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The United States, spread between two oceans, is a very large and diverse country. It has wonderful vacation spots, ideal for short as well as long breaks. Excluding the marvelous Alaska and Hawaii, there are 48 continental spots, and six places situated across the width and breadth of America that are worth visiting. These places are endowed with varied experiences and fun and we will know about these six places in a short time.

Acadia National Park, situated besides the shoreline of Maine on Mt. Desert Island, is a beautiful, hilly national park. In the nearby town of Bar Harbor, one can get good rooms in a motel or a B&B, or enjoy a lovely boat ride down the Frenchman’s Bay. The park is developed around a $ 20 toll road passing through the rocky and amazing coastal mountains.

New York City is a wonderful place for vacation. Take a free ride (pedestrians are free) on the famous Staten Island Ferry, and enjoy watching the amazing Manhattan skyline and the remarkable Statue of Liberty. Besides, to discover the mouth of the Hudson River, just wander through Tribeca, a part of Lower Manhattan, or cross to the west side of the river and see the Palisades State Park in New Jersey. While driving up the west side of the historic river, one comes across many other beautiful places.

New Orleans is somewhat different from other cities in the United States. To enjoy the uniqueness of this city, visit the Jackson Square, located in the center of the French Quarter near the Mississippi River. Enjoy a ride on a riverboat and a horse-drawn carriage, or just enjoy walking through the old French Quarter. Pirate’s Alley, Royal Street and the Preservation Hall, where the Preservation Jazz band plays, all are nearby. The place truly rocks in the spring when the climate is not very hot.

Grand Tetons National Park, situated in the northwestern area of Wyoming and very close to the Yellowstone National Park, is fabulous with amazing peaks, the picturesque Snake River, and some superb back country. The place is wonderful for camping, viewing the beauty of the peaks, horse riding or climbing up to the base of the grand peaks. The nearby Yellowstone National Park is also worth a visit.

Just walk across the famous Golden Gate Bridge, a grand steel structure, and enjoy the magic of viewing the steep hills and the gorgeous bay.

Next, enjoy visiting the Santa Fe Indian Market, which takes place every August in the charming city of Santa Fe. Local dealers, buyers and visitors come from all over the country during this event. One can get the best quality and a wide variety of goods and artwork here. Over all, the United States is the best option for vacation.

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How to Save on a Cruise Vacation

How to Save on a Cruise Vacation

Would you like to know how to save on your next cruise vacation?

Many people, and you can count me with them – used to think that cruising on the open seas in a luxury ship will be nowhere but their dreams. Such vacation will never happen on a budget, and for them, is close to impossible.

Not anymore. Careful, timely planning and saving will bring anyone – including you – to your dream sea cruise.

The recent years showed significant drops in costs of sea c


If you are thinking of taking your holidays in the Bahamas, the best time you should stress out over anything is during the planning stages of the trip. Because once you begin your travel in the Bahamas you are going to want to completely enjoy yourself. This is especially important because once you get there you will soon discover that the atmosphere in the islands is completely and totally laid back and being stressed out over anything will accomplish nothing in the Bahama Islands.

The whole point of going to these islands is to experience a totally different type of beauty and way of life and you will surely not be disappointed. You will discover that this is an incredible place full of vibrant colors and extraordinary people and experiences. A lot of the places you will go to will be full of exotic and colorful wildlife as well as exotic and colorful people.

The many different resorts that are available are one of a kind and many offer incredible local food and many different rooms that have a variety of different themes. The resorts are lively and filled with people so if you are looking for more of a low key type of experience you might want to stay on a boat offshore or try camping instead.

It is very important that you have your passport with you when traveling in and around the different islands. However; if you are from the United States you can also use an expired passport that is no older than 5 years or you can use your birth certificate a long with your photo ID. Whatever you have, you need it with you. You may find that these things may not be checked when you arrive on one of the islands but in order to leave the island they will require that your ID be checked. If you are not from the United States, you might want to check with the Bahamas to see if the country you are from is even allowed into their island countries. There are some countries and their people that they will not allow across their borders.

It is also important that you make sure that you check the dates of your travel. The weather in the Bahamas is usually very pleasant and mildly warm and is especially good for walking and boating, swimming and hiking as well as snorkeling and scuba diving. But you need to realize that during the months of September and October, it is considered the peak of their hurricane season and this can end up with you facing downpours that last for days on end and there is often some really serious flooding and evacuations are common as well. Although it is much cheaper to visit the islands in these months, you can see how the weather might pose a challenge to your trip.

