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Your last minute holidays can be first rate all the way when you pick the right place on the map. Destination Caribbean is the target islands for savvy travellers around the world for sumptuous dining and luxury beachfront accommodation. Although you may live like royalty, your Caribbean escape is cut down to size with package holiday deals and super saver prices to meet and exceed most budgets.

The Caribbean is the ultimate watering hole for international travellers that demand the best and refuse to settle for less. A magnet to the world, carefree island living is a universal language that says I’m worth it at any price. Crystal clean waters, Jamaican rum and a sensual tropical breeze are curb side service at your hammock to wash the world away and renew your inner being.

Young or old, rich or still getting there, a Caribbean getaway is the most sought after tropical holiday drawing an international beach scene from sun seekers around the world. Whether you mix and mingle with new friends or retreat in solace like Hemingway, the Caribbean shows no partiality when it comes to delivering paradise.

If you haven’t made your island reservations, not to worry about missing out. Last minute holidays to the Caribbean are often fashionably late and easy to secure with the click of the mouse. To get started, simply draw a circle around your favourite islands and zero in on the best deal. Comprehensive holiday packages include international airfare, hotel lodging in your price range, and enough complimentary activities to power pack your day. Enjoy wind surfing, hiking, biking or underwater adventure with snorkelling and world-class diving. Although aquatic activities abound, don’t feel guilty if you refuse to budge from your beach chair. The hypnotic Caribbean waves are worth their weight in gold to refresh and revitalize, beckoning you back for more.

With a warm and temperate climate gracing the islands year round, any month of the year is prime travel time down here. Pack light and live it up with friendly locals at your service and like-minded international globe trotters from around the world. The Caribbean has something for everyone from rookies in Aruba to experts in Bermuda, so book your piece of paradise and make your dreams come true.

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I am a higly travelled businessman from London who has decided to share my global adventures with all of you. I offer great travel tips that should be able to help you in a number of ways; information, deals and what to do.

Hope you enjoy.

This is tour of the island including flora, fauna and waterfalls. My son is attending medical school at Ross University on the island.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Director: Rob Marshall Cast: Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz and Geoffrey Rush + Keith Richards Ye…

Congratulations on your engagement! Now where are you going to get married? It’s a question that doesn’t always come with a definite answer for everybody. Maybe you know that you want to have a beach wedding, but you’re not quite sure where to go.

Why not look to the Caribbean? The islands dotting the Caribbean Sea are popular destinations for picture-perfect weddings but there are thousands of islands to choose from, so picking one isn’t all that easy.

Here’s a short list to help you start your search.


Located a few miles north of Venezuela, Aruba is sunny and inviting and full of friendly locals. The warm weather is a comforting constant and, unlike many islands in the Caribbean, the climate here is dry, not humid. Aruba also lies just outside the hurricane belt, leaving you one less environmental factor to worry about. A number of resort options and packaged deals make Aruba a great idea destination for larger guest lists. And aside from attending the wedding, there is plenty for your guests to do: swim, sail and snorkel by day and hit the casinos by night.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia is the largest of the Windward Islands, a chain along the eastern boundary of the Caribbean. Its exotic landscape includes both white sand and dark sand beaches as well as hidden coves and lush forests. The two volcanic peaks, the Pitons, create a dramatic backdrop for your ceremony. Many resorts have all-inclusive vacation deals, but you can also opt to rent a villa (or several) for you and your guests.


Situated north of St. Lucia, Martinique is a lush and fertile French Caribbean island. Pearl white sands outline the sea to the south, while darker volcanic sands, volcanoes and impressive mountains dominate the northern end. A gentle breeze will keep your beach wedding cool, especially during the dry season (January to May). And, as on most of the islands in the area, there are many accommodation options to choose between, from 5-star resorts to rural cottages.


A British territory, Anguilla is a collection of low-lying islands east of Puerto Rico. Anguilla is famous for its laid-back atmosphere and natural beauty. The crystal clear waters are home to spectacular coral reefs and 33 of the most pristine white sand beaches in the Caribbean. There are no direct flights from the United States, but small puddle-jumper planes can get you there from neighboring islands like Puerto Rico and Antigua.


