curacao is a travel guide from Tripopedia, a travel encyclopedia. Learn about things to do, places to see in Curacao and places to eat.

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8 Pack of Cruise Ship Luggage Tags (Narrow) with 6″ Loops for Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Ships By Easy Read Register

8 Pack of Cruise Ship Luggage Tags (Narrow) with 6

  • Package of 8 Narrow Luggage Tag Holders with 6″ Loops
  • Heavy 8-gauge Clear Vinyl Front and Back
  • New 2015 Size — Royal Caribbean & Celebrity Cruise Ships
  • Made in USA
  • Dimensions: 2 3/8″ x 7 1/8″

Package of 8 Narrow Luggage Tag Holders with 8 6″ Loops. New 2015 Size — Royal Caribbean & Celebrity Cruise Ships. Dimensions: 2 3/8″ x 7 1/8″. Heavy 8-gauge Clear Vinyl Front and Back. Made in USA.

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One very popular port of call on an eastern Caribbean cruise itinerary is the culturally unique island of St. Maarten/Saint Martin. Half Dutch and half French, this small island of only 37 square miles is dominated by over 300 restaurants, 36 sugar-sand beaches, luxury hotels and resorts and a blending of four languages: Dutch, French, English and Papiamento.

St. Maarten has a history dating back to 550 BC. Tool and pottery artifacts  belonging to the Amerindians have been unearthed at an archaeological dig on the Dutch side. Even though Columbus landed in St. Maarten in 1493 and claimed the island for Spain, due to the fierce and cannibalistic Caribs, the Spanish never developed the island. In the early 1600s, the Dutch raised their flag, followed by the French. Legend has it that a Frenchman and a Dutchman finally settled an argument over territorial rights by pacing off their shares. The French got the bigger slice, but the Dutch ended up with the more valuable real estate; the Salt Pond and the Harbor. 

If you like to shop, Phillipsburg in Dutch St. Maarten is fabulous for duty-free shopping. In fact, the prices in St. Maarten are as good if not better than in St. Thomas, long rumored to be the best place to shop for jewelry, cameras and electronics the Caribbean. Upon disembarking in St. Maarten, you will be pleasantly surprised when you see the new vibrantly colored buildings at the port. It’s a mini-shopping destination. The prices at these shops are just as good as in Phillipsburg, the largest city in St. Maarten. The bustling town of Phillipsburg is worth seeing and the water taxi to get there is right at the pier. Last time I visited St. Maarten, the water taxi charged $ 6 per person each way for the quick ride across the harbor. As it runs every 30 minutes, you can easily gauge your time in town to get you back to your ship before the gangway is raised.  Once in Phillipsburg, there are plenty of dining options all along Front Street; from standard fare to excellent curry and island cuisine. Of course, Heineken is the Dutch beer of choice and it is locally brewed.

To distinguish their half of the island, the French renamed their side St. Martin. Marigot is the capital and is the largest town on the island. Marigot is very charming and very French. Bistros and cafes line the walkway along the harbor. Trendy French boutiques with designer clothes are a bit pricier than the island style of dress in St. Maarten. Less hectic than Phillipsburg, Marigot is a lovely little town to walk around, stop in the art galleries to browse and have a cappuccino along the pier. 

St. Martin is known for its beautiful beaches and warm, calm waters. As many of the beaches are more secluded, they attract visitors in search of quiet relaxation. The most popular beach is Orient Beach. Be warned…there are areas of Orient Beach that are clothing optional. However, no one really seems to care. 

From the port, it’s a 15 minute cab ride to Orient Beach. I have the driver drop me off at the Bikini Beach area at Orient Beach. It is more family-friendly and there are water toys to rent. My favorite place is the French open-air, on-the-beach restaurant, Kakao. You can easily find Kakao as it is located in the area of blue beach umbrellas.  My favorite dish is the steamed mussels in garlic and wine accompanied by a glass of cold, crisp Chardonnay. This place is very popular with Europeans and French is commonly spoken. The seating is on rustic wood benches and the furnishings include artifacts from demolished or sunken yachts. If mussels aren’t your thing, there are other French dishes plus steaks, burgers and pizza. Kakao is very family-friendly and not as boisterous as Kon Tiki next door. After lunch, you can cut across the beach to a very small shopping area. Actually, the shops there are for the benefit of guests who are staying in one of the hundreds of vacation rentals. The little French grocery store has gorgeous French pastries and a variety of breads and croissants. A must-do for a really decadent walk-away dessert. 

If you’re up for touring, take a taxi to Grand Case on the northwest corner of the island. Known as the Gastronomic Capital, Grand Case is a small fishing village with small wooden pastel-colored houses and over 30 sidewalk cafes, brasseries and bistros lining the main road. If you’ve brought your beach gear, after lunch you can stretch out and relax on Grand Case Beach.

Heading back to the ship means saying good-bye to a unique and special island. If you are taking a taxi back to the ship, be sure to allow extra time for traffic jams along the way. And don’t forget to buy a wheel of Gouda cheese. Yes, you can buy the same cheese at Winn-Dixie and Publix, but the fun is trying to cram a ten-pound wheel of cheese into the mini-fridge in your stateroom! 

You’ll be amazed at how different the cultures are within only a 30-minute taxi ride. As you cross into the French side, you’ll see “Bienvenue en Partie Française” and coming back the border sign greets you with “Welcome to Dutch Sint Maarten, N.A.”  So, the next time you choose a cruise with an eastern Caribbean itinerary, find one that includes St. Maarten. It’s an island worth visiting again and again.

Sherry Laskin has been in love with cruising and travel for many years, when as a very small child, she traveled with her parents from Los Angeles to Honolulu aboard the 13,000 ton SS Matsonia. Now, Sherry writes about her land and sea journeys as well as arranging travel for friends and repeat clients who appreciate her insight and experience. An affirmed “Surface Traveler”tm Sherry finds ways to get around the globe without setting foot on an airplane. You can follow her at


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