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The Carribean rates as a top choice for Honeymooners- white sand beaches, unparalleled natural beauty, crystal blue waters and resorts catering to your every need Here we count down the…
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Take a tour around Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Watch in HD (1080p) for best quality. Filmed on March 6th, 2013. Subscribe to my YouTube…
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If you find an island or destination in the travel or lifestyle press such as “New St Barts” Bluntly, it is difficult for you to read and understand it in a while. Because St Barts is luxurious island in the middle of the Caribbean with a sophisticated cultured, a gourmet’s delight, some of the best hotels, high end restaurants and most fashionable clubs in the Americas between twenty one pristine beaches surrounded by the cleanest seas. The following information will help you know more.


In brief, St Barts is a haven for the connoisseur, seriously looking for the best things in life. There are no fast food chains, no high rises, no casinos, no strip clubs, no all-inclusive resorts and while cruise ships do visit, they are kept at a discrete distance.


So how would one go about creating a “New St Barts”? On the one hand recreating the geographical and historical circumstances that gave rise to St Barts would be a tricky task.


For those of you who don’t know the island, a brief outline: 8 square miles of island about 17 degrees north of the equator, colonized by French pioneers in the 17th century displacing the Arawaks, the indigenous Amerindian population.


There is no natural source of fresh water on St Barts, therefore no effective agriculture, and while the island was indeed a slave trading port back days and there were slaves in those dark, there were no sizeable slave based industries, such as sugar or tobacco. The attempts at agriculture that were tried were doubly foiled by hurricanes and drought.


As such, what you end up with is not the typical Caribbean notion of plantations and manor houses with the population split according to their race. Instead you have a predominately French people farming as best they can in the countryside, with the English speaking Afro-Caribbean population concentrated in Gustavia, the capital city. That there was fishing goes without saying, and even an amount of piracy, Gustavia being a free port and a convenient place to sell your booty.


St Barts became Sweden’s only colony between 1784 and 1878 and this has left its mark on the architecture and street names in Gustavia as well as continuing cultural links. Because of the link with Sweden, St Barts remains a free port to this day.


From pretty much that time until the 1950s St Barts was pretty much forgotten about. Becoming officially fully part of the French Republic in 1946, the island was dependent on Guadeloupe and passed unnoticed until the arrival of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds in the 1950s and became a famed and inaccessible retreat for American high society. This is not a typical history for a Caribbean island.


Since then the island has purposefully courted the upper end of the tourism market, the reasoning being pure logic: the island is tiny.


The bulk of the island remains in the hands of the descendants of the French settlers, simply known as Saint-Barths. At a rough estimate the Saint-Barths make up around half of the population, the other half being mainly metropolitan French with a sprinkling of other Europeans and surprisingly few year round American residents.


The Saint-Barths are conservative in nature, wary of hasty changes and the small size of the community makes it almost impossible for a charlatan to make a fast buck and disappear. If you want to do business on St Barts, people have to know who you are and trust you. You live on your reputation.


St Barts has evolved slowly, in a considered manner to where it is today. No amount of planning or project managing is going to recreate that overnight. Another factor to consider when imagining your New St Barts is that you would have to make it difficult to get to, which is hardly standard practice in designing a vacation destination.


The airport runway is only 2000 feet long, and the largest plane that can land has 19 seats.


You can fly in directly from San Juan however the majority of visitors come in through Sint Maarten, the closest nearby island with an airport that can handle jets, private or otherwise, then a transfer and a ten minute hop in small twin engine plane over to St Barts and the famous roller coaster landing.


To add another factor, the airport closes at sunset. Inconvenient perhaps, but this means no night flights and thus no airplane noise to disturb your evening. Ferries are an option, but not overly frequent or pleasant, and then there are the charter speedboats, which are elegant and luxurious, but pricy for a 40 minute ride for your average traveler.


St Barts is French. Not just French in culture and language, but fully part of the French Republic and, for the moment, fully part of the European Union. There are almost no restrictions for EU citizens coming to work on St Barts (there are exceptions, but not many).