Its accessibility, amenities and well-developed tourism industry make Barbados a prime destination. Sandstone and coral cliffs tower over the northern parts, and white sand beaches dotted with coral rocks can be found on the southern and western coastlines. Accommodations in Barbados range from beach houses to luxurious villas, and guest can entertain themselves after the wedding with exclusive shopping and an energetic nightlife.

Still can’t decide? Take some vacation time for just the two of you and island hop a little. Ambling down the streets and scoping out the resorts you’re considering may be all you need to help you find just the right stretch of sand.

Shezzi Kensington writes about wedding stationery. On her blog, she teaches you how to make everything from engagement party invitations to beach wedding invitations

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Lonely Planet: The world’s leading travel guide publisher Lonely Planet Caribbean Islands is your passport to all the most relevant and up-to-date advice on what to see, what to skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Explore the hidden coves of the Bahamas, go snorkeling with stingrays in the Cayman Islands, or move to the sounds of Habana Vieja in Cuba; all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of the Caribbean Islands and begin your journey now!Inside Lonely Planet Caribbe

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Are you still confused about where to spend your honeymoon? Be confused no more and choose the Caribbean as an ideal option. With 5-star resorts and high quality service, you can enjoy the white, sandy and sunny beaches in comfort. However, there are many islands in the Caribbean, so which one should you choose? This article will list three islands which are most amazing and beautiful.


Turks and Caicos Islands

This British Territory is synonymous with beauty and is one of the best places for a Caribbean honeymoon. One of the most unique and awe inspiring attractions in the Turks and Caicos is it’s amazing coral reef which is one of the longest in the world. There are an assortment of all inclusive resorts to choose from when visiting here, all of which will fit perfectly for a newly wed couple. One popular activity for travelers here is to swim with dolphins in the Blue Lagoon. What better way to enjoy your honeymoon than swimming with the extremely intelligent and friendly bottle-nose dolphin? It’s easy to see why so many people enjoy visiting this impressive set of islands.



The Bahamas are one of the most traditional and popular destinations for a Caribbean honeymoon and for good reason. Because of it’s proximity to the United States and it’s incredibly beautiful landscape, the Bahamas are the perfect getaway for newly weds. You’ll be sure to enjoy the white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and impeccable service that awaits vacationers here. The Bahamas offers up a unique and romantic honeymoon, from the five star service of the Ocean club to the affordable but equally impressive Sandals Royal Bahamian.



Jamaica has always been a popular location for honeymooners and it just keeps getting better with the countries efforts to grow its tourist industry. From the challenging golf courts to traveling down a river on a bamboo raft, Jamaica offers an assortment of activities for couples. Other activities include canopy tours of the forest, a 2 hour zip-line ride, or swimming in the waters fed by the Ys waterfall. Or for a taste of the incredible culture that makes Jamaica what it is, visit the Bob Marley museum. The museum is actually the house that this famous musician once lived in and tours here will allow you to see his personal office, along with many other significant things that played a part in inspiring his music. Both affordable and gorgeous, Jamaica is easily one of the most romantic places you can visit on your Caribbean honeymoon.


If you’re looking for information about taking a Caribbean Honeymoon, please visit our site, where you will find a variety of resources on a wonderful Barbados Honeymoon and much more.

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A bareboat charter in Caribbean island provide you the, the types of adventures like tranquility and exotic. It gives you the freedom for exploration of the islands. There is no limitation for the exploring the island and they also provide extended trips on day-to-day basics. The other ventures that can be enjoyed on the island are swimming, the tourist on charter boat can do snorkeling, diving, fishing and hiking.

The British islands are supposed to be the best islands as it has clear, clam water, proximity and short distance from the destination. All these factors make this most suitable for the bareboat sailing charter.

Caribbean sailing charter are not for the sailing as you have to show them the proof that you can handle the boat. You don’t need to show the license as many companies over their take number of experiences as your license. These islands have trainer on bareboat sailing charter which will provide you full information and training on charter.