The months that most tourists come to the islands are the months of November through April. This of course is when the major crowds will appear and if you are not into all the people and the noise you may not really want to come during these months. So if the hurricane season turns you off and the peak season is too much for you, you could try and schedule a trip during the months of May through August. This will be a quieter time of year but you still can expect a lot more rain than you would during the peak months. Also a lot of the attractions may be closed during this time of year. But if you are just wanting a getaway in paradise, these might be the perfect months for you.

A few other tips you might want to be aware would be for instance, no matter how good they say their water is it is advisable to stick with bottled water. Everyone processes their water differently and it might not agree with you even if the water is clean. Also you should realize that with any food item or beverage that you buy there is an automatic 15 percent gratuity added on. So you should not need to worry about tipping when dinning out since it is included in the price already.

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Travelling can be either for leisure or for business purposes and can be to any world destination. The increase in airlines flying to the different destinations has made it possible for thousands of travelers and tourists to easily reach their destinations of choice within a relatively short period of time, which is a much more efficient use of time as compared to road trips.

When planning to take a trip or a vacation, you should make the effort to plan early for your trip if you are to get the best out of the traveling experience. The planning is also important as it helps you know the amount of money which the trip is going to cost and determines whether you have enough money to last for the entire period while still remaining in good shape financially. Most people have found cheap flights to be a good way of keeping within their set budget limits.

One of the best ways for securing cheap airfare is by taking advantage of last minute flight deals. The deals are offered by almost every airline during the different seasons as a way of ensuring that the flight is fully booked before departure. However, the deals are mostly available during the off-peak season since this is the time the flights may not be fully occupied because of the reduced numbers of travelers.

Last minute deals are a very good saving option, especially for those who do not have any kind of time limitations with their trips and vacations. These deals can easily be found on the various traveling agent or official airline websites. This is why it is always important to take time to conduct research to ensure that no beneficial deal passes you by, especially when traveling on a tight budget.

The deals can also be obtained directly from the airlines which fly to the destination in question. You should approach the staff and ask about any last minute deals which are available just in case the flight is going to your desired destination. The other way of finding these last minute deals is by using consolidators. Consolidators buy tickets in bulk to help airlines to fully occupy the flights and offer these tickets at very reasonable prices to the passengers.

When settling for a last minute deal, it is important to ensure that it has everything you feel is necessary during the trip to make it as comfortable and rewarding as possible.

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The pleasure of last minute vacations in Caribbean Islands can only be truly appreciated by those who’re busy shoveling snow off their driveway in the freezing cold back home. It may be a pipe-dream for some to think about the warm beaches and brilliant weather in Cuba or the Bahamas or Jamaica. But as far as Canadians are concerned, it’s not so hard to make it a reality.

In fact, Canucks are the only ones truly able to enjoy and appreciate the fun and beauty of a Cuba holiday on a whim. Vacationers from South & Central American countries couldn’t care less about the warm weather. U. S. Citizens can only dream about it since they can’t legally take vacations in Cuba.

That leaves Europeans and Canadians as the two major groups who are landing in Havana by the planeload. The best part for Canadians is that it happens to be in their own backyard. So they don’t really have to plan way in advance for last minute vacations in Caribbean Islands like a European traveler would need to.

It is estimated that over a million Canadians visit Cuba every year. It’s fair to say that not many of them come here to admire Fidel’s socialist system or support him. What they do enjoy here are the quaint sights and nightlife pleasures of Havana. Then there are beach resorts like Varadero with its magnificent white sand beaches and warm turquoise waters.

Not to mention the moros y cristianos (rice & beans), Cuba Libre and Mojitos. The healthy quantity of rum in every drink is, in fact, one of the main reasons that Cuba starts looking so good to visitors after a day or so. Visitors who really want to get to know Cuba and its people should spend time in the local bars, drinking locally produced rum straight from a bottle and listening to the locals chit-chat.

Compare all this against Arctic temperatures and the drudgery of a civilized existence in Canada, and it’s not much of a surprise that so many Canucks just decide to take off and head for a Cuban vacation. Not that Cuba is the only choice – there are hundreds of tropical islands with the same white sands beaches, villas and resort hotels. Jamaica’s Montego Bay is among the more popular choices, and so are the Bahamas, Bermuda, U. S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

But perhaps one of the attractions of Cuba, other than those described above, is that it is off-limits for U. S. Citizens. For one, it’s hard to find a tourist destination free of the famous ‘American tourist.’ More importantly, the American travel ban makes Cuba seem like forbidden fruit with a hint of danger, which is always more attractive.

The reality, however, is that Cuba (or any of the other Caribbean Islands for that matter) are very tourist friendly and take better care of visitors than their own people. It takes only about three and a half hours to get from Toronto to Havana, the weather is brilliant, the water is warm and the beaches inviting. The hotels are luxurious and affordable, and the food and drink is intoxicating, to say the least. What’s not to like?

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