This gives St Barts opportunities for recruitment that is rare in the Caribbean, pretty much the whole of Europe as a recruitment pool: from Portuguese stone masons, to German engineers, to Italian sylists, to English hoteliers, to Swedish masseurs, to French chefs, this list goes on.


Purely because of its openness to “foreign” workers Saint Barthelemy has the pick of a pretty good crop. In terms of security St Barts is possibly one of the safest places in the world, and this is also easily explained; The community is small, 8000 people on 8 square miles.


If someone tries to launch a criminal career, they are quickly and easily identified and, how shall we say, ejected. There is also the lack of poverty. Bluntly speaking, if you don’t have a job, no one will rent you accommodation, and you are off the island.


As you can see, recreating St Barts would be tough job, and a job that would be made tougher by the fact that St Barts is evolving. This subject is treated with mixed emotions. On the one hand the old world charm of a rustic island is fading, on the other hand the island has to survive in an ever more competitive world.


The way to do that is to do what St Barts does best, by improving quality and not following the crowd. You can fly direct to San Juan, or further, in a state of the art Pilatus Turboprop.


The days of the Mini-Moke have gone. There are now BMW convertibles, Mercedes and Porsches available to rent. No longer dependant on Guadeloupe, St Barts now controls its own budgets and there is a frenzy of widening and repaving the roads and rebuilding dry stone walls.


When people first started visiting St Barts the aircraft would make two passes over the grass runway. The first pass was to clear the goats, the second to land. There were no airport buildings to speak of.


Now the, albeit tiny, airport meets all modern standards and even has, to the dismay of many, security and baggage checks on departure. The Port of Gustavia has been completely remodeled and a new Harbor Master’s office built. In addition to the classic sailing yacht regatta, The Saint Barth Bucket, St Barts now organizes it’s very own open to all comers regatta, Les Voiles de Saint Barth, which is making a mark on the yachting calendar.


The villas, which make up most of the rental accommodation on the island, are being refurbished, rebuilt and renewed. You no longer have the impression that you have stepped into someone else’s home, but that this home was made for you.


Where there was one concierge company on St Barts six years ago, there are now seven. When a restaurant closes a more innovative one springs up in its place. It may not be your old favorite, but the spirit of excellence moves on. So while being the “New St Barts” would be a tough act to copy, keeping up would be even harder.


Premium Island Vacations
St Barts Villas, Hotels and Concierge Services

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You will love to participate in the Hellenic Escapade. This eight-day affair goes through the famous landmarks. You will be travelling with Crystal Serenity, which has one of the greatest spaces per guest figures in the fleet. The destinations include Kusadasi, Mykonos, Ephesus, Split, Corfu and Croatia.  If you take the overnight ship, you can get to Venice. Regularly, the departures begin in summer 2010. The prices for this package are competitive, and you can have access to onboard credit. Alternatively, you can go with the Land of Myths and Fables. This is a ten-night trip with luxury vessels. It departs from Athens to Venice. The vessel you will be using is the Seven Seas Voyager. You can go through Delos, Kusadasi, Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu, Zakynthos, Dubrovnik and Kotor.


You might also decide to go with the mage yachts and motor sailors that can add a different dimension to the experience that you are having while on the Greek Island holiday cruises. These packages also give you the same convenience of the smaller boat with the privacy that you might need. The ones that have been heavily promoted include Harmony V and G. There is also the MS Galileo. You are really looking at the traditional style that is developed by the modern technological advancements. As you travel on the vessels you will have the chance to enjoy the rich history of the Greek nation and their wonderful weather in due course. It is very important that you take the time to absorb the culture as it is one of the most respected and formidable in the world today. You also have to be on your best behavior in order to avoid offending the local people.