One of the best place for bareboat sailing charter is Tortola one of the biggest volcanic island of china
the reasons it is the ideal destination for sailing charter:

The weather conditions of Tortola is being sunny, breezy and warm which makes it more favorable for sailing.
It has beautiful scenery around itself as it has mountains surrounding it with spectacular sights
The water surrounding the Caribbean are clear blue and calm. The famous things of Tortola is white sand beaches and palm trees. Some of the beaches have restaurant and any other activities.
They are also famous for scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling.
Docking and exploring the islands are also major attraction. You can drop from the boat and explore the islands and in the village you can see local people seeking jewelry, soaps, crafts and many more things.
You can come to these islands for adventurous vacation or relaxing vacation it depends totally on you as you can enjoy and have wonder full vacation in both the ways. As on one side you can enjoy by exploring under water caves and on the other side you can relax and enjoy the style and beauty of the island.
The people of island are warm and welcoming.The residents of island are very pleasant and they appreciate your time spending during vacations in their beautiful part of the world. Reasons you why you want to visit them again and again.

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Azotic Coating Technology, Inc. introduced the Caribbean topaz to the jewelry world in 1998. Also known as mystic fire or Bermuda topaz, this granddaddy of designer gemstones is created by applying a thin layer of titanium to the underside of the gemstone.

What this coating does is change the refractive light properties which produces a burst of multi-colored brilliance. Various shades of blue and green make this a cool gem. Its hues certainly are reminiscent of the islands.

It doesn’t really come from the Caribbean

-Natural topaz is found all over the world from Asia to the United States. But, the primary supplier of this gemstone is Brazil. Pakistan, China, Myanmar, Russia, Madagascar and Mexico are just some of the other locations that contain mine deposits. So, the stones in that Caribbean topaz pendant likely came from Brazil, but could have come from anywhere.

Special occasions

– While it is officially yellow topaz that is the birthstone for November, any color variety can technically be used because they all share the same properties. That being said, a Caribbean topaz and diamond bracelet makes for a unique and surprising birthday gift for the girl who loves her sparkly accessories. Of course, there doesn’t have to be a special occasion for this gemstone.

Magical properties and other benefits

– The topaz has been a popular gem for thousands of years and, as a result, there are special properties attached to it. One such property is the power of invisibility when the body is threatened not likely, but it is fun to imagine. Medicinally, a ground up gemstone sprinkled into wine was used to cure the effects of asthma and improve eyesight.

A Caribbean topaz ring just might expose poison in food and drink. This gemstone must have been very popular among royalty and dictators! It is also believed to improve mood, improve fertility and have an overall calming effect on the body.

How to take care of Caribbean topaz jewelry

Made up of aluminum fluoride silicate, the topaz is a durable stone with a rank of 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This usually means that maintenance is simple, but because of the thin layer of titanium coating the underside, more care should be taken when cleaning. Stay away from harsh chemicals and stick with a gentle soap and warm water or an ammonium-based solution. Also, never use abrasives on this gemstone and the ultrasonic cleaner is not recommended.

If the titanium coating gets scratched, the light refraction is interrupted and the rainbow of colors is compromised. So, be very careful when cleaning Caribbean topaz earrings and other pieces. Because the underside is fairly well protected by the setting and the untreated top is quite hard, it is ok to wear this gemstone every day.

Designer gems like Caribbean topaz jewelry offer a unique way for women to accessorize. Because it can be found in earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces, she can enjoy a variety of looks. She can even add some diamonds for a dressier accessory. Whether it is set in gold or silver, it makes the perfect accent to any outfit.

Caribbean topaz jewelry makes for a unique and surprising birthday gift for the girl who loves her sparkly accessories. Shop for unique topaz rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants in gold or silver at

Curaçao is a unique Caribbean island paradise, boasting 35 uncrowded beaches, and an eclectic mix of history and culture. Explore the vibrant, culturally div…
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