In the third category you could decide to go for the Classic Greece Cruise. This is an eight day cruise on the mega yachts of Harmony V and Harmony G. You will start off with Athens and then move on to Mykonos. This is followed by Santorini and Crete. This trip has many optional diversions that you can include in order to improve the experiences for the family. There are weekly departures from around April through to October. The June departures have a special price at just over one thousand pounds per person.


If that does not do it for you then you can go with the Aegean Odyssey Cruise. It covers eight days and goes through the Aegean Islands. The vessels that are used are the Mega Yacht called Harmony G. The stops include Kusadasi in Turkey, Santorini, Kea, Mykonos and Folegandros. Patmos is also included in the places that you can visit. The departures run from April to October. You may also look at the Jewels of the Cyclades. This is an eight day package that takes in the major Islands mentioned and has a similar price structure to meet the needs of the family.


Be sure to book with Discount Cruises Newarc Travel Agency host a number of cruises to the Caribbean and other parts of the world. In this Cruise Travel specialist Rolston Carryl took a host of travelers…

Caribbean's Leading Travel Agency: Trafalgar Travel

Peter Monteith, Vice President, Caribbean’s Leading Travel Agency: Trafalgar Travel.
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However, with the recent developments in tourism and the ever increased popularity of this heavenly location; student travelers, groups and backpackers have started discovering the Caribbean Islands more often.

The secrets of Caribbean are not only embedded in the blue lagoons, crystal waters or tall pine trees but also, year-round good weather makes these Islands a matchless holiday destination in the whole wide world. However, there may be minor exception of hurricane season in the late summer or early fall, but that can be once in a blue moon and can easily be avoided if you are a follower of weather forecast.

The Caribbean bunch of small, large and beautiful Antilles provides the visitors with a variety of beaches to choose from and a group of amazing un-spoilt Islands only a ferry ride away from each other. It is here, that you can chose to be a part of beach crowd, have a good time playing beach volley ball, stare at the beauties or you can find a serene, quiet corner all to yourself. Also, for Adrenaline junkies, there are a dozen of exciting water sports, sea surfing, wave riding, sea kayaking or swimming with the Wales. However, most travelers find Caribbean Islands as excellent diving destination, while other prefers to gaze at clear turquoise waters and golden horizons. Also, the Caribbean Islands have more than a few Pirate stories associated with them, the tales can be enjoyed while sitting in a local bar or having friendly chit chat with the locals.

Although, Caribbean Islands were once, not among top traveled or toured destinations of the world, as the expenses and specially flight fares were far beyond a common man’s affordability. However, nowadays, a number of promotional air fares and cheap flights to the Caribbean are available from Europe and North America with top airlines encouraging more travel to these gems in the ocean treasure.

Greater Antilles in the Caribbean:

Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica and Puerto Rico, are the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean Islands. These are by far the largest countries in the area, most popular and largely visited by travelers from all four corners of the world.

Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean:

The Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean is a group of much smaller islands located towards the east. Most such Islands are uninhabited and are claimed territories wither by US, UK or Haiti. While other Lesser Antilles are often claimed by more than one country in their close proximity.

Other Countries/Islands in the Caribbean:

There is also a bunch of countries located at close proximity with the Caribbean Islands or along the shore line, rimming the Caribbean Sea (Atlantic Ocean) waters. Although, these countries may not be considered as part of the Greater or Lesser Antilles, but by dint of their location, they make an easy access to various Caribbean Islands. The names include, Bahamas located in the north of the Greater Antilles and southeast of Florida; The Bermuda (famed for the Bermuda Triangle misty) adjacent to the north of the Caribbean Archipelago; Cayman Islands, an offshore financial centre located in close proximity of Cuba and Navassa Island, uninhabited wildlife refuge (claimed as United States territory). Also, some countries in Central America, South America and Mexico share shorelines with Caribbean archipelago and therefore are often referred to as part of Caribbean.

Finding cheap flights to Caribbean is not an easy task as there is a huge number of Islands to choose from, and that means comparison of uncountable air fares. Here, we have selected some prominent destinations and airlines that can make you save more on your Caribbean Holidays.

For cheap flights to the Caribbean, following destination comparison can be very helpful,

Flights to Havana, famous capital of Cuba are available from most destinations in Europe and can be found at cheaper rates. Havana is the largest city of Caribbean Archipelago.

Cheap Flights to Kingston, capital of Jamaica are available from all over Europe but most importantly better airfares if leaving from London Heathrow, UK or United States.

Flights to Nassau, the capital city of the Bahamas are most readily booked and should be reserved well in advance.

Cheap Flights to Port of Spain, capital of Trinidad and Tobago, cheap airfares to San Juan, capital of Puerto Rico and flights to Santo Domingo, the famous capital of the Dominican Republic are also good to be compared for a fine selection.

While flying from Europe, Cheap flights to Antigua and Barbuda from London Gatwick or Manchester are best available with the national carrier British Airways (UK) or BMI and Virgin Atlantic. Flights from Frankfurt are cheaper with Lufthansa

Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and Caribbean Airlines also offer cheap flight fares to Barbados and Bridgetown from London or Manchester.

If looking for flights to Cuba from London, Virgin Atlantic, Air Jamaica, Iberia (via Madrid) OR Air France (via Paris) should be compared for better prices.

Flights to Grenada from UK are routed with Virgin Atlantic and British Airways. A famous destination while flying from London to Caribbean is Saint Lucia. Cheap Flights to Hewanorra are operated by Virgin Atlantic (from Manchester as well), British Airways and Caribbean Airlines.  Flights to Martinique Fort-de-France are best and cheapest if booked from Paris by Air France or Air Caribes. While cheap air fares to Tobago from London by British Airways and Virgin Atlantic can be a cheaper deal.  Caribbean Airlines also offers cheap flights to Trinidad, Port-of-Spain from London and flights to Turks & Caicos Islands fly via Nassau, Bahamas.

As soon as you land in Caribbean Islands, there splendor and picturesque beauty will welcome you as far as you may see. Also, there are numerous companies offering cruises, charters, and boat tours in the Caribbean to and between Islands.

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I have had a bucket that existed only in my head since I was a kid regarding my eventual retirement in the Caribbean. It has steadily increased over the years and I am pleased to announce…

Magnificent coastlines, magical landscapes, historic cottages and exotic cities, Turkey undoubtedly offers the best backdrop to celebrate the new beginning of your life. Honeymoon not only marks the beginning of a new journey in your life but also a period that lays the foundation of your marriage and the bond you would share with your partner. It is a phase in your life that you will cherish forever and hence you should consider taking a romantic getaway to Turkey.

The beautiful scenery, warm and sunny climate coupled with several marvelous honeymoon destinations such as Istanbul, Marmaris, and Antalya, Turkey is a paradise of romanticism. Turkey is a home to endless places where you can celebrate your love in the backdrop of tranquility and bliss.

Top 3 romantic destinations in and around Turkey are:


The largest city of Turkey, Istanbul is surrounded by water on three sides. The city spreads to more than seven hills and presents breathtaking scenery to enchant your visual senses. It is a tourist hub of turkey thanks to its natural charms and rich architecture. With an intoxicating mix of museums, palaces, mosques and churches and shopping bazaars, the streets of Istanbul are buzzing all day round. While on a romantic getaway to this city, do not miss the chance to see the Topkapi Palace, Saint Sophie church, Basilica underground Cistern, Archeological Museums and Galata Tower.

Bozcaada Island

Castle, beaches and old cobbled streets, Bozcaada is an island that retains original architecture. While here, you can see the cute stone houses and perhaps stay in one to make your honeymoon even more memorable. The castle is one beautiful structure retaining old world glory. You can enjoy a ferry ride with your love by the side when traveling to this small and cute island. Do not miss a chance to swim in the cold waters of Ayazma beach.


A must visit place for honeymooners who love to spend time in a city of cultural and historical relevance. Visit the Antalya museum to get a glimpse of more than 5,000 priceless archaeological artefacts. This place offers a mix of ingredient that completes a honeymoon. Glorious cliffs that overlook a crescent shaped bay circled by mountains, Antalya is a honeymoon paradise. You can also indulge in some adventurous activities such as snorkeling, swimming and cruising along the turquoise waters.

Turkey is the best honeymoon destination in the world. Find a luxurious honeymoon package to Turkey and get ready to romance in the most picturesque places.

Zahir Shah is a prolific Mumbai-based freelance writer who writes on numerous topics including travel hotspots, turkey holiday packages, luxury tour packages, international honeymoon packages, to name a few.

Caribbean Cruise Line is pleased to bring you this article about all the things you receive when you take a cruise to Grand Bahama Island with us!

Caribbean Cruise Line offers the best cruise value in the world on trips to Grand Bahama Island. Here are a few of the great things you can expect to enjoy while traveling with Caribbean Cruise Line.

2 full days and nights The ship departs at 6 pm, but passengers may board anytime after noon on the day of sailing allowing them the chance to enjoy a terrific buffet lunch. The ship then arrives at Freeport on Grand Bahama Island the next morning at 9 am and you can enjoy the day there as the ship does not sail back until 6 that evening and arrives back in Florida at 8 am the following morning. Those who opt for the additional two-night resort package spend their two days at Our Lucaya resort (see my follow-up article for that description.)

Adult Fun The Wynmore Casino is open until 3 am while at sea and a variety of card games and slots are offered in this cozy area on Deck 4. The View offers a variety of great entertainment and then dancing til you drop with a DJ pumping out the latest hits. Pub 437 offers low-key live music, a British Pub atmosphere and is a great place to chill if you like your music on the quieter side.

Dining choices With four restaurants, its hard not to find something you like. Meals at The Crystal Dining Room, Rios and Trattoria Di Gerry are all included in your package and serve a wide variety of tasty, appealing meals. Expect a variety of meat, seafood, pasta and Caribbean recipes from which to choose. Dinner is a five-course, sit down meal, so relax and savor the culinary experience. The Cove Restaurant is designated the more intimate dining area and an additional $ 25/person charge is added here if you opt for a special evening meal.

Full service Being a smaller ship doesnt mean limited services. The ship has a casino, multiple pools, library, multiple lounges, nightclub, four restaurants, spa, fitness room, and restaurants galore.

Great service – The ships crew is very attentive and mirrors the my pleasure attitude made famous by the Ritz-Carlton chain. In speaking to the captain, Peter Fielding, he complimented the can-do attitude of all the 350 crew members, many of whom have been with the ship for years now.

Health & Fitness or the need to be? Before or after swimming in the pools, try a workout at Mussel Beach, the on-board gym where you can pedal, pump or run off that last meal. Afterwards, reward yourself with a massage or other full-service spa service in the Fountain of Youth Spa and Salon.

Plenty to do for the family The ship has three separate daily schedules of activities for children. Junior Cruisers (ages 3-9) get together in the Island Coconut Club while their older counterparts (ages 10 to 13) have the Club Wave for their activities. Teenagers (14 to 17) get their own area in the Open Water Club. They all seem to enjoy the 180 water slide on the stern of the ship.

Shore excursions In addition to the option of spending the day at the Our Lucaya Beach Resort, you also could try glass bottom boat tours, snorkeling, swimming with the dolphins, a city tour or what Ill be trying next, the Ultimate Eco-Tour on Horseback. There youll ride through the endangered pine forest, emerging onto the beach with an opportunity to ride out in the waves on your stead.


Somehow the Caribbean Cruise Line has done what most frugal travelers have only dreamed ofcombining good food, good staff and a great cruise to a desirable destination for a most modest fee. If you have any questions regarding destinations or services Caribbean Cruise Line is here for you. We will also be publishing Caribbean Cruise Line Reviews of vacation destinations soon.

Prices change with seasons and availability, so be sure to verify pricing with the cruise line or your travel agent.

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